Week ending Sunday 2011/05/29

Monday 08:23 · "A negative consumption externality of the soul": blogs.hbr.org/haque/2011/05/the_opulence_bubble.html [Original.]

Monday 08:24 · "Hold your damn tablet the right way up." www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/05/22/Portrait-Mode [Original.]

Monday 09:25 · @dervalah Ooooh, that's a hot red bundle of Italian sex appeal. [Original, responding to @dervalah.]

Monday 22:50 · Archiver’s Intimations: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/05/23/Intimations [Original.]

Tuesday 10:36 · Looks to me like devoxx.com/ is now maybe the world's premiere Java/server-side/interesting-software conference [Original.]

Tuesday 11:00 · Every .dmg now has this silly drag-the-app-to-the-Apps-symlink thingie... shouldn't that be automated? [Original.]

Tuesday 11:37 · Hah, @hfiguiere, Fireball and Hacker News'ed too. Bah, my server doesn't even breathe hard, see www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/03/18/Baking-ongoing [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Tuesday 12:15 · @jsnell I like 4:3 when reading books, 16:9 for movies & games. We need a tablet with a slide-out screen... [Original, responding to @jsnell.]

Tuesday 20:08 · Hey, Android apps on Windows. I guess that must be, um, good... allthingsd.com/20110524/startup-bluestacks-raises-cash-to-bring-android-apps-to-windows-pcs/ [Original.]

Tuesday 20:35 · @headius Definitely too harsh if he screams enough to bring law enforcement... I wouldn't have lasted a half-hour. [Original, responding to @headius.]

Tuesday 21:22 · Pretty good hockey game. #canucks [Original.]

Tuesday 21:26 · New Boris record "Attention Please" not for sale anywhere I can find as an uncompressed download. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:28 · Yes, of course audiophile values apply to Japanese guitar grunge. Why do you ask? [Original.]

Tuesday 21:34 · Hah, @brodie points me to www.junodownload.com/products/attention-please/1739401-02/ Never heard of Juno before... [Original, responding to @brodie.]

Tuesday 23:38 · So, Boris’ “Attention Please” is a total masterpiece. Go get it. If you're an audiophile you need the uncompressed version. [Original.]

Tuesday 23:53 · Boris’ “Attention Please” is a masterpiece. Also an audiophile classic but that’s secondary. [Original.]

Wednesday 08:55 · You can listen to that Boris record I liked so much at music.aol.com/new-releases-full-cds/spinner#/9 (part after the # varies) [Original.]

Wednesday 10:43 · OK, I work here, but that 48-hours-of-video-every-minute YouTube figure, wow. Words fail me. #BoilingTheOcean [Original.]

Wednesday 10:54 · @bobdc Specifically, they said it wasn't "real" hypertext. I remember well. [Original, responding to @bobdc.]

Wednesday 12:19 · Unusually positive take on the future of WinPhone7. www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2011/may/25/windows-phone-future-bright-smartphones I too think it's got a real chance. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:15 · Google Correlate is just amazing, check out the Drawing search: correlate.googlelabs.com/draw (via @cdibona) [Original.]

Wednesday 14:29 · @brentsimmons Well, I'm a UUID. So there. [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Wednesday 19:54 · Occasional weirdness in my mac could be explained as symptoms of an SSD going bad. But that couldn't happen, right? [Original.]

Thursday 08:35 · Hey, there's a "Basic Instructions" Android app: [Original.]

Thursday 08:39 · Aaaand, it's back to the 1970s. The BareMetal OS, soon to have basic TCP/IP support: www.returninfinity.com/baremetal.html Actually looks kind of cool. [Original.]

Thursday 08:57 · @infil00p You got a nasty one there, Joe. Blank faces all around. I've felt STL pain for decades... [Original, responding to @infil00p.]

Thursday 09:05 · Loving Asymco's mobile data aggregation/viz: www.asymco.com/2011/05/26/a-new-mobile-phone-market-index/ [Original.]

Thursday 10:00 · @infil00p Please make sure you publish your discoveries. [Original, responding to @infil00p.]

Thursday 10:39 · @kevinmarks Yep, the Joyent guys have that working. [Original, responding to @kevinmarks.]

Thursday 11:52 · Lines ratio (legal / code) = 6.0 at download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/getStarted/application/examples/HelloWorldApp.java Can you top that? [Original.]

Thursday 12:52 · An Adequate Boy. #lessinterestingbooks [Original.]

Thursday 13:43 · One Lunch Hour in the Life of Ivan Denisovich #lessinterestingbooks [Original.]

Thursday 13:52 · Building Android apps in Scala: robots.thoughtbot.com/post/5836463058/scala-a-better-java-for-android [Original.]

Thursday 14:16 · rvm: Excellent! https://rvm.beginrescueend.com/ [Original.]

Thursday 15:00 · @kk Eloi and Morlocks from here on in, y'mean? [Original, responding to @kk.]

Thursday 15:22 · @jsnell Pity that Rose was such a prick because, damn, could he ever play baseball [Original, responding to @jsnell.]

Thursday 15:23 · @sogrady You misunderstand: If you're in the south, you shouldn't *want* to go into the city [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Thursday 15:56 · import android.app.Activity class Main < Activity def onCreate(state) super state setContentView R.layout.main end end # smiles [Original.]

Thursday 16:13 · Cool-looking jobs (incl Android dev) in Berlin, a cool city: amenhq.com/jobs/ [Original.]

Thursday 16:34 · @sulli_ca Lotsa excellent mobile-focused stuff, cross-platform. Not much pure-android that I know of [Original, responding to @sulli_ca.]

Thursday 17:00 · @sulli_ca meetup is your friend. There are android meetups and mobile meetups and so on [Original, responding to @sulli_ca.]

Thursday 19:04 · @infil00p Did you win? [Original, responding to @infil00p.]

Thursday 20:03 · @timoreilly Doesn't work for me either, but on the other hand it's 2 clicks under prefs to turn off. [Original, responding to @timoreilly.]

Thursday 20:03 · @MargaretAtwood Lady Prognosticator #lessinterestingbooks [Original, responding to @MargaretAtwood.]

Thursday 20:23 · RT @morrildl: Scientists make major breakthrough in Cute Theory, demonstrate weaponized version: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw4KVoEVcr0 [Original.]

Thursday 22:02 · Harry Potter and the Goblet of Pepsi #lessinterestingbooks [Original.]

Thursday 22:04 · Poking around inside a broken Rakefile. "The solution to everything is another level of indirection..." *dies* [Original.]

Thursday 23:21 · Nucks: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/05/26/Nucks [Original.]

Friday 09:12 · #followfriday twitter.com/timbray/favorites [Original.]

Friday 15:03 · Screw Hashbangs: Building the Ultimate Infinite Scroll tumbledry.org/2011/05/12/screw_hashbangs_building (via @newsycombinator) [Original.]

Friday 16:43 · @sogrady Similarly, there are some blog typos that are absolutely invisible until I hit publish [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Saturday 22:27 · @nearwalden unfortunately, they're toast [Original, responding to @nearwalden.]

Saturday 22:35 · RT @hashbangs: Nobody loves me. Fuck it all. [Original.]

Sunday 10:36 · RT @patricksmith04: Surfers brave the "biggest day ever" at world's craziest wave: Tasmania's Shipstern Bluff | www.grindtv.com/surf/blog/27243/surfers+brave+the+biggest+day+ever+at+worlds+craziest+wave+tasmanias+shipstern+bluff/ [Original.]

Sunday 11:13 · @aaronsw Of course, you had to watch *every* episode to have drawn that conclusion [Original, responding to @aaronsw.]

Sunday 11:14 · @dangillmor Only took me part of an afternoon to amputate a few hundred faux friends rationalize. But I still don't use it much. [Original, responding to @dangillmor.]

Sunday 13:53 · @fridgebuzz Chrome's really about getting people to use the Net more. Seems to be working [Original, responding to @fridgebuzz.]

Sunday 16:16 · @fridgebuzz Chrome's pushing browser to do more, better/faster. Others will keep up; net thus better for all. G wants everyone online. [Original, responding to @fridgebuzz.]

Sunday 17:52 · Got an invite to do some Android talks in Hebron and Gaza. Wow! Sched won't work *sob* [Original.]

Sunday 17:53 · @jbqueru Leave it till Tuesday, man. This is a marathon, not a sprint. [Original, responding to @jbqueru.]

Sunday 19:22 · This "quantified self" thing strikes me as a complex way of missing the essential point. [Original.]

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