Week ending Sunday 2012/01/01

Monday 11:17 · Assuming it’s worthwhile to upgrade a 2008 dual-quad-core 2.8GHz Mac Pro with a new video card? *cough Skyrim cough* Card recommendations? [Original.]

Monday 11:25 · @twleung Get thee behind me Satan [Original, responding to @twleung.]

Monday 11:37 · @JamesJWu Hey, thanks [Original, responding to @JamesJWu.]

Monday 11:58 · @atul01 on a Mac Pro/bootcamp? [Original, responding to @atul01.]

Monday 12:14 · @BWJones 5870 is clearly the safest choice, but hard to find these days :( Not 100% clear the replacement 6xxx will work. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Monday 15:46 · Apparently there is nowhere in Vancouver where I can walk in and walk out the door with a Radeon 5770 or 5870. [Original.]

Monday 18:00 · @awg_ilyas Hmm… Mac Pro compatibility story a little shaky with 6xxx series. [Original, responding to @awg_ilyas.]

Wednesday 00:25 · 38north.org/ seems like a good site for coverage of #nkorea [Original.]

Wednesday 12:15 · In which I take a run at the static-vs-dynamic type system issue: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/12/27/Type-Systems This is guaranteed to irritate many. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:23 · Some guy just added me on some social network whose title is “Solutions Architect”. Feaugh. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:32 · Just finished “Bamboo and Blood”, an Inspector O mystery, set in #nkorea. Recommended. Will read more Inspector O books. [Original.]

Thursday 10:35 · Just transferred 8 domains off godaddy. Smiling. [Original.]

Thursday 11:23 · Using www.domainsite.com/ for the moment, they seem mostly harmless. [Original.]

Thursday 12:10 · Thank you @eastgate [Original.]

Thursday 15:49 · @althinking That was just the last straw. They deserve to vanish if only for their advertising. [Original, responding to @althinking.]

Thursday 15:56 · I’m sure those who slimed gleefully about tweet deletion will now apologize gracefully: parislemon.com/post/14991930955/andy-rubin-didnt-delete-open-tweet-twitter-lost-it [Original.]

Thursday 16:11 · There is a nesting pair of bald eagles in a lone tree down by the False Creek Racing Canoe Club parking lot. #vancouver [Original.]

Friday 16:13 · Sshhh... Galaxy Nexus connected via Apple Store WiFi. Don't tell anyone. [Original.]

Friday 20:09 · Basic video card on my 2008 Mac Pro frapped out. Doubtless entirely coincidental that it’d been Skyrimming continuously for 8 days. [Original.]

Friday 20:21 · @SalmanRushdie Gawain. Also perhaps you might enjoy www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2005/10/06/Edmonton [Original, responding to @SalmanRushdie.]

Saturday 09:10 · @blacksoftware No kidding. That's interesting and surprising. [Original, responding to @blacksoftware.]

Saturday 09:14 · That awkward moment: [Original.]

Saturday 09:20 · @dhh Anecdotal counterexample: Sun (terribly managed) was remote-friendly, while Google (well-managed mostly) is not. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Saturday 10:52 · On the superb “Gunslinger” blog, Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s resolutions: tsutpen.blogspot.com/2011/12/artifacts-26.html [Original.]

Saturday 15:14 · “Here is a small compendium of prognosticational impotence”: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/12/31/Local-Uncertainty-Maximum [Original.]

Sunday 08:38 · 2011 was an awkward number. 2012 seems much more grown-up and serious. The kind of year when we get down to it and get things done. [Original.]

Sunday 12:06 · Fave photos of 2011: [Original.]

Sunday 17:14 · I’m a big admirer of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside cop blog. Good piece today: www.beatcopdiary.vpd.ca/2012/01/01/life-in-the-margins/ [Original.]

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