Week ending Sunday 2010/06/27

Monday 10:47 · Future-Proofing Your App: android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/06/future-proofing-your-app.html by @retomeier. Dear developers: this is important. [Original.]

Monday 11:59 · What death looks like: www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/06/20/bc-grizzly-charge-leon-lorenz.html [Original.]

Monday 18:58 · Failing to understand Quora [Original.]

Tuesday 07:31 · If it were possible to toss Ars a quick 50 cents or so for the privilege of reading a multi-page opus in one shot, I'd do it. [Original.]

Tuesday 07:33 · #uru & #mex are putting on a show. Unhappily, I have to get on an airplane. #worldcup [Original.]

Tuesday 15:03 · We're doing a thing at OSCON: android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/06/hands-on-at-oscon.html [Original.]

Tuesday 22:01 · Android 2.2, vampire-enabled: developer.android.com/guide/topics/resources/providing-resources.html#NightQualifier (via @cyngus & @romainguy) [Original.]

Wednesday 08:08 · Watching #usa - #alg on the BIG-screen at the 'plex surrounded by USA supporters. Big screen nice but pixels too fat. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:20 · Lotsa Android news: 160K devices/day, open-source drop in progress, new handset on Verizon: mashable.com/2010/06/23/new-droid/ [Original.]

Wednesday 14:09 · Android 2.2 source code lands: android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/06/froyo-code-drop.html [Original.]

Wednesday 14:24 · Wow, summary judgment in YouTube/Viacom case: googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/youtube-wins-case-against-viacom.html [Original.]

Wednesday 15:45 · Google feature request: [ x ] Hide decaying web tutorials from the mid-90's from my search results. (via @mezzoblue) [Original.]

Wednesday 17:19 · Hey, Tweetie updated, I can post from it again; wonder if I'll ever point my browser at twitter.com again? [Original.]

Wednesday 21:09 · @meejeet Congrats on your escape. [Original, responding to @meejeet.]

Wednesday 22:11 · Hateos: Greek god of pedantic API dorks. (via @b6n) [Original.]

Thursday 09:13 · I'm totally a Web guy, but huge VC rounds for JavaScript frameworks still strike me as weird: techcrunch.com/2010/06/23/sencha-html5-funding-sequoia/ (via @dhh) [Original.]

Thursday 10:44 · I've never really wanted a Playstation, but this might change that: arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2010/06/first-footage-of-studio-ghiblilevel-5-game-looks-gorgeous.ars [Original.]

Thursday 13:45 · en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disambiguation_(disambiguation) (via @psd) [Original.]

Thursday 14:29 · @codinghorror Seriously, the question is open. Coming to believe that dots-per-radian is the interesting measure. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Thursday 14:40 · @BadCaseOfDaWins And the difference is, aside from unit of denominator? [Original, responding to @BadCaseOfDaWins.]

Thursday 15:32 · Q: What's a Peek? A: Palestinian geek. www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=65746&id=107863902595087#!/photo.php?pid=71379&id=107863902595087&fbid=110449879003156 [Original.]

Thursday 15:46 · One indie mobile developer's story: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/06/23/Derek-James-Polyclef [Original.]

Friday 09:07 · “As of now, I’m never paying for Internet in a hotel or airport again” www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/06/25/If-You-Travel-a-Lot [Original.]

Friday 09:42 · See @bwjones on display rez, prometheus.med.utah.edu/~bwjones/2010/06/apple-retina-display/ - argues ~287dpi is threshold density. [Original.]

Friday 13:21 · Hah, I *knew* I'd recently read a convincing prediction that videophony wouldn't take off. DFW: kottke.org/10/06/david-foster-wallace-on-iphone-4s-facetime (via @gruber) [Original.]

Friday 14:07 · Subclipse... there's gotta be a way to get a diff on a file showing the little star. What is it? [Original.]

Friday 14:15 · Answer to my question: right-click Compare With? (via @guelo) (on NetBeans it's right-click->subversion->diff) [Original.]

Saturday 08:14 · The way #uru is hanging back is disgraceful. Not particularly a fan of either but now hoping #kor scores. #worldcup [Original.]

Saturday 11:58 · A half-hour in, #gha is cleanly outplaying #usa. I like both teams. #worldcup [Original.]

Saturday 12:47 · World says "thanks" to #usa & #gha for good attacking 2-way football. #worldcup [Original.]

Saturday 12:49 · @xmlhack Hey, I write my opinions. In my opinion, that was disgraceful. But #uru earned their win. [Original, responding to @xmlhack.]

Saturday 12:56 · Youth choir in NOLA finds itself jammin' with Lenny: www.twitvid.com/801PL [Original.]

Saturday 14:15 · Fair result. I'm a Black Stars fan now, but Uruguay is tough... #worldcup [Original.]

Saturday 14:20 · Empirically, Black Bloc tactics succeed in grabbing media attention. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_bloc [Original.]

Sunday 00:08 · You expect the Black Bloc to be attention-seeking children. You expect the police to be responsible grown-ups. Sigh. [Original.]

Sunday 00:14 · Toronto media (Star/Globe) doing hot human-voiced live-blogging of the Toronto Travesty. Maybe there's hope for 'em. [Original.]

Sunday 00:26 · Dog vs. Vuvuzela - Dog Wins. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqv4Vviod0c (via @morilldl) [Original.]

Sunday 00:32 · Absolutely astounding photographs of today in Toronto: thestar.blogs.com/photoblog/2010/06/peaceful-beginings-violent-ending-as-g20-protests-grip-toronto.html [Original.]

Sunday 07:32 · Looks like the revolution *will* be televised. Or at least YouTubed. www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOjGdvju-po [Original.]

Sunday 07:43 · Next world cup, can we have professional officials please? [Original.]

Sunday 08:24 · I'm underwhelmed by the #ger defense. Might get past #eng then get carved up by #arg or #bra. [Original.]

Sunday 10:21 · Message from police: riot and we'll clear out and leave you to it; protest and we'll use excessive force to arrest you. (via @fridgebuzz) [Original.]

Sunday 22:11 · They're calling it "The Oh Canada Incident": www.youtube.com/watch?v=Heb9BXjYcII Is this my country? [Original.]

Sunday 22:13 · CBC Radio 2: Remembering to play Hüsker Dü occasionally, so you don't have to. [Original.]

Sunday 22:23 · @spam check out @suddenly_LALA [Original, responding to @suddenly_LALA.]

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