Week ending Sunday 2012/10/21

Monday 10:53 · Ooh, goodie, the WHATWG wants to own URLs too: url.spec.whatwg.org/ (reaches for popcorn) [Original.]

Monday 10:58 · Weekly Twitter dumper says: statuses/user_timeline.xml not found. That’s… special. Thank you Twitter. [Original.]

Monday 15:14 · Twitter + OAuth + Ruby, it Just Works. www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/10/15/Twitter-OAuth #mmmtastyoauth [Original.]

Monday 19:02 · The TBS baseball logo is totally underpants. twitter.com/timbray/status/258025111335096320/photo/1 [Original.]

Monday 19:21 · @jsnell Hey, I’d love to, but don’t have any iOS handy. Genuinely sad. [Original, responding to @jsnell.]

Monday 20:52 · Related but distinct: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/10/15/Hard-Again on hardass electric blues, and www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/10/15/Why-Vinyl on liking vinyl in the 21st century. [Original.]

Tuesday 08:57 · @paulmadsen @JohnFontana If there’s a good enough library I don’t care… but the hope is that OAuth2 will drive quality library creation. [Original, responding to @paulmadsen.]

Tuesday 09:32 · @paulmadsen @JohnFontana On mobile, URLs are easy, but async processing (net traffic, user interaction) is tricky; libraries help. [Original, responding to @paulmadsen.]

Tuesday 09:48 · @colbycosh It’s OK, there aren’t any drugs in Fort Mac. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Tuesday 10:50 · Being seduced by Bootstrap. Is there a reason not to be? [Original.]

Tuesday 11:24 · @pjb3 I suppose that putting a “* 1.0” in the expression is irritating, but only very slightly. [Original, responding to @pjb3.]

Tuesday 21:29 · RT @Stv: False creek sunset @ False Creek Seawall, Fairview instagram.com/p/Q3omkWQuQy/ [Original.]

Tuesday 23:24 · Yep, you can learn Twitter Bootstrap and wire it into a demo app in a day, easy. Probably using it badly. [Original.]

Wednesday 00:02 · Paul Krugman’s introduction to Asimov’s re-issued “Foundation Trilogy”: [Original.]

Wednesday 07:59 · @boboroshi Don’t have time to build my own. Whole damn Web is based on sharing open-source tools IMHO. [Original, responding to @boboroshi.]

Wednesday 13:56 · Default Ruby on 10.8.2 is 1.8.7. Feaugh. #firstworldgeekproblems [Original.]

Wednesday 14:02 · @brenttheisen I use rvm, but that’s still lame in 2012. [Original, responding to @brenttheisen.]

Wednesday 14:03 · @headius And how would you know what the charset is? Ha ha ha sob. [Original, responding to @headius.]

Wednesday 14:44 · “Unicode: Universal Telegraphic Phrase-book. A Code of Cypher Words for Commercial, Domestic, and Familiar Phrases…” [Original.]

Wednesday 14:47 · Truth from @jack: jacks.tumblr.com/post/33785796042/lets-reconsider-our-users You have to bend over backward to avoid the word “user”, and you should. [Original.]

Wednesday 20:45 · I think Amazon is robbing me and I’m angry: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/10/17/Sandman-Pricing [Original.]

Wednesday 21:28 · @vambenepe Doesn’t help, you gotta log in to buy. [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Wednesday 22:47 · @sogrady CIO is always the last to find out what's happening. Reading this chunk of ignorance won't help fix that. [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Thursday 09:04 · Updated: More data on pricing, but whatever, when I shop at Amazon I’m being ripped off. www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/10/17/Sandman-Pricing [Original.]

Friday 00:16 · Wow, the Communist Party of China is on Twitter: @relevantorgans [Original.]

Friday 00:25 · The real thing, with an unironic hammer and sickle (rare in the 21st century): english.cpc.people.com.cn/ [Original.]

Friday 13:05 · This intro to OAuth2 isn’t terrible at all: blog.cloudfoundry.org/2012/10/09/oauth-rest/ [Original.]

Friday 13:46 · RT @bascule: Gotta love typing "count.zero?" [Original.]

Friday 19:28 · Between innings, Canadian sportsdesk guys asking “What the *hell* is Zito throwing?” Me too. 84mph right down the pipe for strikes… [Original.]

Sunday 09:08 · Guice in your JRuby rhnh.net/2012/10/20/guice-in-your-jruby Shocking stuff [Original.]

Sunday 15:56 · I think this has gone around before, but it’s beautiful and important: Which dietary extras actually work? www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/snake-oil-supplements/ [Original.]

Sunday 16:21 · @ndw Really time to move on. Really. Come over to the Dark Side. As in Dark Red. [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Sunday 16:31 · @ndw Isomorphic, more readable/maintainable, slower. [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Sunday 16:48 · @ndw Also, this may sound weird, but Ruby makes you smile. [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Sunday 22:07 · There's something satisfying about chasing a cat upstairs. [Original.]


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