Week ending Sunday 2011/05/15

Monday 12:19 · Rehearsal madness at Moscone #io2011 [Original.]

Monday 13:41 · Where's a good place in San Francisco to watch the #canucks game? [Original.]

Monday 13:57 · Cool shoes: twitpic.com/4vmo9t [Original.]

Monday 15:02 · RT @googleio: Surprise! Seats released for #io2011 at $550. Valid online to the first 100 people to visit www.google-io.com. [Original.]

Monday 15:03 · Use the reg code "LMz2HsA" [Original.]

Wednesday 09:35 · I hear there are people out there trying to get shit done without having live shared cloud docs everywhere. So weird. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:03 · As usual, Chrome out-markets the rest of Google put together. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:08 · www.ro.me [Original.]

Wednesday 10:35 · Ooooooh Chrome [Original.]

Wednesday 10:55 · Chromebook pricing: $28/head/month, incl software & hardware & updates of both. Insane. #io2011 [Original.]

Wednesday 11:03 · @gruber Nobody knows. Seriously. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Thursday 00:18 · Hey Adobe, please make Lightroom faster. Kthksby [Original.]

Thursday 21:34 · Can't quite get in tune with ro.me but it's a fascinating effort [Original.]

Thursday 22:16 · Wikipedia wonderment: goo.gl/9QtJB and goo.gl/5dScV [Original.]

Friday 08:02 · Pictures of I/O: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/05/12/IO [Original.]

Friday 22:26 · Writing away furiously on my Northern Voice preso for tomorrow. Hey... it'll be fresh. #nv11 [Original.]

Saturday 09:43 · Coming at ya from Northern Voice, #nv11 - really different from #io2011. Wouldn't want to miss either. [Original.]

Saturday 11:07 · At #nv11, discovered 2 hyperlocal cultures built on Twitter hashtags: #newwest and #yvrshoots. What a world we live in. [Original.]

Saturday 11:29 · What would you save? www.guardian.co.uk/environment/gallery/2011/may/12/martin-parr-floods#/?picture=374457514&index=0 [Original.]

Saturday 14:12 · @anildash I've had the songs on Marley's "Natty Dread" work for several children, mine and others. [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Saturday 20:28 · Commenter: "We maybe all old men but maybe just one more time" www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=2062934499515&oid=5660597307 [Original.]

Sunday 09:31 · Found a roll of Ektachrome at the back of a dusty shelf. [Original.]

Sunday 13:38 · Fisk's 1944 maps of the Mississippi river: www.somebits.com/weblog/culture/fisk-mississippi-maps.html (by @nelson) [Original.]

Sunday 13:47 · Wow, still seats for tonight's #canucks game. A pair of good ones, row 20, for $1,362. No links to ticketmaster from me though. [Original.]

Sunday 14:29 · "The Strange Alchemy of the Settlements" prospect.org/cs/articles?article=the_strange_alchemy_of_the_settlements The best MidEast writing is by those who live there. [Original.]

Sunday 20:34 · Pure musical invention pleasure: seawitchery.tumblr.com/post/4070384205/i-started-out-clicking-strategically-and-by-the [Original.]

Sunday 20:49 · @mattcutts Awright awright I bought it. (On Kobo not Kindle... Kobo has lots more books at least in Canada) [Original, responding to @mattcutts.]

Sunday 22:24 · If you somehow missed Paul Simon pulling a fan onstage to play “Duncan,” watch it. Watch it again. www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2011/05/14/136305513/paul-simon-and-a-moment-of-pure-sobbing-joy?sc=fb&cc=fp (via @GlennF) [Original.]

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