Week ending Sunday 2014/04/13

Monday 09:33 · Springies! Feat. Sakura, camellia, and magnolia. https://t.co/t6LSKnfJkE [Original.]

Monday 14:56 · Huh, just created & sent a Paypal invoice for the first time. Very slick & easy. Am I missing gotchas? [Original.]

Monday 15:28 · Um... heartbleed.com/ This is some serious shit, ladies and gents. Check your OpenSSL version & maybe scramble. [Original.]

Monday 16:03 · OK, I admit I have a doge weakness: /via @voretaq7 [Original, responding to @voretaq7.]

Monday 16:08 · @Gtwy Well, that’s one to tell your grandchildren. [Original, responding to @Gtwy.]

Monday 16:11 · On the other hand, think of the surge of revenue for those nice upstanding CA companies! Oh wait... [Original.]

Monday 23:48 · @pkedrosky Moxie and Pepsi! [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Tuesday 00:13 · So, a point release of Lightroom is 500M. I mean, I’m OK with that. But wow. [Original.]

Tuesday 08:44 · Ah, @_FloridaMan, always good for a laugh on a grey morning. [Original, responding to @_FloridaMan.]

Tuesday 12:25 · “Interestingly, Bain doesn't think there's a growing market in Jews.” talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/mitt-romney-corners-matzo-market [Original.]

Tuesday 12:32 · RT @evanphx: Kickstarter idea #2 of the day: Money to create a non-profit PKI certificate vendor. Cheap prices, all the features, none of t… [Original.]

Tuesday 12:43 · Hey @gruber, mobile apps use HTTP & address things with URIs, so 2/3 of the Web tripod. But... still unhappy about browser decline. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:34 · @gruber Hinted in the 2nd-last bullet under https://t.co/MZZ8QoeLNf But I should write more on this. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Tuesday 20:14 · Vin Scully on Cabrera’s contract: “$248 million and half the land west of the Mississippi.” [Original.]

Tuesday 20:21 · Here are some very flattering pix of Vancouver: https://t.co/mqNtMIUzSg [Original.]

Tuesday 20:59 · RT @timberners_lee: Well done: European Parliament passes strong net neutrality law, along with major roaming reforms #netrights t… [Original.]

Wednesday 07:09 · @kellan The CIO is the last to know. [Original, responding to @kellan.]

Wednesday 08:56 · Ooh, another way to make my site bigger and slower! Kerning.js - kerningjs.com/ [Original.]

Wednesday 09:29 · "We found 600K out of 28M sites vulnerable to #heartbleed" [Not as bad as I thought] blog.erratasec.com/2014/04/600000-servers-vulnerable-to-heartbleed.html [Original.]

Wednesday 09:38 · @mrgunn @edd Concur expense reporting is not terrible. But yeah... [Original, responding to @mrgunn.]

Wednesday 14:17 · So you can’t get tethering with T-Mobile prepaid data, apparently? In civilized countries they just sell you a SIM with a sane data cap. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:59 · @twaddington yeah, the page is broken, returns an HTTP 500 when you hit Continue [Original, responding to @twaddington.]

Wednesday 17:17 · @sm_rose Yeah, I’m on the cheap $3/day-while-you’re-here. Might switch to your plan. [Original, responding to @sm_rose.]

Thursday 07:11 · @acoyne as long as the Tory MPs do as they're told, how can there be a crisis? Bill just sails through, right? [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Thursday 16:51 · @evanphx real men debug with print statements. [Original, responding to @evanphx.]

Thursday 17:18 · ZMap Heartbleed bug health report: https://t.co/hrxSy4WoOc [Original.]

Thursday 17:19 · Randomly picked for TSA Pre. Is there a way a Canadian can get in that line full-time? It’s pretty awesome, a pre-9/11 experience. [Original.]

Thursday 17:29 · Leaping into Android Studio. Goodbye forever, Eclipse. See you on the other side. [Original.]

Thursday 17:47 · Ah, I have a Nexus. But the TSA Pre thing is new I think. [Original.]

Thursday 18:23 · @pranesh_prakash So far have failed to import any eclipse projects, but haven't given up hope [Original, responding to @pranesh_prakash.]

Thursday 18:41 · . @TSAMedia_RossF @axfelix Excellent, thanks! [Original, responding to @TSAMedia_RossF.]

Thursday 23:51 · @headius Good luck. [Original, responding to @headius.]

Friday 08:31 · Hypothesis: Urban people are on average healthier than suburbanites because we walk so much more. [Original.]

Friday 09:19 · @joegaffey Why would one do non-Android Java dev? [Original, responding to @joegaffey.]

Friday 09:21 · Hm, here’s one study that emphatically doesn’t support my hypothesis: www.ehjournal.net/content/5/1/25 [Original.]

Friday 09:23 · Bitcoin has been steadily drifting lower, week by week, for months now. Feels like a news story to me. [Original.]

Friday 09:24 · The Harper government: More money for prisons and auditing environmentalists, less for public broadcasting. #feelswrong [Original.]

Friday 09:37 · @seriouspony Don’t stop please. [Original, responding to @seriouspony.]

Friday 09:53 · Fairly astonishing demo of low-light video capabilities in modern cameras (new Sony a7s in this case): https://t.co/3enD68KC6g [Original.]

Friday 09:55 · RT @seriouspony: Thanks to what y'all have done for me these few months, I'm not walking away that easily. Updated my "message". t.c… [Original.]

Friday 11:31 · A little cute-overload for ya: petapixel.com/2014/04/09/photos-video-meerkats-climbing-photographer-gear/ [Original.]

Friday 14:33 · Cloudflare thinks Heartbleed didn’t leak private keys: blog.cloudflare.com/answering-the-critical-question-can-you-get-private-ssl-keys-using-heartbleed Comforting if true. [Original.]

Friday 15:13 · Zakkushi may have the best lunch on Main St, which is a strong statement. #vancouver [Original.]

Friday 15:42 · Here’s the thing: NSA *should* have known about Heartbleed, and told the industry. What do we pay cryptographers for?! [Original.]

Friday 18:26 · RT @nsjph: @timbray The challenge has been cracked. See here: https://t.co/miqknsbV9o and discussion https://t.co/rqOpJEmy1d. [Original.]

Friday 18:36 · @dewitt Get your hands on an X-T1. Same sensor more or less, better autofocus, *astonishing* EVF. [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Friday 18:36 · @dewitt I think you mean 35mm F1.4. Yeah, wonderful little lens. [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Friday 18:46 · @dewitt I’d say “Fuji’s on a roll” and it is, but in fairness so are Oly and Sony. Disclosure: My X-T1 arrived yesterday. [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Friday 18:47 · @dewitt X-Pro1 is 2yrs old, you should be able to get a deal. [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Friday 18:49 · @dewitt Had an X-E1 for a year: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/10/18/Fufifilm-X-E1 [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Friday 18:50 · @dewitt Plus, unlike the Leica ,you can use a telephoto and shoot at ISO6400. [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Friday 19:01 · @dewitt All the X-whatevers are the same mount. Check out the lens roadmap, you’ll like it. [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Friday 19:54 · I wonder if NSA’s feelings are hurt because of nobody believing them any more? [Original.]

Friday 21:40 · White balance: on the Fuji X-cams, the Auto-WB is better than I can dial in by hand. Way better. [Original.]

Friday 21:44 · A baseball player tipping their hat to the crowd is such a graceful gesture. [Original.]

Friday 22:03 · @brentsimmons Yep. Should’ve left him in it seems. [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Friday 22:12 · @ChrisLerum @brentsimmons Canadian; but we do baseball too. It’s the best sport because it’s played on DIRT. [Original, responding to @ChrisLerum.]

Friday 22:20 · @kevinmarks Akamai had a heart bleed piece today saying they do something much like that. [Original, responding to @kevinmarks.]

Friday 22:32 · If you don’t hang near the center of Vancouver, it would take to long to explain. [Original.]

Friday 22:41 · Hm, I can chromecast Coachella, but only channel 1 directly. But I can cast the tab with another channel playing. ? [Original.]

Saturday 07:52 · As a heavy traveler I feel obligated to leave a trail of reviews. Currently at TripAdvisor, but is there a better/best choice? [Original.]

Saturday 08:13 · @JDMarshall You take some, you give some back. [Original, responding to @JDMarshall.]

Saturday 09:21 · @paulehoffman “Decent food at a decent price” is good enough for me. Lotsa people going to be driving down Mission wondering where to eat. [Original, responding to @paulehoffman.]

Saturday 09:29 · Spring-in-da-hood: Hipsters and tulips! https://t.co/hhseBOkw2d [Original.]

Saturday 13:11 · That feeling when you clone a big project & the build just works & the code’s squeaky clean & it’s easy to find what you want to work on. [Original.]

Saturday 13:45 · @tavisrudd open-keychain [Original, responding to @tavisrudd.]

Saturday 13:53 · @anildash A little flawed... being a well-paid adult in a developed country trumps a lot of that other shit. [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Sunday 19:31 · RT @erikhinton: The real LoTR trilogy is that of men/dwarves ruined by ambition: Thror, Isildur, Peter Jackson. [Original.]

Sunday 20:40 · Life of Larry: www.nytimes.com/2014/04/13/business/still-no-1-and-doing-what-he-wants.html?_r=0 All OK, because Oracle’s customers love their vendor so much. [Original.]

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