Week ending Sunday 2011/09/04

Monday 11:22 · Whenever I use wait/notify in Java code, it feels like having a viper under the pillow. [Original.]

Monday 13:22 · @fivechimera Her name's Francine and she's almost always nice, and so affectionate [Original, responding to @fivechimera.]

Monday 14:24 · TIL there's a .cat TLD: Catalunya. And, sure enough, looky here: black.cat/ [Original.]

Wednesday 10:07 · Mirah 0.0.8 ships: goo.gl/ecr6g This is important work. [Original.]

Thursday 00:33 · Now Playing: Jordi Savall, Les Voix Humains goo.gl/FAhec [Original.]

Thursday 07:52 · September. Fooey. [Original.]

Thursday 11:40 · HO! goo.gl/ClIMd [Original.]

Friday 00:10 · Weighty issue arises while writing: Is it “buttload” or “butt-load”? [Original.]

Friday 00:14 · @wycats No. [Original, responding to @wycats.]

Friday 00:35 · goo.gl/oFkI7 - nobody’s written the opera or shot the movie yet. Soon, I bet. [Original.]

Friday 00:46 · Nude men clock: goo.gl/6f9VC [Original.]

Friday 07:28 · Aspect Ratios: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/09/01/Screen-Sizes [Original.]

Saturday 08:48 · News from Florida & Texas suggests that conservatives are mean-spirited & stupid: goo.gl/PbQn7 Also, last week had a Tuesday. [Original.]

Saturday 11:09 · Via goo.gl/UaCIb “Leaders are people who go their own way without caring, or even looking to see whether anyone is following them.” [Original.]

Saturday 11:13 · Dear everyone: If you post something just entitled “Video”, the chance that I’ll watch it is basically zero. [Original.]

Saturday 20:21 · @jbminn @bijan Nope, I was an early Lightroom adopter and never had a good reason to change. I suspect they're both just fine. [Original, responding to @jbminn.]

Saturday 20:26 · @AAAkevinpaisley Let me know when it works with my cello. [Original, responding to @AAAkevinpaisley.]

Saturday 20:27 · @GreatDismal Bollards is better [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Sunday 09:55 · @blakerboy777 Consider not voting for people who do stupid mean-spirited things, as in those Fl and TX stories. [Original, responding to @blakerboy777.]

Sunday 20:07 · @blakerboy777 Seems fair to judge a group by the actions of their widely-acclaimed leadership. [Original, responding to @blakerboy777.]

Sunday 20:47 · @romainguy @c_pruett When C# launched, it addressed a bunch of Java irritants nicely. Today it's the runtime not the language. [Original, responding to @romainguy.]

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