Week ending Sunday 2014/04/06

Monday 07:47 · Woah, there’s a throw-down: “Why Meteor will kill Ruby on Rails” - differential.io/blog/meteor-killin-rails [Original.]

Monday 07:48 · Big ad blast from ANA today, direct Vancouver-Haneda flights. Would love to never see Narita again. [Original.]

Monday 07:56 · That thing where you accidentally hit some key combo on OS X and your screen goes into a weird mode you’ve never seen. [Original.]

Monday 10:38 · Just booked a quickie SF trip. Interesting: Travel aggregators paid off big for hotel, but zero saving on airfare or car rental. [Original.]

Monday 10:45 · Horse’s mouth on the NSA/RSA/TLS story: dualec.org/ Best not to comment unless you read the WHOLE THING carefully. [Original.]

Monday 12:54 · @joshowens @wouterdanes Some people just don’t like JS at all :) [Original, responding to @joshowens.]

Monday 17:16 · I always enjoy reading Michael Lewis: www.nytimes.com/2014/04/06/magazine/flash-boys-michael-lewis.html?hp&_r=2 [Original.]

Monday 22:22 · Hm, I invented the name “Open Text” & co-founded the company, in ’89. No involvement/equity since ’96. 😞 #stopsoftwarepatents [Original.]

Tuesday 14:39 · TIL a new word: “Odometry”. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:42 · “The object of torture is torture.” -George Orwell e.g. www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/cia-misled-on-interrogation-program-senate-report-says/2014/03/31/eb75a82a-b8dd-11e3-96ae-f2c36d2b1245_story.html [Original.]

Tuesday 15:13 · US high-tech VIPs come out against Keystone XL: www.e2.org/jsp/controller?docId=33597 (No, not an Apr 1 thing apparently) [Original.]

Tuesday 17:51 · For the first time in 3 yrs of being a customer, I’m getting a bad picture and re-buffering on @MLBTV. Just me? [Original.]

Tuesday 17:52 · @ShannonSzmigels @Shawhelp Really lousy picture on MLB.tv, so yeah. [Original, responding to @ShannonSzmigels.]

Tuesday 17:56 · @Shawhelp Yeah, Speedtest was excellent, so maybe a problem with @MLBTV ? [Original, responding to @Shawhelp.]

Tuesday 17:58 · . @Shawhelp Now hearing from others in other places about @MLBTV problems. So probably not you. [Original, responding to @Shawhelp.]

Tuesday 18:45 · RT @zestyping: JavaScript == and Proposition 8: Brendan Eich seems to have trouble understanding equality. [Original.]

Tuesday 18:46 · @dameyer @MLBTV Except for, I never had problems during late-season pennant races, so unconvinced. [Original, responding to @dameyer.]

Tuesday 18:55 · When Snowden said they could eavesdrop on anyone at a whim I initially didn’t believe it. Silly me: www.nytimes.com/2014/04/02/us/politics/letter-puts-focus-on-us-searches-for-americans-emails-and-calls.html?_r=0 [Original.]

Tuesday 18:59 · Software Dogengineer: https://t.co/plekMMnX9K& [Original.]

Wednesday 08:04 · Interesting keybase.io thread over on YC: https://t.co/WYnffBlkLe [Original.]

Wednesday 11:37 · Amazon Fire compared to Roku, AppleTV, ChromeCast. (non-linkable popup from www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CX5P8FC/) [Original.]

Wednesday 13:27 · Chinese politics is unusually interesting these days: www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2014/04/how-far-will-chinas-anti-corruption-fifteen-billion-dollar-purge-go.html [Original.]

Wednesday 16:52 · Ah, GNU AutoHell, how I've missed you #notreally [Original.]

Wednesday 17:56 · @hfiguiere That explains a lot. [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Wednesday 17:58 · @ftrain Probably worked well with the yellow/purple theme. [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Wednesday 20:41 · Thinking the Angels *definitely* aren’t as bad as they look, and the Mariners *probably* aren’t as good. [Original.]

Wednesday 20:43 · @joelhamill Don’t have one yet. [Original, responding to @joelhamill.]

Wednesday 20:48 · @joelhamill I have flings with this team & that but haven’t settled into fandom for a few years now. Have to say Seattle’s pretty lovable. [Original, responding to @joelhamill.]

Wednesday 21:52 · Hey @MLBTV, early-season jitters are part of the game, but time to get your game on already, we’re paying real money. [Original.]

Wednesday 22:11 · @meyerweb Thousands of hearts are breaking along with yours. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Thursday 07:41 · Important: “A nation of slaves” by @cstross: www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2014/04/a-nation-of-slaves.html How do you run a market economy with not enough work? [Original.]

Thursday 08:05 · Journo alert: Someone want to call up @MLBTV and ask for a comment about their early-season performance problems? [Original.]

Thursday 08:20 · @telent_net Resources not abundant on a world scale. Markets are still useful, but labor component feeling increasingly broken. [Original, responding to @telent_net.]

Thursday 10:01 · DropBox is really remarkably slick. [Original.]

Thursday 11:28 · A li’l ’lectric fiddle to brighten up your day: https://t.co/tkbEeLvjaE [Original.]

Thursday 14:32 · @nelson Well, except for, currently doing GNU AutoHell yak shaving. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Thursday 19:37 · A shockingly, paralyzingly harsh take on the Israel/Palestine process; read to the end: www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2014/04/john-kerrys-peace-talks [Original.]

Thursday 23:07 · @5GJ https://t.co/os9JOG4DZq [Original, responding to @5GJ.]

Friday 09:07 · @Buck65 no worry, you’re already at the CBC. [Original, responding to @Buck65.]

Friday 09:30 · An all-day train trip through Europe, with phone-cam pix and an old poem: https://t.co/yczcbJjvDj [Original.]

Friday 09:39 · @tug Seat61 was great for trips starting in UK, had trouble figuring out how to start in Barcelona [Original, responding to @tug.]

Friday 09:48 · “Facebook, Google, Amazon — they’re all coming here to Vancouver to stay permanently” www.vancouversun.com/technology/personal-tech/Technology+sector+posted+good+2012+2013+stayed/9697846/story.html WRONG. Hey @gillianshaw ?! [Original.]

Friday 10:46 · @sressler Didn’t know that. But I’m a graphics moron... [Original, responding to @sressler.]

Friday 13:24 · Give your pix a funky film-border look, courtesy of Mark Roberts: www.robertstech.com/blog/?p=691 [Original.]

Friday 19:09 · Thought I’d sell my Fuji X-E1 & get an X-T1. Selling is easy, many offers. But you can’t get an X-T1 for love or money. One hot cam. [Original.]

Friday 19:12 · The Prop8 thing was just a symptom. Eich was massively culturally incompatible with the org he was to lead. Untenable position. [Original.]

Friday 19:25 · @axian www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/en-UShttp:/www.mozilla.org/ is about way more than just a browser. [Original, responding to @axian.]

Friday 19:47 · My first look at the Yankees this year. Impressive. [Original.]

Friday 19:52 · @lmay Jays starting rotation is laughable. A pity because they look strong on other fronts. [Original, responding to @lmay.]

Friday 21:29 · @isagalaev Well, the standards applied to designated leaders are different. But yeah, puzzling. [Original, responding to @isagalaev.]

Friday 22:44 · @nelson www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/apr/02/controversial-mozilla-ceo-made-donations-right-wing-candidates-brendan-eich?CMP=twt_gu [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Friday 23:45 · RT @DougCoupland: Astonishing 2001 photos: imgur.com/a/DzXMR#74 courtesy of @brianpaschke [Original.]

Saturday 00:26 · “Mongolian contortionists vie for UN nod”: www.aljazeera.com/video/asia-pacific/2014/04/mongolian-performers-vie-un-recognition-20144545340725911.html With excellent video. [Original.]

Saturday 00:56 · @wmacgyver yeah, and it's not as though I have a choice what with the camera being sold out everywhere [Original, responding to @wmacgyver.]

Saturday 09:00 · The Novena Open Laptop; surprising and oddly beautiful - www.bunniestudios.comhttp/www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=3657 [Original.]

Saturday 10:35 · FULL SPECTRUM CYBER EFFECTS (GCHQ) - is this a new Snowden doc? Full of head-shakers: cryptome.org/2014/04/gchq-full-spectrum-cyber.pdf [Original.]

Saturday 10:35 · @gog2953 Not a serious enough photographer to need a backup. [Original, responding to @gog2953.]

Saturday 10:57 · Switched to TextSecure for SMS: https://t.co/jV8LmaJMJC The hiding-SMS-in-Hangouts thing might work for some people, but didn’t for me. [Original.]

Saturday 11:36 · Super smart piece on game design/psychology from @c_pruett - robotinvader.comhttp/robotinvader.com/blog/?p=402 [Original.]

Saturday 15:59 · @webmink Real SMS. [Original, responding to @webmink.]

Saturday 16:19 · Wikipedia article titles now in a serif font. Wikipedia styling could use a rethink but I don’t think this works. [Original.]

Saturday 16:31 · @Det_Conan_Kudo That would be the conventional approach. [Original, responding to @Det_Conan_Kudo.]

Saturday 17:06 · Watching a soccer game and editing the Wikipedia entry for God. [Original.]

Saturday 17:48 · @henrydwhite Cool, didn’t know you were on here. [Edits just grammar, no theology.] [Original, responding to @henrydwhite.]

Saturday 17:50 · @henrydwhite Any other rels on Twitter I should know about? [Original, responding to @henrydwhite.]

Saturday 19:06 · RT @mmayo: Maybe it is time to finally build a not-a-walled-garden messaging system. Out of pure spite. [Original.]

Saturday 19:51 · RT @alisonuncles: This story by Jordan Himelfarb - writer, reporter, code-breaker - is superb. Best-read story on our site right now http:… [Original.]

Saturday 19:58 · Another Snowden needed, to release the CIA torture report: www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/apr/05/leak-cia-report-torture-redacted-transparency [Original.]

Sunday 09:06 · @evanchill recently upgraded from a 2012 MBP (8G) to current 16G model. Lr runs qualitatively better. But maybe CPU or other factors? [Original, responding to @evanchill.]

Sunday 10:40 · Offering privacy choices is not ethical behaviour: https://t.co/JhDB5e26Jc [Original.]

Sunday 11:48 · @dak3 @independentid Your shortened URL is broken. On top of which you're wrong. [Original, responding to @dak3.]

Sunday 12:23 · RT @lisarein: There must be some kind of happy medium between obsessing over things and forgetting them :-) [Original.]

Sunday 12:47 · A new genre: “sleeve face”, album-cover not-selfies: inlightapp.com/webArticle/article/5324fe3ee4b04e3704d537ec [Original.]

Sunday 13:09 · @timcaynes I’ve always thought of you as avant-garde. [Original, responding to @timcaynes.]

Sunday 13:09 · @independentid My position is default-to-https. Where’s the conflict of interest? [Original, responding to @independentid.]

Sunday 13:11 · @timcaynes If you have a keynote 5 keynote.app, you can just drop it into somewhere like ~/Applications [Original, responding to @timcaynes.]

Sunday 13:14 · @dak3 Shouldn’t ask people what they prefer, how should they know the right answer? Just fucking turn on TLS already. [Original, responding to @dak3.]

Sunday 13:24 · @independentid Agreed. But there’s an agreed-on practical way to get communications privacy and no excuse not to use it. [Original, responding to @independentid.]

Sunday 13:29 · “Not a bug splat.” A very powerful photograph: notabugsplat.com/ [Original.]

Sunday 13:31 · @independentid You’d be surprised at the pushback I get at the TLS level :( [Original, responding to @independentid.]

Sunday 14:36 · @Steve_Lockstep @independentid TLS is a necessary but in many cases not sufficient condition for privacy. [Original, responding to @Steve_Lockstep.]

Sunday 15:17 · @Steve_Lockstep You know, when someone gets Firesheeped, I bet they feel like their privacy is being violated. [Original, responding to @Steve_Lockstep.]

Sunday 17:06 · @amyhoy Most cities have very decent framing stores where you can take the picture in & do it with touch&feel. [Original, responding to @amyhoy.]

Sunday 18:22 · Pixel-peeping on a retina display is humbling. Hey, what was wrong with 640x480 anyhow? [Original.]

Sunday 18:25 · So, the @MLBTV feed is no longer stuttery, but tonight’s resolution is SD at best. This however is progress. [Original.]

Sunday 18:51 · Soviet photography: www.adme.ru/illustration-and-photography/40-genialnyh-sovetskih-fotografij-660805/ Really worth a look. [Original.]

Sunday 21:48 · @dcurtis s/I/everyone/ s/Comcast/my cable company/ [Original, responding to @dcurtis.]

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