Week ending Sunday 2011/12/25

Monday 08:34 · Belay Web framework looks interesting: brownplt.github.com/2011/12/18/resume-belay.html [Original.]

Monday 09:05 · Sinatra::Synchrony looks interesting: kyledrake.net/sinatra-synchrony/ [Original.]

Monday 09:11 · Unusual spike in Amazon sales for “Shall not Perish”: www.amazon.co.uk/Socialism-Centered-Masses-Shall-Perish/dp/1410207455/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1324278200&sr=8-6 [Original.]

Monday 13:39 · @Gartenberg The N-1 S90 was good enough for this: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/10/01/Architecture-of-Theology [Original, responding to @Gartenberg.]

Monday 14:13 · It was amazing to me that AT&T mgmt team at any point believed they’d get regulatory approval. [Original.]

Tuesday 08:54 · How much of an iPhone is made by Samsung? www.economist.com/blogs/dailychart/2011/08/apple-and-samsungs-symbiotic-relationship [Original.]

Tuesday 08:56 · “@cnnbrk: Blizzard makes travel "dangerous" or "impossible" in parts of West, Midwest.” Tough on WoW players. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:48 · Oracle having trouble selling SPARC boxes. Anyone surprised? [Original.]

Tuesday 13:49 · @cwilso I like twicca [Original, responding to @cwilso.]

Tuesday 15:18 · @gregavola @sogrady They’re there on Android Market publisher site. [Original, responding to @gregavola.]

Tuesday 15:39 · Some thoughts on Mobile 2011: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/12/16/Year-End [Original.]

Tuesday 17:47 · @vambenepe UML: Just say no. [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Tuesday 17:50 · “Ignores pesky ensure blocks”! blog.segment7.net/2011/12/20/return_bang-1-0 [Original.]

Wednesday 10:22 · @gruber Man, I hope I live long enough to see someone else take a run at those books. But, I got flamed like crazy for www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2003/12/23/ROTK-Feh [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Wednesday 13:51 · @cote Share answers please [Original, responding to @cote.]

Thursday 14:09 · @tenderlove Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. [Original, responding to @tenderlove.]

Saturday 15:17 · 10 family members in our not-that-big house for the holidays. Chaotic but nice. [Original.]

Saturday 16:59 · Interesting GDocs/Office365 face-off at U Cal Berkeley: www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2011/12/berkeley-google-docs-microsoft/ [Original.]

Sunday 17:14 · Played a couple of hours of Skyrim with the 5½-year-old coaching: “Open the chest! Take the food!” [Original.]

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