Week ending Sunday 2011/09/11

Monday 19:21 · “I look upon Vancouverites … as people … with an important app missing in their brain” goo.gl/IgGez (charming, actually) [Original.]

Monday 20:45 · @brixen That code reminds of Perl poetry, back in the day [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Monday 20:54 · @gnat When it comes to vacuum cleaners, nobody wants to suck less. *rimshot* [Original, responding to @gnat.]

Monday 21:13 · Whenever I link to a tweet, I take out the #!/ [Original.]

Monday 21:17 · MG Siegler: “Information is all that matters. All the rest is bullshit.” goo.gl/4TqdI With respect, I disagree. [Original.]

Tuesday 08:19 · Taking my youngest child off to her first day of school. A milestone! [Original.]

Tuesday 11:27 · @regnordman My email is real easy to find [Original, responding to @regnordman.]

Wednesday 13:32 · Static vs dynamic, flawed but fascinating: goo.gl/lbZHV Would love to see some higher-quality data [Original.]

Wednesday 13:33 · @guyro I like Swype [Original, responding to @guyro.]

Wednesday 13:37 · ISO blesses SOAP & friends. goo.gl/MMXFp Now, that's a real game-changer. #not [Original.]

Wednesday 17:28 · Which social network would you give up? goo.gl/l3lXN [Original.]

Wednesday 20:37 · Visit to the Leica factory: goo.gl/yXoVY Counterintuitive that some precision mfg processes better done by hand. [Original.]

Wednesday 23:56 · Does anyone still speak Received Pronunciation, I wonder. goo.gl/Q5U7A [Original.]

Thursday 00:38 · Beginning to think the Lightroom “Clarity” control is actively evil. [Original.]

Thursday 00:50 · Listening to Paul’s old “McCartney” on scratchy-but-not-bad vinyl. What a great collection of songs. [Original.]

Thursday 13:47 · @dehora Wait, I thought frameworks were the new platforms. [Original, responding to @dehora.]

Friday 09:06 · Amused to see my name bandied about in OraGoog litigation docs: goo.gl/SPsDq [Original.]

Friday 14:19 · @bramcohen I keep getting 6, because convex shape tends to sphere: ((2r)**3) / ((4/3( * pi * (r**3))) [Original, responding to @bramcohen.]

Friday 14:28 · @bramcohen Oops, forgot pi. 24 / (4 * pi) =~ 1.90985931710274 [Original, responding to @bramcohen.]

Friday 16:26 · @bramcohen But volume is maximized as face count increases, no? Thus tends to sphere? I still like 6/π as upper bound [Original, responding to @bramcohen.]

Friday 16:26 · @bigdigo Not this year :( [Original, responding to @bigdigo.]

Saturday 01:17 · @vambenepe I find it not terrible. But I readily shift into the nearest shell window for anything serious. [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Saturday 10:00 · Chip card UX: goo.gl/zZGP6 [Original.]

Saturday 10:00 · Old and new maps: goo.gl/E2GpC [Original.]

Sunday 11:29 · On just shutting up about 9/11: goo.gl/gHIKk [Original.]

Sunday 12:24 · Other news: goo.gl/HPytn [Original.]

Sunday 22:05 · @DeirdreS 2 or 3 seconds of attention, that's all. [Original, responding to @DeirdreS.]

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