Week ending Sunday 2014/04/27

Monday 12:56 · @pphaneuf Sad about Persona, should write more. Value prop non-compelling for RPs. Privacy advantage... well, that’s about policy not tech. [Original, responding to @pphaneuf.]

Monday 13:56 · What’s inside the Project Tango hardware: www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Project+Tango+Teardown/23835 [Original.]

Monday 15:06 · @swardley OMG they still exist? How unfortunate. [Original, responding to @swardley.]

Tuesday 11:34 · In which I suggest that private-messaging-for-everyone is on the horizon: https://t.co/XnA67l2n4D [Original.]

Tuesday 11:43 · RT @NickKristof: US no longer has the highest median per capita income; Canada passed us, others at our heels: www.nytimes.com/2014/04/23/upshot/the-american-middle-class-is-no-longer-the-worlds-richest.html?rref=upshot #ineq… [Original.]

Tuesday 12:02 · @al3x Expand on the term “fat client”? [Original, responding to @al3x.]

Tuesday 19:02 · Any day that Intellectual Vultures loses big is a Good Day: arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/04/for-worlds-biggest-troll-first-patent-case-ends-up-in-tatters/ [Original.]

Tuesday 19:06 · @seriouspony Hm, but I think there’s nobody who actually, you know, *likes* him. That matters. [Original, responding to @seriouspony.]

Tuesday 19:45 · The Northern Gateway TV ads make me wanna puke. #northerngateway [Original.]

Tuesday 23:36 · @dckc Nor can I. [Original, responding to @dckc.]

Wednesday 07:20 · All these years later and OS X still stores prefs & settings in a database with jello-and-icing-sugar architecture. [Original.]

Wednesday 08:16 · So, with the work that Oly/Sony/Fuji are doing, a Leica is now a Rolex, essentially? I.e. exists to show how much money you have. [Original.]

Wednesday 08:20 · News from OED-land: www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturenews/10777079/RIP-for-OED-as-worlds-finest-dictionary-goes-out-of-print.html A magnificent project. [Original.]

Wednesday 08:22 · @jbqueru *Really?* Have you tried the Fujinon 1.4/1.2 primes? I’m completely unconvinced. [Original, responding to @jbqueru.]

Wednesday 08:24 · @k4shif I spent several years of my life working on the OED :) [Original, responding to @k4shif.]

Wednesday 08:26 · @ileff Oops, yes, should have included them. [Original, responding to @ileff.]

Wednesday 08:28 · @jbqueru Consider grabbing an XT-1 or OM-1 and a couple of the jewel-like little modern primes. [Original, responding to @jbqueru.]

Wednesday 08:39 · @jbqueru Haha, did my darkroom time last century, happy to have done it, but no film nostalgia. OTOH I listen to vinyl... [Original, responding to @jbqueru.]

Wednesday 09:02 · @jacobrothstein Agree, that’s the most interesting Leica at the moment. [Original, responding to @jacobrothstein.]

Wednesday 10:19 · The numbers show that 1. Inequality reduces growth and 2. Redistributionist policies don’t impair it: www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/330931dc-c4ca-11e3-8dd4-00144feabdc0.html?ftcamp=published_links/rss/comment_columnists_martin-wolf/feed//product&siteedition=uk#axzz2zjMwyh8y Boom! [Original.]

Wednesday 10:20 · That previous link is to that well known commie-pinko rag the Financial Times. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:29 · @mcantelon Go check out the details in the IMF docs. [Original, responding to @mcantelon.]

Wednesday 10:31 · @seriouspony No pictures? [Original, responding to @seriouspony.]

Wednesday 10:58 · @seriouspony Pony porno... now there’s a meme waiting to be unleashed. No, I will *not* do a Google search... [Original, responding to @seriouspony.]

Wednesday 21:58 · Didn't notice the quake in Vancouver [Original.]

Thursday 12:36 · @joshtpm TPM being all-Bundy-all-the-time is getting BORING. [Original, responding to @joshtpm.]

Thursday 18:27 · Spring. Garden. Camera. Blog. https://t.co/8W6FOKXbwZ [Original.]

Thursday 23:53 · @acoyne Depends quite a bit on the shape of the curve. [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Thursday 23:57 · @colbycosh I mean the shape of the curve across income levels. What proportion of people experienced the run-up? [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Friday 00:03 · @colbycosh Outliers might matter a lot if, for example, it turned out a small subset of the pop got most of the gravy. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Friday 21:22 · EFF publication hails Weev’s escape, calls him “computer researcher”, ignores the harassing-scumfuck issue. Not remotely balanced. [Original.]

Sunday 13:21 · My tiny addition to the torrent of Fujifilm X-T1 write-ups: https://t.co/6nXnKpuafI [Original.]

Sunday 13:28 · In other news, my X-E1 is for sale: https://t.co/rm18W7NYDB [Original.]

Sunday 17:35 · @khrabrov Never tried the X-Pro1 seriously. But the X-T1 EVF is astonishing, plus it works with long glass. [Original, responding to @khrabrov.]

Sunday 18:01 · Woah, that was fast. X-E1 sold, to a friend, with multiple expressions of interest. Should set up a lemonade stand. [Original.]

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