Week ending Sunday 2013/06/30

Monday 09:24 · @GeremyGood Needs to be used a bit, accounts build up in it as a consequence of being used. We’re working on ways to bootstrap it... [Original, responding to @GeremyGood.]

Monday 11:43 · It turns out that you can add 2-factor auth to your own app pretty easily: [Original.]

Monday 12:09 · @cpswan I do hear people asking for this. Tough portion... e.g. how to value anti-abuse heuristics? Much higher value than crypto. [Original, responding to @cpswan.]

Monday 12:14 · @cpswan Not saying it’s not desirable… just that it’s hard. [Original, responding to @cpswan.]

Monday 13:05 · @cpswan We disagree. I think authn strength is multidimensional and complex. [Original, responding to @cpswan.]

Monday 14:20 · Just glanced at the news… The US seriously expected HK to lock #Snowden up for them? #missedthecluetrain [Original.]

Monday 15:42 · RT @vambenepe: PaaS user like their yacks pre-shaved. [That’s me he’s talking about] [Original.]

Monday 18:35 · Gaiman’s “Ocean at the End of the Lane” - too scary for me, but awfully well-done: [Original.]

Monday 19:18 · I’d really like to be politically moderate, but the Harperoids are doing their best to radicalize me: www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2013/06/24/pol-costs-electoral-fraud-case-robocalls.html?cmp=rss [Original.]

Monday 19:37 · I actually like the Web & Android versions of Feedly, but you gotta love an old-school JWZ flame: www.jwz.org/blog/2013/06/google-reader-apocalypse-extremely-fucking-nigh/ [Original.]

Monday 22:58 · I’m Canadian so NSA can read my mail legally. But I think all the terrorists are encoding their plans in Ingress link geometries now. [Original.]

Monday 23:20 · Oddly, Vieux is the young Farka Touré. t.thisismyjam.com/tbray/_63irnsr [Original.]

Tuesday 11:42 · A real news story: “Maritime moose sex corridor gets land donation”: www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/story/2013/06/25/ns-moose-sex-project.html?cmp=rss [Original.]

Tuesday 20:10 · @billmon1 Why bigger? G is said to keep many copies around for faster searching. Also, not obvious at all that NSA can crack https. [Original, responding to @billmon1.]

Tuesday 20:41 · The real-life drama happening right now in the #txlege is white-hot. [Original.]

Tuesday 20:41 · Oops, link for that last: talkingpointsmemo.com/news/texas-senator-begins-planned-13-hour-filibuster-to-kill-anti-abortion-bill.php?ref=fpblg [Original.]

Tuesday 20:50 · RT @vqnerdballs: even my cat is watching this and i'm pretty sure we had her uterus removed #sb5 [Original.]

Tuesday 22:39 · Is there a ban on cameras in the Texas leg? I see almost no pictures or videos in my tweetstream. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:40 · @holaMau Aside from that I mean [Original, responding to @holaMau.]

Tuesday 22:40 · Aside from the live stream I mean. Which didn’t show what was happening in the crowd [Original.]

Tuesday 22:51 · Tonight, the ghastly malaise of the mainstream media took a sharp turn for the worse. [Original.]

Wednesday 02:07 · There were Texas politics last night. I stayed up to watch; words & pix on the finer points: #txlege #SB5 [Original.]

Wednesday 11:25 · Is there a way to find out how many people are reading my feed through feedly? Same for newsblur? [Original.]

Wednesday 11:38 · I like Feedly, but I just paid for a year of Newsblur anyhow. Belt & suspenders. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:07 · How to find your Feedly subscriber count: Ask on Twitter and @edwk might tell you. Probably not scalable, though. I’m sure Edwin agrees. [Original, responding to @edwk.]

Wednesday 12:29 · @coneslayer Urgh… would rather not spend days spelunking feedzirra to sort out the problem. But I might. [Original, responding to @coneslayer.]

Wednesday 12:34 · @coneslayer I freely admit that my feed is also a pretty extreme feed-parsing test-case. But it’s valid. [Original, responding to @coneslayer.]

Wednesday 13:24 · @djco @edwk Yeah, I agree. [Original, responding to @djco.]

Thursday 12:59 · @marcoarment Currently poking at feedly/newsblur; realizing how lame Reader UX was. I’d got so used to it I didn’t see it any more. [Original, responding to @marcoarment.]

Thursday 13:08 · @bgaute I hear gripes about the Feedly/Pinterest thing, but I’ve never seen it. Weird. Feedly still needs work but perfectly usable. [Original, responding to @bgaute.]

Thursday 14:13 · @bgaute holy crap, you’re right. I will pester them. [Original, responding to @bgaute.]

Thursday 14:21 · @feedly BTW, www.tbray.org/ongoing/ongoing.atom is pretty badly busted in feedly [Original, responding to @feedly.]

Thursday 14:22 · Lots of people dislike XML namespaces, but this is extreme: twitpic.com/cziuhi [Original.]

Thursday 21:32 · @tenderlove Particularly in winter. [Original, responding to @tenderlove.]

Thursday 22:49 · Rent-seeking for Nomads: [Original.]

Friday 08:47 · @stevevinoski Light beer is lousy anywhere, but in Germany it’s hell. [Original, responding to @stevevinoski.]

Friday 08:49 · @pkedrosky @defrag There’s also a Sodom, Ont [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Friday 08:51 · @anildash Should I feel guilty if it warmed my heart? [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Friday 13:57 · Sandal is an excellent JWT library! www.rubyflow.com/items/9403-json-web-token-jwt-library-with-signing-and-encryption [Original.]

Saturday 00:04 · @segphault Well, but there’s a good selection of radio stations [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Saturday 00:11 · Hallmark as a cultural weathervane: “Pet death is a booming market”. Also, Alzheimers: www.economist.com/news/united-states/21580157-hallmark-cards-show-new-candour-about-terminal-sickness-american-way-death?fsrc=scn/tw/te/pe/hallmark [Original.]

Saturday 00:12 · They tell me that there are millions who use Mac OS X every day without knowing the Emacs keystrokes. Tragic. Maybe a telethon? [Original.]

Saturday 00:29 · @glsignal It’s wrong to want to do that. [Original, responding to @glsignal.]

Saturday 13:09 · Take control of OS X: (amazing how many people don’t know about this). [Original.]

Sunday 21:05 · I tried writing on Medium, which is the new online-publishing hotness: [Original.]

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