Week ending Sunday 2014/04/20

Monday 10:27 · @lukec And what are the chances that we’ll ever find out the truth? [Original, responding to @lukec.]

Monday 10:28 · Comic about everyday life at the tar sands, engaging: beatonna.tumblr.com/post/81993262830/here-is-a-sketch-comic-i-made-called-ducks-in [Original.]

Monday 10:38 · RT @mezzoblue: Emerging market internet usage doesn't look anything like what you and I expect. Fascinating deck from @yiibu t.co/XK… [Original.]

Monday 10:49 · I’m assuming that the people who designed MagSafe 2 have been flogged and dismissed. [Original.]

Monday 12:11 · @iTripped Just an irritant, for me. [Original, responding to @iTripped.]

Monday 13:35 · RT @ChMadar: Pfc Chelsea Manning has spent more time in custody than William Calley, leader of the My Lai massacre that killed > 340 Vietna… [Original.]

Monday 13:46 · By @steveklabnik: How to be an open source gardener: words.steveklabnik.com/how-to-be-an-open-source-gardener [Original.]

Monday 14:18 · Why Fujifilm should open-source their mobile apps: https://t.co/uxNf9YcQO1 Hey @FujifilmUS & @Fujifilm_UK, you listening? [Original.]

Monday 14:33 · First look at the OSCON schedule: www.oscon.com/oscon2014/public/schedule/grid/2014-07-22 ...INPUT BUFFER OVERRUN... [Original.]

Monday 15:41 · Found a workaround so the X-T1 can talk to the phone! [Original.]

Monday 16:07 · @ikolomiets ISO 6400 is no problem. Plus lots of fast lenses. [Original, responding to @ikolomiets.]

Monday 16:45 · Curated list of libs for wrangling JWTs (signed claims): .NET/Py/Node/Java/PHP/Ruby/Go/JS - jwt.io/ Cool! [Original.]

Tuesday 08:38 · Beautiful NYT piece about old blueswomen, lost to history then found. www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/04/13/magazine/blues.html [Original.]

Tuesday 08:43 · Pfui on all that stuff about lightweight mirrorless cameras... the Pentax 645Z is here for a mere $8500. www.pentaxforums.com/news/pentax-645z-officially-announced.html [Original.]

Tuesday 09:04 · The 2-state Israel/Palestine option is dead, dead, dead: www.nytimes.com/2014/04/15/opinion/in-the-middle-east-time-to-move-on.html?hp&rref=opinion&_r=1 [Original.]

Tuesday 21:15 · Another really lousy @MLBTV broadcast tonight on the LA/SF game. When is the fix coming please? - a paying customer [Original.]

Tuesday 21:26 · @MLBFanSupport Don’t need a forum, need a fix. Quality was great last year, lousy this year. Same hardware. Same network. Fix it already. [Original, responding to @MLBFanSupport.]

Tuesday 21:42 · Apparently prob is Roku-specific, @MLBTV says Roku knows & is fixing. Credible, since feed on laptop is OK. #FirstWorldProblems [Original.]

Wednesday 00:25 · @dewitt between them, they left 28 on base. Neither really deserved the win... [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Wednesday 09:35 · On newish MacBook, Chrome cookies seem VERY short-lived; always having to re-login to one site or another, more than before. Just me? [Original.]

Wednesday 10:16 · Oh joy, Android Studio randomly loses R.java just like Eclipse did. #familiarpain [Original.]

Wednesday 16:00 · @anselm Gak indeed, wtf [Original, responding to @anselm.]

Wednesday 16:42 · Something is wrong with this picture: wsjdlive.wsj.comhttp/wsjdlive.wsj.com/speakers/ Hey @WSJD, get a clue [Original.]

Wednesday 19:23 · An excellent deep-dive on Ukraine, which is more complicated than the headlines suggest: www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/141182/keith-darden/how-to-save-ukraine [Original.]

Wednesday 20:17 · "TIME CUBE 4ce" timecube.com/ [Original.]

Thursday 00:19 · @EricaJoy Jeans are perfectly OK for hiking. Sometimes shorts are better, depending. Yoga pants... no. [Original, responding to @EricaJoy.]

Thursday 00:32 · @EricaJoy Buncha gear-geeks. Unless the rain is continuous & heavy & cold, no problemo with jeans. Shorts way better if warm enough though. [Original, responding to @EricaJoy.]

Thursday 10:44 · Big glass on a little island: https://t.co/vdEwZbpSS4 [Original.]

Thursday 11:34 · A good (and Net-mediated) home-repair experience is such a rarity it’s worth blogging: https://t.co/3yAS3i7cVn [Original.]

Thursday 21:33 · @hfiguiere You’re totally right about the adapter. I’m thinking about the 100mm macro. [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Friday 10:29 · Are there any password managers with a good mobile UX? 1password on Android is marginally tolerable at best. [Original.]

Friday 10:42 · @lrz Do you have to do the switch-apps-copy-paste dance to get native-app passwords? [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Friday 10:54 · @1Password Just signed up for the beta. [Original, responding to @1Password.]

Friday 10:56 · @segphault Something like that is exactly what is needed. Also once saw a lastpass/yubikey demo, so no need to type lastpass password [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Friday 11:00 · @pkedrosky For native apps, does it avoid the shift-apps/enter-master-pw/look-up-app-pw/copy/shift-back/paste dance? [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Friday 11:02 · @1Password slicker, but native apps still need shift-apps/enter-master-pw/look-up-app-pw/copy/shift-back/paste dance. :( :( :( [Original, responding to @1Password.]

Friday 11:05 · @1Password For crypto apps, you always have to provide password for private keys [Original, responding to @1Password.]

Friday 11:07 · @1PasswordBeta Using it now, prettier but no native-app integration. [Original, responding to @1PasswordBeta.]

Friday 11:09 · To be clear: I’m looking for an Android password manager that’s got low-friction integration with native apps. [Original.]

Friday 11:24 · OK, apparently LastPass is trying to crack the password-manager-for-native-apps nut. Will buy & try & report. blog.lastpass.com/2014/03/logging-into-android-apps-just-got.html [Original.]

Friday 15:27 · Yep, LastPass Android app works with native apps. Uses the accessibility machinery ... clever! [Original.]

Friday 15:27 · RT @acoyne: An honest man does not choose to be honest, as one possible course among others, any more than a kind man considers whether to … [Original.]

Friday 16:29 · My 14-year-old has a strong throwing arm... Check the horizontal pocket strap. [Original.]

Friday 16:33 · Mind you, it's 25-year-old Graig-Nettles-branded leather. [Original.]

Friday 19:01 · Roger Angell’s baseball writing is increasingly haiku-like as he advances into his nineties. On triple plays: www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/sportingscene/2014/04/three-at-a-time-yankees-triple-play.html [Original.]

Friday 19:19 · Major MAJOR failure of the baseball replay system there. [Original.]

Friday 19:25 · I respect GitHub so I’ll try https://t.co/88M3sRaS86 Note that I’ve been using Emacs since the 80s so I’m a tough sell. [Original.]

Friday 22:13 · @gruber Krugman is white-hot of late. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Saturday 08:51 · @dliggat Yeah, if you told them about your non-US CC back before they broke their website, you’re grandfathered in. [Original, responding to @dliggat.]

Saturday 10:07 · @mattyglesias www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/10/15/Why-Vinyl [Original, responding to @mattyglesias.]

Saturday 10:09 · @mattyglesias And especially, www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/03/04/Record-Player#p-2 [Original, responding to @mattyglesias.]

Sunday 09:36 · Love in the land of snails: www.adme.ru/makrofotografiya/ulitki-ne-medlennye-oni-prosto-cenyat-zhizn-668805/ [Original.]

Sunday 15:52 · Finally switched back to classic G maps. The new one is beautiful, but I always seemed to be fighting with it to do obvious things. [Original.]

Sunday 16:31 · @pmarca In our profession, for “situation X”, substitute “existing piece of software X” [Original, responding to @pmarca.]

Sunday 21:41 · @AllysonMcGrane A confluence of Unicorn/Easter Bunny/420 culture... a unique flavour. Thanks! [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

Sunday 21:48 · @romainguy Nice to see you taking pictures of people. [Original, responding to @romainguy.]

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