Week ending Sunday 2011/08/14

Monday 15:12 · @cote Is that what they call it these days? [Original, responding to @cote.]

Tuesday 20:41 · @Alination @twiketurner goo.gl/h8HzX [Original, responding to @Alination.]

Wednesday 14:11 · @queeniecarly Upload new pic to commons.wikimedia.org, then edit entry. Really pretty easy. [Original, responding to @queeniecarly.]

Wednesday 16:35 · @brixen Everything important gets mentioned on Twitter. [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Wednesday 16:38 · Not really sure this "phone" app on my pocket computer has much of a future. [Original.]

Thursday 07:52 · That #shaw 50M Internet is a nice service, except for those mornings when it's down for all of Vancouver… [Original.]

Thursday 09:36 · @hfiguiere TekSavvy at my office seems to be hosed too. Bad Internet Day. [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Thursday 11:10 · @gregkh Why are you doing this? [Original, responding to @gregkh.]

Thursday 11:16 · They're not kidding: mobile.twitter.com is brilliant on Nexus S. Still need a client for real names & notifications. For now, anyhow. [Original.]

Thursday 13:10 · For my money, G+ only gets really interesting when it becomes programmable: googleplusplatform.blogspot.com/2011/08/stepping-onto-google-platform.html [Original.]

Thursday 13:19 · I'm assuming @gregkh wants us to stop following him, not sure why. So, OK. [Original, responding to @gregkh.]

Thursday 22:55 · Reading The Economist: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/08/11/Economist-App [Original.]

Friday 00:38 · Editing Mesoamerican deities. [Original.]

Friday 08:22 · I have high hopes for the about-to-arrive 7" Honeycomb tablets. The original Galaxy Tab remains my face Android device to this day. [Original.]

Friday 19:36 · This one made me smile all over; I spent years & years of my life working on exactly this device: goo.gl/NyRrv [Original.]

Sunday 07:53 · @alexwh Might be salvageable. Tough to tell. I've had bad luck with these things myself. [Original, responding to @alexwh.]

Sunday 08:11 · @aaronsw Didn't know what Gardasil was. Ended up reverting airhead defacement in the Wikipedia entry. [Original, responding to @aaronsw.]

Sunday 12:59 · Authenticating against App Engine from an Android app: blog.notdot.net/2010/05/Authenticating-against-App-Engine-from-an-Android-app Needs to be packaged up a bit. [Original.]

Sunday 14:29 · Gaddafi's goose smelling increasingly cooked. Nice smell. [Original.]

Sunday 17:47 · @unclebobmartin If I were a believer I'd say it was God cutting us some slack, a little time to get our shit together. [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

Sunday 18:05 · Lauren got a Roomba. Makes adorable sounds, kawaii to da max. Struggles a bit with our complex open-space main floor. [Original.]

Sunday 18:14 · Wednesday at MIT, “Android Tablet Wars: An Overview” goo.gl/lmLYA [Original.]

Sunday 19:09 · Tender tragedies, in 140 chars or less, and with sponsors: @TeensInLove Where’s that Internet “off” switch, again? [Original.]

Sunday 20:17 · @chadfowler If it derails with massive loss of life, you'll have to live with… no, you'd be dead too, so OK. [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Sunday 20:19 · @brixen Major pain in the butt on Dalvik. Easy to end up in a counterproductive tangle of mocks. There's gotta be an answer. [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Sunday 21:26 · 100 + 3 Sci-Fis: goo.gl/f8Bvr [Original.]

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