Week ending Sunday 2011/06/05

Monday 08:40 · @unclebobmartin write more, please [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

Monday 09:42 · @unclebobmartin The status quo there depends critically on support from US conservatives. So you sort of own part of the problem. [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

Monday 10:13 · Is it mean-spirited to enjoy watching FIFA implode? [Original.]

Monday 12:10 · @unclebobmartin Yeah, I saw... it was nauseating. Agree voting dem won't help. Best thing wd be sharing whatever you learn. [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

Monday 16:05 · Thinking that occurrence of the string "});" is a symptom of language-design shortcomings. [Original.]

Monday 16:22 · @janstice U+2C02 GLAGOLITIC CAPITAL LETTER VEDE (OK, you made me look) [Original, responding to @janstice.]

Monday 16:47 · Digging thru the Mirah source. Incredibly easy to read at the micro level, but having trouble grasping the macro shape. [Original.]

Monday 23:49 · No peace soon: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/05/30/Peace-Plan-Over [Original.]

Monday 23:57 · @qmacro Ruby, sort of. But I'd be just as happy with Python. [Original, responding to @qmacro.]

Monday 23:59 · @infil00p Wow, station & thus drop just 10 blocks from us... [Original, responding to @infil00p.]

Tuesday 00:01 · Where I want to go on my summer vacation: apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap110530.html [Original.]

Tuesday 00:10 · @nredmond There isn't one for Web geeks. I'd join though if there were. [Original, responding to @nredmond.]

Tuesday 00:50 · @knowtheory No longer; but I can still read the characters [Original, responding to @knowtheory.]

Tuesday 11:31 · D9 pitch: Conversations with “thought leaders”. Such as, CEOs of HP & Nokia, Msft Windows VP. Um... [Original.]

Tuesday 11:48 · isthebookdead.com/ ? I hope that doesn’t represent book-defenders’ tastes in typography & punctuation. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:39 · Got an email FoundersCard pitch. Others seem to like it. I'm a reasonably expert travel shopper, hard to believe it'll pay off... [Original.]

Tuesday 14:19 · @gruber I have a little boy. I ain't watching that for another 20 years. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Tuesday 14:26 · Yow, @androiddev followers blew past 100K while I wasn't looking. [Original.]

Tuesday 16:41 · @therealfitz That is sooooo lame. If you would look at the evidence, you'd see that canary yellow is the only sane engineering choice. [Original, responding to @therealfitz.]

Tuesday 16:47 · Just hit "report spam" on an offer for Bible Study Tools. Clearly going to hell. [Original.]

Tuesday 19:09 · Haven't paid any attention to basketball all year, but as a geek I guess I have to back the Mavs? [Original.]

Tuesday 19:28 · @leandro I guarantee I'm going. If they won't let me speak I'll just hang out and drink, I guess. [Original, responding to @leandro.]

Tuesday 22:43 · “I use Safari, Chrome, and Firefox simultaneously. But I’m not sure I’m doing it right.” www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/05/31/Browsers [Original.]

Tuesday 22:51 · LOL JavaFX [Original.]

Wednesday 00:02 · You gotta love that broken-heart bugdroid: androidcommunity.com/nexus-3-was-a-fake-hearts-break-20110531/ [Original.]

Wednesday 00:03 · @BWJones It's somehow politically impossible to challenge that. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Wednesday 00:20 · Clamshadow: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/06/01/Clam-Shadow [Original.]

Wednesday 07:59 · Aww, "Touchnote", what a cute-looking app: [Original.]

Wednesday 08:10 · Hm, haven't run browser-market-share on my blog in years. Should do it once or twice: getclicky.com/marketshare/global/web-browsers/#/marketshare/global/web-browsers/ [Original.]

Wednesday 08:12 · Thinking every small/medium-biz operator must be under continuous siege from social-coupon salesdroids. [Original.]

Wednesday 08:17 · Hmm.... this might look good on my blog: blog.typekit.com/2011/06/01/futura/ [Original.]

Wednesday 08:21 · VirtualWorks startup receives $8M in “seed” funding. Seed? www.readwriteweb.com/cloud/2011/06/new-virtual-index-architecture.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+readwriteweb+(ReadWriteWeb) [Original.]

Wednesday 11:41 · Guess I should add a +1 button to my blog. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:53 · @sogrady Looks pretty straightforward: code.google.com/apis/+1button/ [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Wednesday 12:48 · @DonDodge I like skinny jeans, but I'd rather die than work for a company called "Hipster" [Original, responding to @DonDodge.]

Wednesday 13:17 · Editing old entries in live blogspace with vi to test out +1 button markup. Got a bug to report, but it seems to work [Original.]

Wednesday 13:19 · Ouch; bad guys at work. Read this and take action: googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/ensuring-your-information-is-safe.html [Original.]

Wednesday 13:47 · “@laurendw:lunch at the "Beefy Beef Noodle House" that specializes in salty peppery chicken. Hint: they have other stuff too.” It's good! [Original.]

Wednesday 13:51 · Would You Please Stop? blog.bookviewcafe.com/2011/03/09/would-you-please-fucking-stop/ (NSFW) (I'm such a Le Guin fan) [Original.]

Wednesday 13:53 · Surprisingly hard to fit that +1 button into my blog layout. It has to go at the bottom of the text, self-evidently. [Original.]

Wednesday 15:48 · Hm, if I put +1 buttons in my feed, each referring back to what it's linked to, how likely is that to produce a useful effect? [Original.]

Wednesday 16:33 · Each of the 3,809 pieces at www.tbray.org/ongoing/ now has a +1 button. Easy to set up. Really want feed integration though. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:40 · @BWJones Dunno. Doing the pipefitting at this end first. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Wednesday 16:41 · @dierken I certainly hope there's no way to hand publishers a spam vector. [Original, responding to @dierken.]

Wednesday 17:21 · @hfiguiere Not sure what the right ns name is yet [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Wednesday 17:31 · New Windows homescreen: allthingsd.com/files/2011/06/Windows-8-start-menu.png Radical. Interesting. Pity about the vanilla stock photos though. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:43 · @aqualung Hm, really doesn't work on FF4? Drat, just realized I'm still on 3.6.something, thought I'd updated. [Original, responding to @aqualung.]

Wednesday 18:42 · Can the refs please ease off on the penalties & let's play hockey already. #canucks [Original.]

Wednesday 19:10 · @Atul_Gawande Sentiment on Vancouver side is for less refereeing & more hockey [Original, responding to @Atul_Gawande.]

Wednesday 20:40 · Total must-read for Canadian entrepreneurs/VCs/angels: www.bctechnology.com/statics/mvolker-may2711.cfm Our cap-gains tax law is great if managed well. [Original.]

Wednesday 20:42 · @pkedrosky It's OK, most of us were watching hockey. Thanks for holding the fort against the emotionalists. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Wednesday 23:49 · Pink edges: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/06/01/Tulip [Original.]

Thursday 00:09 · Got a DNG full of gentle bokeh and every jpg converter I have including Lightroom inserts obvious discontinuities in the shading. Feaugh. [Original.]

Thursday 09:52 · I'll be speaking at the Seattle Android meetup on Monday 6th, www.meetup.com/Seattle-Android-Developers/events/17016708/ - drop on by! [Original.]

Thursday 10:07 · I really do like the notion of SecretSocial. Cool address too: https://shh.sh [Original.]

Thursday 12:36 · Nick Carr: “the mounting backlash against the Net's cultural hegemony” www.roughtype.com/archives/2011/06/get_on_my_lawn.php [Original.]

Thursday 12:56 · schema.org (googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/introducing-schemaorg-search-engines.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FMKuf+(Official+Google+Blog)) “a common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages”. Feels like 1996. [Original.]

Thursday 14:52 · @dangillmor Write down the pain somewhere, I'll try to get it in front of the right people [Original, responding to @dangillmor.]

Thursday 15:01 · 10 1-liners in CoffeeScript ricardo.cc/2011/06/02/10-CoffeeScript-One-Liners-to-Impress-Your-Friends.html, Scala, solog.co/47/10-scala-one-liners-to-impress-your-friends/, and Ruby programmingzen.com/2011/06/02/10-ruby-one-liners-to-impress-your-friends/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ZenAndTheArtOfRubyProgramming+(Zen+and+the+Art+of+Programming)&utm_content=livedoor Which turns your crank? [Original.]

Thursday 15:11 · I mean, it's just fucking coupons. #amIcrazyOrAreTheyCrazy [Original.]

Thursday 16:35 · @JeniT what... the markup is extensible?! What will they think of next? [Original, responding to @JeniT.]

Thursday 19:19 · More good reporting from Israel: prospect.org/cs/articles?article=hiding_in_plain_sight [Original.]

Thursday 19:22 · Universal taxonomy of everything: schema.org/docs/full.html [Original.]

Thursday 19:31 · @raphscallion Is there anything that isn't? [Original, responding to @raphscallion.]

Thursday 20:31 · "@zenjournalist: I just officially resigned from Reuters, so that I can publish a very important story on Thailand they refused to run." [Original.]

Thursday 23:02 · @brentsimmons Fascination Street [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Thursday 23:13 · I've got these ugly half-implemented +1 goobers on my blog now. And people are clicking on them. “For What It’s Worth” lyrics in my head. [Original.]

Thursday 23:14 · I thought the Swedish movies did the necessary. Still; cool trailer: dragontattoo.com But, “Immigrant Song”?! [Original.]

Friday 10:32 · @mathewi Nah, the tweets will get there before TV does [Original, responding to @mathewi.]

Friday 12:39 · NetNewsWire’s future: daringfireball.net/2011/06/netnewswire_black_pixel Brent is one of my heroes, NNW one of my addictions. @theblackpixel: We're counting on you [Original.]

Friday 14:52 · +1: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/06/02/Plus-one [Original.]

Friday 15:00 · +1 is like a symbolic tip jar. Or a doggie treat; “Good blogger! Have a +1” [Original.]

Friday 15:25 · @dhh You can give up that boring software gig and become a fulltime business bloviator! [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Friday 16:56 · Nope, don’t think I’m gonna let my 11-year old play Duke Nukem Forever. Nope. [Original.]

Friday 20:42 · “@michaelklishin: People, aha.betterexplained.com is seriously badass.” Uh, yeah. [Original.]

Saturday 20:28 · That’s some damn nice food, and damn nice HTML too: mycookingdiary.com/ [Original.]

Saturday 20:29 · @nelson Looking for a new typeface for my blog, and 100% totally paralyzed by the abundance of choices. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Saturday 23:12 · Moving 119G of photographs (that's all of them) from one disk to another. I thought these “disk” thingies were supposed to be fast. [Original.]

Saturday 23:54 · Faces are full of stories. [Original.]

Sunday 00:32 · MozART GROUP Eine Kleine Welt Musik: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeSAjOcoGgU [Original.]

Sunday 01:14 · @romainguy Le seul photoblog Franco-Arizonien, je crois. Mais “le hosting”?! But the picture is wonderful. [Original, responding to @romainguy.]

Sunday 01:17 · Colonne de lumière: www.gameblog.fr/blogs/romainguy/ [Original.]

Sunday 01:19 · Just a part of a rocking chair: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/06/05/Rocking-Chair [Original.]

Sunday 09:14 · Had never heard of Meir Dagan, but he sounds like a wise man: www.nytimes.com/2011/06/04/world/middleeast/04mossad.html?_r=1&src=me&ref=world [Original.]

Sunday 09:33 · The Anatomy of a Notification: www.randsinrepose.com/archives/2011/06/05/the_anatomy_of_a_notification.html [Original.]

Sunday 09:34 · How do I get a turntable.fm invite? [Original.]

Sunday 09:51 · @kellan Thanks [Original, responding to @kellan.]

Sunday 11:32 · @AGrunewald Yeah, known bug, fix in the pipeline [Original, responding to @AGrunewald.]

Sunday 11:47 · @brixen Well, aim when you flame :) “java” is not useful as a target, these days. [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Sunday 11:49 · @obie I wouldn't assume any risk by investing in their creation if they've reduced their own risk to zero. [Original, responding to @obie.]

Sunday 11:50 · @danbri Androids (and iPhones too, right?) already have push notifications, nicely integrated into both browser & apps. [Original, responding to @danbri.]

Sunday 11:53 · @brixen Conflating “java” with “Enterprise IT culture” is not a useful way to think about it. Those guys’ problems are culture not tech. [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Sunday 12:01 · @brixen Given the culture, if they switched to Ruby tomorrow they'd still do stupid things with it. [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Sunday 13:47 · “The number of actual real people among new followers was well over half” www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/06/05/Twitter-Litter [Original.]

Sunday 15:06 · @doriantaylor Let’s go shopping! [Original, responding to @doriantaylor.]

Sunday 16:00 · @rob_pike There are Web frameworks with nice programming models. You're pretty well stuck with text though. Some of us don't mind that. [Original, responding to @rob_pike.]

Sunday 16:50 · @pamelafox There are bookmarklets for URL shorteners. I use goo.gl but for others too. [Original, responding to @pamelafox.]

Sunday 20:28 · Complete Bach organ works, free: www.openculture.com/2010/11/a_big_bach_download.html [Original.]

Sunday 20:35 · WSJ: When the demonstrators tried to penetrate a barbed-wire barrier... snipers opened fire at their lower bodies online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304474804576366973385341118.html?mod=WSJ_hp_MIDDLETopStories [Original.]

Sunday 20:36 · Seems to me it's not OK to gun down unarmed demonstrators because where they're coming from is a brutal dictatorship. [Original.]

Sunday 20:50 · @lordB8r Easy. It's wrong to gun down unarmed people. End of story. [Original, responding to @lordB8r.]

Sunday 21:11 · People tweeting back as to why it's OK to shoot down unarmed protestors. "They hate us". "They ignored warnings." Contemptible. [Original.]

Sunday 21:32 · @rich_kilmer I just don't believe it's acceptable to kill unarmed demonstrators. Obviously many disagree. [Original, responding to @rich_kilmer.]

Sunday 21:42 · @evanphx It's worth reading: online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304474804576366973385341118.html?mod=WSJ_hp_MIDDLETopStories [Original, responding to @evanphx.]

Sunday 21:53 · @rich_kilmer Not optimistic about Syria. No sign of army splitting from dictator :( [Original, responding to @rich_kilmer.]

Sunday 21:58 · @unclebobmartin For example? [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

Sunday 22:11 · @GreatDismal That's ooooooold geek jargon. What IBM used to do to discourage consideration of alternatives. Eighties or even older. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Sunday 22:42 · @unclebobmartin hmmm, neither Ruby nor Clojure feel essentially simpler than Java to me. I vastly prefer R&C, but still. [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

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