Week ending Sunday 2013/12/29

Monday 08:40 · @pmhsfelix Nope. Same code that used to work still works. At some point the userinfo endpoint URL will change, no biggie. [Original, responding to @pmhsfelix.]

Monday 08:44 · More on 4K from @adrianco - https://t.co/Zn3rEbz6er Disagree about streaming though, clumsy compression will still be over-used. [Original.]

Monday 08:56 · Dissertation humor: lolmythesis.com/ [Original.]

Monday 09:10 · @pmhsfelix Sure, but https://t.co/MnaqfzQUHU offers it in OIDC format. So, only code change is to change URL. [Original, responding to @pmhsfelix.]

Monday 12:16 · Wow, that piece about 4K TV touched a nerve, so I pulled together a bunch of follow-up notes: https://t.co/DLmwOniZCz [Original.]

Monday 12:32 · @AllysonMcGrane @laurendw awwwwww [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

Wednesday 22:36 · Ed Snowden’s alternate Christmas message: www.channel4.com/programmes/alternative-christmas-message/4od [Original.]

Thursday 09:58 · The great tech-patent litigation war, chapter 312: gigaom.com/2013/12/24/google-sues-to-protect-android-device-makers-from-apple-backed-patent-hell/ [Original.]

Thursday 10:27 · Boxing-Day veg-out out in front of British soccer. Man City & Liverpool putting on a hell of a show. [Original.]

Thursday 11:21 · The architecture of the Silicon Valley: www.vanityfair.com/culture/2014/01/apple-facebook-google-headquarters-architecture [Original.]

Thursday 17:18 · All the pictures are gone from Banksy's web site. Pfui. [Original.]

Friday 11:36 · There’s no impostor syndrome like parenting impostor syndrome. [Original.]

Saturday 09:48 · Best book I read in 2013: “The Orphan Master’s Son”: https://t.co/prNCWRESd6 [Original.]

Saturday 14:56 · @pamelafox 1. WYSIWYG is a lie, has always been a lie, will always be a lie. 2. Emacs. [Original, responding to @pamelafox.]

Saturday 19:50 · @alex_gaynor Evidence? Symptoms? [Original, responding to @alex_gaynor.]

Sunday 12:26 · Hm, a Rust library that lets you say 2.days().from_now() - words.steveklabnik.com/rust-is-surprisingly-expressive [Original.]

Sunday 14:40 · Look what Aaron Rodgers got in his Christmas stocking. [Original.]

Sunday 20:27 · What does “Internet Governance” actually mean? https://t.co/MGWQV13XUW [Original.]

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