Week ending Sunday 2012/03/18

Monday 12:02 · Every time I think I’ve finally wrapped my head around OAuth2, that just means that I’ve discovered a new way to misunderstand. [Original.]

Monday 12:51 · @ndw Well, you can get through everything important on that subject in like 20 minutes. [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Monday 14:30 · Empty waterfront lot near our cabin on N shore of Keats Island for sale. Near center of maps.google.com/?ll=49.410474,-123.460659&spn=0.002447,0.005085&t=h&z=18 Holler if you want an intro. [Original.]

Monday 15:25 · So, Dick Cheney doesn't think Canada is safe for him to visit. We must be doing something right. [Original.]

Monday 18:34 · Well, I guess OS X spontaneously losing my trackpad prefs is a refreshing change from it spontaneously losing my keyboard prefs. [Original.]

Monday 18:46 · Wow… #ididnotreport - check it out [Original.]

Monday 19:57 · @davidfrum Surely you’re not unaware of the intense worldwide revulsion against Cheney? This security detail is a lot to ask of the police. [Original, responding to @davidfrum.]

Monday 23:40 · A manifesto on why the Internet sucks: blogs.providencejournal.com/ri-talks/this-new-england/2012/03/john-r-macarthur-internet-con-men-ravage-journalism.html Not well-written; we need better adversaries to keep us sharp. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:43 · It’s OK to say “This sucks…” if you immediately follow with “… and here’s how to fix it.” Juhani on Readability: www.androiduipatterns.com/2012/03/readability-yet-another-ios-app-on.html [Original.]

Tuesday 20:18 · GOP LOL [Original.]

Tuesday 20:49 · @pragdave ImageMagick is a stern test for any build system. [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Tuesday 21:58 · @duncan Hah, you young pups. Back in the day, the only hotel AC was a hideously dangerous 4-fer buried behind the bedstead. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Tuesday 22:15 · Trying the Fluidinfo chrome extension. Eventually someone's gonna figure out how to annotate the Web usefully. [Original.]

Wednesday 00:03 · First Tab Sweep of 2012: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/03/13/Tab-Sweep-World [Original.]

Wednesday 01:19 · @udhay_shankar Oh, the Republican-candidacy race repeatedly failing to end, in the most amusing possible ways. [Original, responding to @udhay_shankar.]

Wednesday 08:49 · @mattwynne Useful lesson, you should write that up. Surprised, launch time for many pieces of software is dominated by disk input... [Original, responding to @mattwynne.]

Wednesday 09:11 · Now there’s a damn nice piece of javascript; mouse over the chart: talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2012/03/scattershot.php [Original.]

Wednesday 10:31 · Another paean to static files; the “why” not the “how”: prog21.dadgum.com/130.html [Original.]

Wednesday 11:08 · On 3.14, it’s appropriate to remind the world that Pi is *wrong*: tauday.com/tau-manifesto [Original.]

Wednesday 14:15 · On the vacation flight, it's at least half kids. The noise is indescribable. Spring Break. [Original.]

Friday 01:15 · In Maui this week. Internet seems distant and not so important. [Original.]

Friday 02:25 · A visit from the goon squad: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/03/16/A-Visit-From-the-Goon-Squad [Original.]

Friday 12:51 · @ndw Hope you emphasized that all widely-used JSON implementations have draconian error-handling. [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Friday 15:47 · @pmuellr Just a visceral reaction to the vapidity of the railing against XML draconianism [Original, responding to @pmuellr.]

Friday 17:09 · @brixen Well, it is the case that MRI is being used successfully in lotsa apps, so you need to define "broken" [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Sunday 11:08 · Remarkably insightful piece on graphic sizing: www.pushing-pixels.orghttp/www.pushing-pixels.org/2011/11/04/about-those-vector-icons.html [Original.]

Sunday 11:16 · Ars Technica on the Tar Sands: arstechnica.com/science/news/2012/03/oil-sands-and-loss-of-carbon-trapping-bogs-and-fens.ars?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss [Original.]

Sunday 15:39 · @pamelafox Or they could start eating in cafés or worrying about El Niño [Original, responding to @pamelafox.]

Sunday 22:13 · Maui Brewing Company’s Big Swell IPA is one of the world’s great beers. www.mauibrewingco.com/mbc/MBCHome.html [Original.]

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