Week ending Sunday 2013/06/16

Monday 14:54 · A Taxonomy of PRISM Possibilities: unhandled.com/2013/06/07/a-taxonomy-of-prism-possibilities/ Looks solid to me. [Original.]

Monday 15:41 · Absolute computer porn (apple dot com slash mac-pro): www.apple.com/mac-pro/ [Original.]

Monday 16:06 · I’m thinking… the iTube. [Original.]

Monday 18:54 · Are there any opinions on iOS 7 from people who’ve used it for a few weeks? Otherwise, really not very interesting. [Original.]

Monday 19:05 · @colbycosh Clearly a #falseflag operation [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Monday 19:08 · RT @BiancaJagger: Awkward conversations with #Siri. R u giving all my information 2 the govt? #PRISM #NSA @MahmoudRa… [Original.]

Monday 19:16 · @dozykraut smiling [Original, responding to @dozykraut.]

Monday 19:19 · Assuming the iTube makes Ingress-like space sounds when you turn it on. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:32 · @anildash Haha, resisting the English language's squirming is futile. [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Wednesday 09:52 · Today’s identity voodoo: Fixing Sign-in blog.romeda.org/2013/06/thoughts-on-signin.html by @blaine, and Project findIDP www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/06/07/Why-findIDP from me. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:06 · Research suggests under_score style names recognized more quickly than camelCase (but no diff in accuracy): www.cs.kent.edu/~jmaletic/papers/ICPC2010-CamelCaseUnderScoreClouds.pdf [Original.]

Wednesday 10:41 · @seanmcbride oh, you mean COBOL-style? [Original, responding to @seanmcbride.]

Wednesday 13:06 · @bramcohen That’s actually pretty surprising. [Original, responding to @bramcohen.]

Wednesday 13:34 · @bramcohen I mean it’s a little surprising that no law enforcement agency has been sufficiently clueless to think you must have the poop. [Original, responding to @bramcohen.]

Wednesday 15:56 · @jaredhanson Sounds plausible. [Original, responding to @jaredhanson.]

Wednesday 16:01 · @jaredhanson Probably returns multiple IDPs. Will appear on github once I jump through some internal hoops [Original, responding to @jaredhanson.]

Wednesday 16:55 · Canadians! If your postal code is X3Y 5Z7, then when a US gas pump wants your zip code “35700” often works. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:44 · @cliffspicer Credit card validation. [Original, responding to @cliffspicer.]

Wednesday 18:09 · Good Internet baseball: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/06/12/Internet-Baseball [Original.]

Wednesday 18:19 · I just read those Ars-forum posts from Snowden. This guy is so, so mainstream-geek. Wow. [Original.]

Wednesday 18:26 · Snowden on Ars forums: www.buzzfeed.com/ellievhall/edward-snowdens-online-past-revealed [Original.]

Wednesday 18:27 · @hoppy303 Nope [Original, responding to @hoppy303.]

Wednesday 19:33 · @joshtpm: a “redirect loop” is keeping me from signing into Prime. Irritating. [Original, responding to @joshtpm.]

Wednesday 19:33 · @AllysonMcGrane I plead guilty. I said “Go Shane go!” [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

Wednesday 19:37 · @joshtpm OK, worked on about the 4th try. Not obvious what was up. [Original, responding to @joshtpm.]

Wednesday 20:28 · RT @brewster_kahle: Cost to Store All US Phonecalls from a Year in the Cloud: $27M, 4k sqft, $2M/year in power. bargain! https://t.co/YuDs… [Original.]

Wednesday 21:37 · Wooops, those flower pix are at [Original.]

Wednesday 21:37 · @evanphx sshhhh nobody’s supposed to know [Original, responding to @evanphx.]

Thursday 07:25 · @telcodud @BenedictEvans @Rangor All the interesting new Android APIs are in Google Play services, on everything back to 2.2. [Original, responding to @telcodud.]

Thursday 10:12 · @nelson ewwwww… I don’t think what they claim to be trying to do is even possible. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Thursday 10:13 · @codinghorror The Kinks’ “Captured Live” is as good a live rock & roll album as has ever been recorded. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Thursday 10:27 · The JavaScript ecosystem is becoming equal in complexity to everything else in the Internet put together: blog.pamelafox.org/2013/06/our-backbone-stack.html [Original.]

Friday 14:22 · “Life is too short for server-side Java”: [Original.]

Friday 19:21 · Gosh, the Rangers got shut out and generally squished. Isn’t that awful. [Original.]

Saturday 10:59 · Golang diaries I: [Original.]

Saturday 14:12 · @floatingatoll Um, I see them when I look… www.tbray.org/ongoing/ongoing.atom [Original, responding to @floatingatoll.]

Saturday 17:42 · Holy shit, Snowden was telling the truth it seems? news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57589495-38/nsa-spying-flap-extends-to-contents-of-u.s-phone-calls/ [Original.]

Saturday 18:30 · @nelson Uh, NSA guy explicitly said they don’t wiretap Americans without warrants. Snowden said he could. Seems like a central question. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Saturday 20:39 · There is altogether too much news. [Original.]

Saturday 21:19 · A page-full of tributes to K&R. If anything, they understate its importance: www.informit.com/promotions/promotion.aspx?promo=138913 [Original.]

Saturday 21:26 · @nzkoz @dhh It’s clear as mud at the moment. Lots of well-informed people saying Nadler misquoted/misinformed. Wait till morning. [Original, responding to @nzkoz.]

Sunday 09:43 · Hey, “The Unmapped Lands” by Theresa Couchman is a totally terrific chunk of fantasy fun: [Original.]

Sunday 16:51 · @alexwh Sounds like a bug. Observed in more than one browser? [Original, responding to @alexwh.]

Sunday 19:30 · @alexwh am in California till Thursday, but would love to. [Original, responding to @alexwh.]

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