Week ending Sunday 2011/08/07

Monday 13:44 · Hey dude, I don't think the generic white Apple earbuds & cords are really working with your hipster duds. [Original.]

Monday 14:17 · Excellent iOS-Android contrast writeup from a hands-on-developer viewpoint: nfarina.com/post/8239634061/ios-to-android [Original.]

Monday 15:19 · Phonegap hits 1.0 www.phonegap.com/ [Original.]

Monday 18:54 · I'm not fat, but somehow I'm charmed that CC Sabathia, a fat man, can be a big star at the top level of pro sports. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:53 · Reading blog.headius.com/2011/08/jruby-and-java-7-what-to-expect.html about goodies in Java7 and thinking back to a meeting I organized in 2004: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2004/12/08/DynamicJava Wow, 7 years. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:14 · www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/without-klout-google-is-dead-to-me/53764 “Let’s face it, if you can’t influence a lot of people, you just aren’t worth as much as those who can.” *pukes* [Original.]

Tuesday 14:14 · @pkedrosky I hope you also discouraged the “new fund” idea. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Tuesday 17:05 · “Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: unable to parse '3745' as integer” Now that's helpful. [Original.]

Wednesday 08:59 · I think “The most expensive one-byte mistake” (queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=2010365) is quite wrong; see www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2003/04/13/Strings [Original.]

Wednesday 14:50 · Need a basic REST server app. Want to try App Engine. As a side-effect, learning Sinatra. code.google.com/p/appengine-jruby/wiki/GettingStarted [Original.]

Wednesday 15:01 · @koush Nothing against python, but I'm a rubyist given the choice [Original, responding to @koush.]

Wednesday 16:44 · The Sinatra 'params' variable is a little odd, containing both fish and bicycles, but seems to do what one needs [Original.]

Wednesday 18:36 · @mzyk83 awwwwwwww [Original, responding to @mzyk83.]

Wednesday 21:14 · @am2605 Not using Rails, just Sinatra & talking direct to DataStore [Original, responding to @am2605.]

Thursday 09:25 · It's suddenly become easy to distinguish those who have principled opinions on patents from those who are about hating on Google. [Original.]

Thursday 10:09 · AutoCAD and Android, sittin in a tree: www.autocadws.com/blog/autocad-ws-has-2m-registered-users-1m-android-downloads/ [Original.]

Thursday 10:49 · Me on patents: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/02/22/Patent-Fail (2010), www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2005/05/28/IP-Law (2005), www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2004/10/12/PatentTheory (2004), www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2004/08/05/LinuxPatents (2004) [Original.]

Thursday 15:10 · @gnat May be browser-dependent. On Blogger, Firefox has that horror but Chrome/Safari don't [Original, responding to @gnat.]

Thursday 16:15 · Trouble with not doing REST development for a while is you forget all the curl options [Original.]

Thursday 19:23 · @ginatrapani And anyhow, embroidered cowboy shoots are *cool* [Original, responding to @ginatrapani.]

Thursday 19:43 · Hmf. Safari has gone weird. Won't complete loading most pages. Even tried rebooting. [Original.]

Thursday 22:52 · REST on Sinatra on Rack on JRuby on Java on App Engine; Layers Я Us. I fart in ORM's general direction. [Original.]

Friday 00:32 · @BWJones Fucking good pictures though [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Friday 09:32 · Further evidence, were any needed, that “Tea-Party thinking” is an oxymoron: www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2011/08/stimulus-thinking [Original.]

Friday 15:00 · @tekgrrl Structure in hard substances involves electromagnetic attraction/repulsion at the molecular level. QED [Original, responding to @tekgrrl.]

Friday 16:06 · Apple still hasn't mastered the technique of safely saving files. Latest: Keynote corrupted its prefs plist and wouldn't start. [Original.]

Saturday 09:15 · Wonderful piece from Chris Pruett, ostensibly bout Nintendo, also says smart things about the whole game biz: robotinvader.com/blog/?p=39 [Original.]

Saturday 10:06 · I just signed up for the NYtimes paywall; only the second time I've done that in the decades I've been online. [Original.]

Saturday 10:08 · @jsnell I was so irritated by this book's last episode in the Jon Snow storyline that I think I'm done with the series. [Original, responding to @jsnell.]

Saturday 10:19 · @doctorow You can find it, but probably not at 7AM [Original, responding to @doctorow.]

Saturday 10:20 · In the event that there's anyone still looking for a G+ invite, here are 150: [Original.]

Saturday 11:03 · @ethiessen RealMoney.com back in the days of bubble #1 [Original, responding to @ethiessen.]

Saturday 11:08 · Twitter commentary on the big prayer rally is sort of mean-spirited, but entertaining: twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23theresponse [Original.]

Saturday 13:27 · Canada: big public sector, fairly tight regulation, single-payer medicine, & only Western-Hemisphere nation with a AAA credit rating [Original.]

Saturday 13:34 · Oops, that should be "New World", not "Western Hemisphere" [Original.]

Saturday 13:36 · Corrected: Canada: big public sector, fairly tight regulation, single-payer medicine, & only New-World nation with AAA credit rating [Original.]

Saturday 16:28 · @zedshaw Canada's far from perfect. Having said that, I have no idea what you're talking about. [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Saturday 19:26 · Damn straight, @mcuban : Patent reform => more jobs: blogmaverick.com/2011/08/06/if-you-want-to-see-more-jobs-created-change-patent-laws/ [Original.]

Saturday 21:36 · Those Brits are showing us Vancouver wankers how to have a proper riot. [Original.]

Saturday 22:04 · Good Afternoon: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/08/06/Good-Afternoon [Original.]

Sunday 00:21 · @zedshaw Chrétien has been out of power for 8 years. I’m certainly prepared to believe the worst of Canwest, though. [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Sunday 18:40 · In Mexico! First time in 19 years. [Original.]

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