Week ending Sunday 2010/05/23

Monday 06:21 · My personal HTML5-ish future: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/05/15/Video-Publishing [Original.]

Monday 07:21 · Headin' south for I/O. Fun is predicted. [Original.]

Monday 07:27 · @sogrady My time is not my own, but I'll try; presumably I'll free up before you guys get tired. [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Monday 07:44 · Argh 8:10 YVR→SFO now 9:30, usual SFO weather fragility. There go my plans. [Original.]

Monday 08:03 · Glancing at my server log, I see "cache.linkpimp.net". No idea what they are, but you gotta love that domain. [Original.]

Monday 08:09 · Is there a better way to detect a Palm Pre than just "Pre/" in the user-agent? Seems kinda fragile. [Original.]

Monday 08:27 · I think I just updated that video post for Palm Pre. Anyone out there want to try and let me know? [Original.]

Monday 08:30 · @paulsmith Very good, webOS feels less fragile. [Original, responding to @paulsmith.]

Monday 08:32 · @anildash Recommended: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ritchie_Blackmore%27s_Rainbow [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Monday 08:41 · Confirmed; video works on Palm. Thanks. [Original.]

Monday 09:15 · @usesthis If you can preserve the nice clean look, go for it [Original, responding to @usesthis.]

Tuesday 08:30 · Didn't know there was still a Hypercard community. Count them among the 3.3.1 victims. www.runrev.com/company/runrev-blog/revmobile-and-apples-iphone-sdk-agreement [Original.]

Tuesday 14:52 · The tag is #io2010 - just lurching into action with Bootcamp [Original.]

Tuesday 16:00 · @cote We're all Sensitive New Age Guys and Twenty-First Century Warrior Women, renaissance people, scholars, lovers, dancers. There ya go. [Original, responding to @cote.]

Tuesday 16:08 · Stand by... android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/05/stand-by.html [Original.]

Tuesday 16:22 · In the Go language session at #io2010 bootcamp; Java & C++ are such soft targets these days. [Original.]

Wednesday 00:13 · Trying Touiteur... very easy on the eyes. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:01 · At the #IO2010 keynote: tweetphoto.com/23069751 [Original.]

Wednesday 09:20 · Seems like HTML5 Apps necessarily have a menacing black background. #io2010 [Original.]

Wednesday 09:28 · #io2010 audience super responsive, laughing at every opportunity [Original.]

Wednesday 09:51 · Unity game engine is massively popular in the casual-game market #io2010 [Original.]

Wednesday 09:58 · This isn't really a Sports Illustrated demographic, but the app looks pretty cool. #IO2010 [Original.]

Wednesday 10:04 · As a photog, I gotta say that I totally loved the Sports Illustrated demo. #IO2010 [Original.]

Wednesday 10:15 · @etienneja demain [Original, responding to @etienneja.]

Wednesday 10:30 · Gotta say AT&T 3g is holding up like a champ at #IO2010 [Original.]

Wednesday 10:39 · Keynote summary: googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/google-io-2010-day-1-more-powerful-web.html [Original.]

Wednesday 11:16 · Reto's Android intro session at #io2010 is INSANELY jam-packed [Original.]

Wednesday 11:25 · Hey @dangillmor can we please converge on #io2010 ? [Original, responding to @dangillmor.]

Wednesday 14:24 · Tweetie on Mac is now identifying itself as "Twitter for iPhone". HUGE STINKING BUG please fix. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:16 · #io2010-er? come to @houseofshields tonight. no food, so it's an after dinner gig. start @8:30. stop by and say hi. w/ beers. (via @sogrady) [Original.]

Wednesday 17:31 · OH: "VP8 will live or die based on whether porn producers adopt it. I'm sorry, but it's true." [Original.]

Wednesday 17:40 · Being at I/O: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/05/19/IO [Original.]

Wednesday 18:39 · Just posted three short #io2010 videos over at the blog: www.tbray.org/ongoing/ [Original.]

Wednesday 19:32 · @james_clark worked OK for perl /python/Ruby etc [Original, responding to @james_clark.]

Thursday 06:41 · Won't use Tweetie any more; recommendations for an industrial-strength mac Twitter client? Not TweetDeck please. [Original.]

Thursday 06:49 · Nothing against Tweetie, I like it; I'll revisit it when it stops claiming to be coming from an iPhone. [Original.]

Thursday 06:58 · Also, for the record, nothing against iPhone; it's a great product. Only I don't carry one. [Original.]

Thursday 07:04 · Echofon won't do, I want to see people's real names, can't remember handles. [Original.]

Thursday 08:37 · scrolling androids at #io2010 keynote yfrog.com/j5dicz [Original.]

Thursday 08:38 · Opening #io2010 backdrop: yfrog.com/j5dicz [Original.]

Thursday 08:39 · Momentum: 60+ compatible devices #io2010 [Original.]

Thursday 08:41 · Momentum: 100k+ activations/day #io2010 [Original.]

Thursday 08:42 · Momentum: 1 billion miles navigated via maps #io2010 [Original.]

Thursday 08:42 · Urghh... now up: 22 demos #io2010 [Original.]

Thursday 08:43 · Announcing: Android 2.2, "Froyo" #io2010. Five pillars: [Original.]

Thursday 08:45 · Froyo pillar #1: Speed, via Dalvik JIT, 2-5x speedup on CPU-intensive stuff. Demo via Replica Island. Froyo holds 30+fps, Eclair can't [Original.]

Thursday 08:46 · #io2010 Froyo pillar #2: Enterprisey stuff. MS Exchange love, auto-discovery, security policies, device admin APIs. [Original.]

Thursday 08:49 · #io2010 Froyo Pillar #3: New APIs. 1. App data backup. 2. Cloud-to-device messaging API. Demo: Send directions from map to phone. Cool demo. [Original.]

Thursday 08:51 · #io2010 new Froyo APIs. Tethering and portable hot-spot. Demoing with an iPad. [Original.]

Thursday 08:53 · #io2010 Froyo pillar #4: Browser. V8 javascript in browser 2-3x faster. Demo: Froyo/Eclair/iPad, SunSpider. Results predictable. [Original.]

Thursday 08:56 · #io2010 post-Froyo HTML5 demo. Shows map rotating in browser based on phone rotation. Shows browser access to camera (oops, demo fart) [Original.]

Thursday 08:57 · Voice recognition demo: "Pictures of Barack Obama with the french president at the G8 summit". "of delgado vineyars, napa" [Original.]

Thursday 08:59 · (some of these are futures) "Call 5th floor restaurant". Shows accessing voice recognition from browser for G translate En-Fr [Original.]

Thursday 09:00 · #io2010 Froyo: Flash Player 10.1 public beta, AIR developer pre-release. [Original.]

Thursday 09:01 · Showing Nickelodeon Flash site running on a Nexus One. Pretty fast. [Original.]

Thursday 09:02 · #io2010 Froyo Pillar 5: Android Market 1. better search 2. search app data 3. Apps on SD card 4. update all apps at once & auto-update [Original.]

Thursday 09:04 · #io2010 shows off Need for Speed running off SD card. (I played it yesterday on the N1, it's cool) [Original.]

Thursday 09:04 · #io2010 Froyo 1. Update all apps, one button. 2. Allow auto-updating of all apps. [Original.]

Thursday 09:06 · #io2010 Froyo new API for feedback from crashed app back to developer. User gets strong privacy controls. Full stack trace. (Wild applause.) [Original.]

Thursday 09:07 · #io2010 Android marketplace via the web. [Original.]

Thursday 09:08 · #io2010 Buying an app in the market, direct transmit to phone. [Original.]

Thursday 09:09 · #io2010 new in the marketplace: Music. Picks a song, sends it to the phone over the air (wild applause) [Original.]

Thursday 09:11 · #io2010 Recently bought a company called Simplify, there'll a way to get music out of iTunes (didn't get the details) [Original.]

Thursday 09:13 · #io2010 Talking about advertising. Talking about flexible formats, measurement tools. analytics/adwords/adsense/double-click being extended [Original.]

Thursday 09:14 · #io2010 Showing "AdSense for Mobile Apps" - text ads being served into apps. Ads for apps leading into Market. [Original.]

Thursday 09:15 · #io2010 Also brand advertising. VW ad slides out when tapped, then goes away. Movie ad has a trailer you can play. [Original.]

Thursday 09:16 · #io2010 Demos click-to-call ad. If user has given location permission, ad can include call & map & directions. [Original.]

Thursday 09:17 · #io2010 Full-screen immersive ad in weather app... not from Google, from another online advertising co, served through DoubleClick. [Original.]

Thursday 09:18 · #io2010 Plugs google.com/mobileads Today opening up mobile adsense to conference attendees. [Original.]

Thursday 09:19 · #io2010 Showing off the the HTC EVO 4G. Huge screen, 4G, little kickstand, great battery, 720p videocam. [Original.]

Thursday 09:19 · #io2010 Everyone at the conf gets and Evo. (wild applause) [Original.]

Thursday 09:21 · #io2010 Brings up Rishi Chandra to talk futures.... Google TV. They're rolling a big TV on the stage. [Original.]

Thursday 09:22 · #io2010 Avg American spends 5hrs/day in front of the TV. 4B TV users world-wide. No better way to reach a lot of people. [Original.]

Thursday 09:23 · #io2010 Nice thing about TV is that you don't have to think about it and it doesn't change much. [Original.]

Thursday 09:25 · #io2010 Acknowledges that combining TV & the Web has been tried before. Claims key thing is to not dumb anything down. [Original.]

Thursday 09:27 · #io2010: Froyo launch blog post: android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/05/android-22-and-developers-goodies.html [Original.]

Thursday 09:28 · #io2010 Brings on Vincent Dureau, Google TV visionary. Turns on TV, get a lame-ass ad. [Original.]

Thursday 09:29 · #io2010 Switches channels, drops into channel guide. Vincent's got a universal remote with a QWERTY on his lap. It's a prototype. [Original.]

Thursday 09:30 · #io2010 Traversin the Dish network guide.Hard to find "next Giants game" or "who's got Seinfield reruns" [Original.]

Thursday 09:32 · #io2010 Web's model of finding things is the search box. Oops, demo fart... back. Brings up a search box right over the TV show. [Original.]

Thursday 09:33 · #io2010 Types in "msnbc", gets a result list including live TV channels, as well as stuff from Web. [Original.]

Thursday 09:33 · #io2010 types in "30 rock" - results include a show happening at 9:30 tonight, GTV will tell your DVR to record it. [Original.]

Thursday 09:35 · #io2010 Connection from remote to box is Bluetooth; having all sorts of demo problems with remote connection. [Original.]

Thursday 09:36 · #io2010 meanwhile, all sorts of hilarious low-rent daytime TV. [Original.]

Thursday 09:38 · #io2010 demo back... searches for "house", gets menu of stuff both from TV and episodes on the Web, Hulu & Amazon [Original.]

Thursday 09:39 · #io2010 Clicks on Amazon listing, amazon.com video now up on the screen [Original.]

Thursday 09:41 · #io2010 Showing GTV home screen. Bookmarks, apps, recordings, netflix, stations. Netflix suggestions. [Original.]

Thursday 09:43 · #io2010 Types a URL into the search bar, goes straight to youtube. It's a competent web browser (I've tried it myself, works fine) [Original.]

Thursday 09:47 · #io2010 has bookmarked "Elmo" search in Sesame Street. searches web, plays whitehouse.gov video on TV [Original.]

Thursday 09:49 · #io2010 puts up NBA game, puts it into a picture-in-picture mode while pulling up stats from Yahoo sports [Original.]

Thursday 09:53 · #io2010 Looking at Flickr on GTV. Claims your TV is the best photo-viewer in the house. Audience likes it. Also games, music, shopping [Original.]

Thursday 09:54 · #io2010 Vincent Dureau on how it works. GTV is a box that integrates with whatever you have. [Original.]

Thursday 09:56 · #io2010 GTV has WiFi, HDMI, IR blaster, good CPU/GPU/DSP, keyboard, pointer. Also can use your Android phone as a remote, can voice search. [Original.]

Thursday 09:58 · #io2010 Pushes a YouTube video from Android phone to TV. Will publish remote control protocol, so an Android app can control GTV. [Original.]

Thursday 09:59 · #io2010 GTV software 1. Android (currently 2.1) with over-the-air updates 2. Chrome browser 3. Flash 10.1 [Original.]

Thursday 10:01 · #io2010 Can run Android apps on the TV. Pulls up Android market. Any app that doesn't require phone-specific hardware should just work. [Original.]

Thursday 10:02 · #io2010 Runs Pandora Android app on GTV. [Original.]

Thursday 10:03 · #io2010 Pushes twitter app from Android Market in browser onto GTV [Original.]

Thursday 10:05 · #io2010 Availability: Android market & SDK delivery will lag the product. SDK will let you optimize apps for the TV screen. [Original.]

Thursday 10:06 · #io2010 GTV SDK will have APIs for navigating/controlling the TV; change channels, record, stream video, [Original.]

Thursday 10:08 · #io2010 YouTube GTV integration, lots of channels. [Original.]

Thursday 10:20 · #io2010 GTV will be open-sourced into the Android & Chrome trees. [Original.]

Thursday 10:21 · #io2010 GTV products from Sony & Logitech in fall 2010. Also special relationship with dish network. [Original.]

Thursday 10:22 · #io2010 timeline: Market, SDK, etc arrive early 2011. [Original.]

Thursday 10:23 · #io2010 Now on: Eric Schmidt: Been talking about this stuff for 20 years, WebTV was 10 years ago. We've been waiting a long time. [Original.]

Thursday 10:24 · #io2010 Schmidt: Lots of new tech, but harder to marry 50s tech with today's tech than we thought. [Original.]

Thursday 10:26 · #io2010 Tons o' CEOs: Intel, Sony, Best Buy, dish, Adobe, er missed one. [Original.]

Thursday 10:27 · #io2010 Otellini: Wrapped all sorts of multimedia add-ons around the Atom in the GTV. [Original.]

Thursday 10:30 · #io2010 Adobe CEO: Why Flash is good. [Original.]

Thursday 10:32 · #io2010 Stringer of Sony: "World's first Internet television". "Why we're being kissy with Best Buy..." "Launching this fall" [Original.]

Thursday 10:36 · #io2010 Quindlen of Logitech: We make a ton of remotes. Applause for "Harmony" remotes. WIll ship kbd+pointer+wifi device this year. [Original.]

Thursday 10:38 · #io2010 Ergen of Dish: Give customers what they want, even if they don't know what it is. We'll provide a superior GTV experience. [Original.]

Thursday 10:39 · #io2010 Ergen of Dish: Interesting stuff about ad analytics. Hadn't thought of that one. [Original.]

Thursday 10:41 · #io2010 Dunn of Best Buy: Importance of Christmas shopping season. "Smart TV", properly demonstrated/explained, is a new category. [Original.]

Thursday 10:46 · #io2010 That's all, you'll be happy to hear. [Original.]

Thursday 16:48 · @sgillies I promise to get in trouble in the near future. [Original, responding to @sgillies.]

Friday 08:21 · In the Google cafeteria early on Friday, AC/DC "Highway to Hell". Seems wrong somehow. [Original.]

Friday 08:43 · Considering the total global net productivity loss from people playing Pacman at Google.com. [Original.]

Friday 13:45 · Android 2.2 details at developer.android.com/sdk/android-2.2.html - download SDK/NDK at developer.android.com/sdk/index.html [Original.]

Friday 13:48 · I like and admire Sam Ruby a whole lot... despite his deplorable taste in typography: intertwingly.net/blog/2010/05/21/Gourmand-with-a-Touch-of-Tangerine [Original.]

Friday 17:50 · Really enjoying the gently world-weary Army-chaplain Doonesbury sequence this week. [Original.]

Friday 17:53 · Laughing out loud; in Android 2.2, the android.util.Log class has a "wtf" method: developer.android.com/reference/android/util/Log.html#wtf(java.lang.String,%20java.lang.String) [Original.]

Friday 21:21 · @brentsimmons 42, silly. [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

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