Week ending Sunday 2012/06/17

Monday 09:03 · From @colbycosh, the best essay on, well, anything, that I’ve read in months & months. Must-read: www2.macleans.ca/2012/06/11/artisan-chocolate-and-social-revolution/ [Original.]

Monday 13:36 · So, my current late-2011 MBPro has a lovely matte display. Just glanced at the Apple Store; does “antiglare” mean “matte”? [Original.]

Monday 16:03 · @joshu Imported Provencal fleurs de sel, or nothing. [Original, responding to @joshu.]

Monday 16:04 · @jsnell How does my blog look? E.g. www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/06/10/Port-Mann [Original, responding to @jsnell.]

Monday 18:40 · Just proposed “451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons”, see www.tbray.org/tmp/draft-tbray-http-legally-restricted-status.html [Original.]

Monday 19:55 · @wiretapped But reporting its existence is a good one. [Original, responding to @wiretapped.]

Monday 21:27 · Right now, in a late meeting at a struggling business, the Business guy is saying “Let’s make the product SOCIAL!” [Original.]

Monday 22:04 · @b6n @pkedrosky Or “Whipping Star” [Original, responding to @b6n.]

Tuesday 08:19 · @cyberspice @BarryCarlyon @jackschofield Check the acknowledgments in the draft. /. got it from Terence Eden [Original, responding to @cyberspice.]

Tuesday 14:32 · @koush Currently totally a buyers’ market. Wonder if it’ll stay that way. [Original, responding to @koush.]

Tuesday 17:33 · There’s a mighty useful table: www.engadget.com/2012/06/12/psa-which-ios-6-features-can-my-device-run/ [Original.]

Tuesday 21:50 · @manuelciosici Patches have been submitted already I think & are in the pipeline. [Original, responding to @manuelciosici.]

Wednesday 08:57 · It’s now impossible to use the phrase “You’ve probably never heard of X”, for any value of X, without feeling like a jerk. [Original.]

Wednesday 13:09 · If true, this is horrifying. If true, shame on all the parties involved. niederfamily.blogspot.be/2012/06/silencing-of-maya.html [Original.]

Friday 10:39 · Interesting. Kinectimals on Android: [Original.]

Saturday 09:58 · Recommendation: If you can figure out a way to get @blaine to come to your meeting and deliver a “nontechnical” speech, do so. [Original.]

Saturday 10:11 · Github can be thought of as an evolution accelerator. [Original.]

Saturday 10:21 · @davidascher Sort of like sexual reproduction? [Original, responding to @davidascher.]

Saturday 10:24 · Last night I dreamt that I’d accidentally stolen a truck and nobody noticed, but it was parked outside my place so I was full of fear. [Original.]

Saturday 12:04 · @ftrain You say that like it's a bad thing. [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Saturday 13:44 · @dweinberger doubleTwist works pretty well [Original, responding to @dweinberger.]

Sunday 10:22 · Eclipsed just crashed, taking an hour’s hard in-the-flow work with it. DiaF DiaF DiaF. [Original.]

Sunday 11:19 · Eclipse crashed so hard it corrupted its cache, wouldn’t restart. Had to blow away lots of stuff incl history. Feaugh. Mostly recovered. [Original.]

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