Week ending Sunday 2011/08/28

Monday 08:23 · Got my PCOC on the weekend: goo.gl/4DylG Now licensed to terrorize the briny deep! I recommend Cooper Boating: goo.gl/XEAUC [Original.]

Monday 08:28 · Got my 12-year-old to watch some AlJazeera live TV last night. Explained that this is what, in the rear-view, is called "history". [Original.]

Monday 08:30 · What is WebProcess and why is it eating my Mac's brain? [Original.]

Tuesday 07:09 · May have to give up Safari. Too often something in a random tab makes Safari bloat and thrash & burn up the system. [Original.]

Tuesday 07:30 · Big-camera trade-offs: goo.gl/qFBGy [Original.]

Wednesday 13:25 · @AdamYuret @adamgoucher Not quite. I said that it's really hard to do on mobile in general because so much tricky mocking is required. [Original, responding to @AdamYuret.]

Thursday 08:44 · I'm no longer a Twitter shareholder: goo.gl/Gr1Dh [Original.]

Thursday 08:48 · Shaking my head at all these people confidently prognosticating about Apple, post-Steve. Jeepers, nobody knows; that's biz, deal with it. [Original.]

Thursday 09:04 · @shawndrape Hey, what browser/os/etc? [Original, responding to @shawndrape.]

Thursday 09:19 · @shawndrape Fooey, can't reproduce [Original, responding to @shawndrape.]

Thursday 09:46 · Cool piece by @nbradbury: Transferring from Windows to Android development: goo.gl/QVIYX [Original.]

Thursday 10:20 · Just installed Glassboard: goo.gl/8qeaE Seems nice and slick. Now I need some secrets to whisper. [Original.]

Thursday 10:32 · Woah… Glassboard doesn't have a Mac client. Hey @brentsimmons, that policy or just still in progress? [Original.]

Thursday 21:39 · Everyone’s got a Steve story. Here’s mine: goo.gl/59UMg [Original.]

Friday 10:58 · #followfriday goo.gl/LMCeL [Original.]

Friday 11:18 · Hey @brixen and @headius, we all know what each of you thinks about THAT LANGUAGE. kthksby [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Friday 11:24 · I blame Vander Zalm. Feaugh. [Original.]

Friday 13:52 · I suppose @GreatDismal is now working on his next. Thinking about a petition asking him to leave out Bigend. [Original.]

Friday 14:07 · @ndw He seems like a plot device not a person [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Friday 23:36 · When the music's over, turn out the lights. [Original.]

Saturday 01:20 · @DeirdreS I'm a WP editor and I contradict myself all the time. You have to work at it, practice… [Original, responding to @DeirdreS.]

Saturday 01:26 · @daeaves That Shaw 50M deal is working pretty well for us. I have TekSavvy at the office and it's solid as a rock but just not as fast. [Original, responding to @daeaves.]

Saturday 07:29 · Outstanding storm coverage from @nynjpaweather [Original, responding to @nynjpaweather.]

Saturday 11:12 · Wow, Reeder is ramping: It hit my blog from 8543 different IP addresses in the last 6 days. [Original.]

Saturday 11:17 · Google’s #irene crisis map. Being enhanced all the time: goo.gl/B4S4O [Original.]

Saturday 22:02 · At a fairly alternative ceremony lockerz.com/s/133590668 [Original.]

Saturday 22:06 · OH: Putting the "ho" back in Jehovah. [Original.]

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