Week ending Sunday 2011/05/01

Monday 07:27 · @pragdave So, the Web is over, then? [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Monday 08:16 · NDP surge, Liberal misfire, Tory majority. #notWhatTheDoctorOrdered #cdnpoli [Original.]

Monday 08:28 · @pragdave The future, then, is iOS & Android & WP7 apps? #iOnlyBelieveThisOnAlternateTuesdays [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Monday 08:30 · @terrycreative Easy enough to change it to "a:" [Original, responding to @terrycreative.]

Monday 09:31 · @dhh The browser became the dominant delivery platform because *ordinary people like it*. That hasn't changed, I think. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Monday 10:17 · Gosh, when you erroneously type "cal 211" into a shell, massive confusion ensues. [Original.]

Monday 10:55 · @pkedrosky On the other hand, he provides ammo to atheists: "See, sez here it's inconsistent to believe in God but not hell." [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Monday 14:06 · @dhh Actually not simple in any meaningful sense of the word. But that doesn't weaken the argument. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Monday 15:25 · @lrz www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2005/11/12/Resume-Blues [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Monday 17:43 · Gonna be a lot of Android devs at #googleio heartbroken because they can only be in one place at a time. Strong tracks. [Original.]

Monday 20:19 · @bascule The CIO is always the last to know [Original, responding to @bascule.]

Monday 20:20 · @lukec We have a cottage round the corner from Plumper, drop by sometime [Original, responding to @lukec.]

Monday 20:34 · @lukec Damn good idea. No boat, ferry/taxi. Happy to host. Didn't know @davidascher was on Gambier. [Original, responding to @lukec.]

Tuesday 12:30 · Merchant Sales Reports on Android Market: android-developers.blogspot.com/ [Original.]

Tuesday 19:27 · Torres' strategy is to intimidate Hawks via overwhelming ugliness. #game7 [Original.]

Tuesday 20:37 · Push-back on Web typography: skeletonformes.org/ Typographically, um, unconventional itself. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:05 · #3venge [Original.]

Wednesday 08:32 · What's the right number of mobile platforms? www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/04/25/Mobility [Original.]

Wednesday 08:58 · @amblin No... which version? On the CR48 you mean? [Original, responding to @amblin.]

Wednesday 09:03 · @amblin Any chance you could shoot me a screenie? twbray at G [Original, responding to @amblin.]

Wednesday 10:09 · @amblin Wow, that's hideous. Gotta find me a linux box that's not an Android... [Original, responding to @amblin.]

Wednesday 11:40 · Ewww, someone must've stepped on my Chrome, it's squished flat. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:43 · @fivethirtyeight NHL playoffs, of course. [Original, responding to @fivethirtyeight.]

Wednesday 12:17 · RT @smerrell: I, for one, welcome our new flattened Chrome overlords. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:55 · @VanCanucks #wins5to8 #step2of4 #depredation [Original, responding to @VanCanucks.]

Wednesday 20:19 · This election is full of surprises: calgarygrit.blogspot.com/2011/04/your-daily-seat-projections_27.html #cdnpoli [Original.]

Wednesday 20:29 · No, OS X, it's not OK to just randomly lose my keyboard preferences. [Original.]

Thursday 00:18 · Damn clever, and unlike anything I've seen: hobolobo.net/ (via www.linesandcolors.comhttp/www.linesandcolors.com/) [Original.]

Thursday 00:25 · Been playing a desultory hour of Portal2 here, another there. Beautiful but less story-arc intensity than P1. Funny is good though. [Original.]

Thursday 07:33 · Both my Mac & my Tab are running dog-slow & I can't see why in either case. Bleargh. [Original.]

Thursday 15:27 · Just got my first video call on my Nexus S. Pity that it was about a hideous Google IO sched problem. [Original.]

Thursday 17:45 · Well, hello there @mirahlang [Original, responding to @mirahlang.]

Thursday 17:46 · @evanphx Happens all the time these days on Maui & the Big Island; they seem to be coming back [Original, responding to @evanphx.]

Thursday 20:43 · Convergence in the SLR world: shutterfinger.typepad.com/shutterfinger/2011/04/available-light-shootout-pentax-k-5-vs-nikon-d7000.html (I'm a Pentax guy myself.) [Original.]

Friday 08:13 · Eagle Glass: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/04/29/Eagles [Original.]

Friday 16:03 · Aaaaaaaand, that's all the IO rehearsals for this week. My brain feels like wet kleenex. [Original.]

Friday 16:13 · To be clear: listening to rehearsals of other peoples' talks & feeding back. Several per day every day. [Original.]

Friday 19:49 · Borked its/it's at The Economist blog. We live in the End Times. [Original.]

Friday 22:19 · Certain pages at ReadWriteWeb reliably cause Safari to inflate slowly till OS X grinds to a halt. [Original.]

Friday 22:29 · @codinghorror Been using C for logged-into-G stuff, S for the rest. Convenient. But S feeling fragile these days. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Friday 23:13 · Took a hard-thrown baseball in the shin about 5 hours ago. The swelling and pain are shocking. [Original.]

Saturday 01:18 · @brixen Rephrase as "VM & libraries interesting, language blecch." Better? [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Saturday 09:25 · @Padmasree Based on raw traffic, wordpress.com & blogger.com would be obvious candidates. [Original, responding to @Padmasree.]

Saturday 10:06 · My fave British-hoopla antidote, so far: punkvideos.tumblr.com/post/5036038187/sex-pistols-god-save-the-queen-not-the-finest [Original.]

Saturday 10:10 · Economist says (www.economist.com/node/18620784?story_id=18620784) Canada "will need a prime minister with a majority". Huh? Assertion unsupported by evidence. [Original.]

Saturday 11:14 · The “book” is dead: diveintomark.org/archives/2011/04/29/the-book-is-dead [Original.]

Saturday 11:34 · Anyone but Harper: www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/anyone-but-harper-a-dissenting-endorsement/article2005395/ Damn straight. [Original.]

Saturday 17:27 · Suspecting the pollsters are on drugs. Those numbers out of Québec just look loopy. #cdnpoli [Original.]

Sunday 09:34 · Weirdest Canadian election in my lifetime. Prediction: We're all gonna be up late Monday. #cdnpoli [Original.]

Sunday 11:01 · Nice Sunday-morning love letter to the Web and all true: www.hyperorg.com/blogger/2011/05/01/a-big-question/ [Original.]

Sunday 11:09 · OH: Harper seems to have tapped into a deep political vein of "Fuck you!" [Original.]

Sunday 11:42 · Think any of these would work for my blog? www.google.com/webfonts/ [Original.]

Sunday 11:51 · @jon_ellis ? I'm looking at it in Safari. [Original, responding to @jon_ellis.]

Sunday 12:11 · Really damn good #cdnpoli campaign overview from Rick Mercer: www2.macleans.ca/2011/04/28/is-stephen-harper-a-hologram/ [Original.]

Sunday 12:20 · @pelegri They secretly are trying to drive us all to BitTorrent [Original, responding to @pelegri.]

Sunday 12:36 · @diveintomark OMG. Thanks. There are too many choices, I'm feeling paralyzed. [Original, responding to @diveintomark.]

Sunday 13:03 · @pkeane Yeah, I kinda liked Cantarell [Original, responding to @pkeane.]

Sunday 13:04 · @diveintomark Also liked Puritan [Original, responding to @diveintomark.]

Sunday 14:58 · I'm voting for @DonDavies tomorrow in Vancouver Kingsway. First time I've ever been part of a political surge, feels odd. [Original.]

Sunday 15:05 · @colbycosh Apparently that dog just won't hunt. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Sunday 15:15 · @LinkTiger well, pure first-past-the-post always gets weird in a multiparty situation. We do overweight rural votes though. [Original, responding to @LinkTiger.]

Sunday 16:13 · @__tosh Been using Courier New Bold for lo these many years. [Original, responding to @__tosh.]

Sunday 19:40 · Kinda worried. Thought @DonDavies had Kingsway kinda locked up, but the Liberals' ground game has been all over us; NDP invisible. #cdnpoli [Original.]

Sunday 20:55 · The world is better without UBL but the celebration outside the White House nauseates me. [Original.]

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