Week ending Sunday 2010/01/31

Monday 16:22 · Is O'Reilly Answers a nascent StackOverflow competitor? answers.oreilly.com/ [Original.]

Monday 20:20 · @dailyshoot Arts & Crafts www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4305825650/ #ds71 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Monday 22:35 · Boiled human hearts for breakfast: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/25/Teachable-Moments [Original.]

Monday 23:37 · "Can recognize the faces of cats and dogs" www.dpreview.com/news/1001/10012505pentaxoptioi10.asp [Original.]

Monday 23:47 · I want to coax XML or JSON out of dailyshoot.com so I can weave it into my blog. Accept headers don't seem to do it. [Original.]

Tuesday 00:00 · Beautiful Wikipedia entry of the day: Dune en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dune [Original.]

Tuesday 00:11 · @henry_maddocks It's on github, the right thing to do would be just fix it, but hey, let's try asking first. [Original, responding to @henry_maddocks.]

Tuesday 12:28 · Hmm... Moscone Center thinks JavaOne is coming back in June: www.moscone.com/site/do/event/view?nav.type=0&nav.filter=1005&nav.base=0911&id=440 [Original.]

Tuesday 12:50 · @jasondlee On the topic specifically of the JavaOne event? Got a URL? [Original, responding to @jasondlee.]

Tuesday 13:54 · Apparently you can't just one-click transfer from gmail to Google Apps For Email. How silly. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:19 · Hmm... secfilings.com/searchresultswide.aspx?link=2&filingid=7003742 [Original.]

Tuesday 15:29 · Google vs. Gmail: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/26/Gmail-app-hell [Original.]

Tuesday 17:53 · First post-merger blast from Oracle: www.nytimes.com/2010/01/27/technology/business-computing/27oracle.html [Original.]

Tuesday 18:07 · @BWJones The shape & duration of the applause is semiotically important. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Tuesday 20:22 · @dailyshoot A sunlit autumn remnant, looking down. www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4308440510/ #ds72 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Tuesday 23:27 · @pkedrosky Oh, wait... [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Tuesday 23:29 · Tomorrow's *other* event's agenda: blogs.sun.com/GeorgeTrujillo/entry/oracle_sun_strategy_webcast [Original.]

Wednesday 00:09 · @mojombo So I gotta ask, what events can one wear a sharp suit to these days? My tailor has given up on me. [Original, responding to @mojombo.]

Wednesday 00:26 · I think I may have to sit up late to stay with this tennis match. Wishing I were in the warm Melbourne evening. [Original.]

Wednesday 00:27 · @mnot TV just a shot which had to be straight up at you, sun setting over edge of the stands. [Original, responding to @mnot.]

Wednesday 00:40 · Listening to #davossocial, waiting to be blown away by fresh new insights. [Original.]

Wednesday 07:30 · @vambenepe I'm a big fan of Jeni's but have been an RDF skeptic for a long time: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2003/05/21/RDFNet [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Wednesday 08:56 · I guess I'll live-tweet the #snorcle event for the next few hours. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:12 · #snorcle event starts with Charles Philips: "Hopefully you've had a slightly smoother week than I've had". [Original.]

Wednesday 09:12 · #snorcle Philips: "Safra Catz down with flu, can't be here." [Original.]

Wednesday 09:14 · #snorcle: Philips: Call out to IBM of the 60s. "Recreate the reliability of that era". [Original.]

Wednesday 09:15 · #snorcle Philips: Interesting innovation happens at the boundaries between layers: database/storage/OS/etc. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:17 · #snorcle Philips: On support, end of finger-pointing, we'll take responsibility for integrated service. + up-front design for serviceability [Original.]

Wednesday 09:18 · #snorcle New slogan seems to be "Complete. Open. Integrated." [Original.]

Wednesday 09:19 · #snorce: Philips: "one benefit of slow close, lots of time to plan." [Original.]

Wednesday 09:20 · #snorcle: Philips: Pro-active & Integrated change management to increase reliability/serviceability. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:21 · #snorcle Philips: R&D budget predictions. From $2.8B to $4.3B in one year. Pre PeopleSoft, R&D was only $1.5B. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:22 · #snorcle Philips: Look back on PeopleSoft. We improved the product, updates were elegant, people judged us on actions not words. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:23 · #snorcle Philips: Will keep & re-invigorate Sun brands: Sun, Solaris, SPARC. Currently Solaris most popular Oracle dbms hardware. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:24 · #snorcle Philips talking up O position, says it's #1 in OLTP and (bunch of other software categories) [Original.]

Wednesday 09:25 · #snorcle Philips: Acq of Sun adds a bunch of best-of-breed components. Can't get 1 + 1 = 3 if you don't start with #1 components. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:26 · #snorcle Talking up Sun/Oracle database machine with integration from storage hardware up into the RDBMS [Original.]

Wednesday 09:27 · #snorcle Philips: demand for Database machine currently exceeds supply. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:29 · #snorcle - moving on to industry-vertical apps, which need integration back to the rest of the enterprise. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:29 · #snorcle Philips: Talking about telecoms industry, starts witih huge complex slide covering Oracle's existing offerings. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:31 · Philips: Talking about Sun's "Netra" Telecom-oriented servers. Special packaging, buzzword is "carrier-grade". #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:32 · Philips: Combined dedicated biz unit just for telcos, it's a huge business for us #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:33 · Philips: We have a wider product line than anyone, 30 years to build it. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:34 · Philips: Integration doesn't mean lessened commitment to standards. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:35 · Philips: Will continue to support OSS prods including MySQL; we have an OSS division, <missed name> will be to cover later #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:36 · Customers from UK Nuclear Weapons establishment and <missed other institution> talking up one-number-to-call #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:37 · Customers highlighting their worry about survivability of Sun tech, e.g. Illustra. Feeling better about that now. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:39 · Other customer: Happy about (1) protected Sun investment (2) vertically integrated supplier (3) Stack too complex "immense hassle" #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:40 · Philips: Operationally. 1. Let Dell etc have commoditized x86 products. We focus eng'g on differentiated high-value tech #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:41 · Philips: Simplify supply chain, Sun's was way too complex and hairy. Reduce complexity/cost. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:41 · Philips: More attractive, less fragmented systems support plan; Sun's was fragmented #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:42 · Philips: Leverage O's global operations; global single instance for back office is a secret weapon. Don't integrate, eliminate. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:42 · Philips: More direct approach to largest customers. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:43 · Philips: Integrated, elegant, automated. High touch direct relatioships. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:44 · Philips: Top 1700 strategic accounts identified. Also, will implement our salesforce specialization model. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:44 · Philips: Same account structure, but specialists in systems, apps, storage. We'll have the best-paid reps in the industry. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:45 · Philips: Margin-based comp plans for the sales-force. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:45 · Philips: Big red button: "WE'RE HIRING!" Want 2000 more sales people. We're gonna pay more and you're bored now anyhow. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:46 · Judson Althoff to talk about partners #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:47 · Althoff: A new approach to partnering. "Value in the eyes of customers". Relentless hammering on "top customers" notion. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:48 · Althoff: High proportion of revenue & transactions flows through partners. Pyramid Platinum/gold/silver/remarketer #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:49 · Althoff: Enable partners to differentiate themselves, empower field sales to recognize those who've invested & have skills #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:50 · Althoff: See front page of oracle.com, with new specializations; partners can become certified so customers know what they'll get #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:50 · Philips back up. What about events to get the word out? 70-city "Sun Customer Welcome Event" #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:51 · JavaOne continues as standalone, open, community event CFP Feb 10. San Fran Sep 19-23. Also add J1 in other countries. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:52 · Philips: O Open World Sep 19/23. 40k-plus attendees. Ah... so J1 & OOW same time/place. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:53 · Fowler, now EVP at Oracle. "What a long and strange road it's been". We like to do, been planning instead. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:54 · Fowler: Focus on mission-critical apps, telecoms, financial services, banking. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:55 · Thousands of Sun eng'rs who've been working on low levels of system, bring them together with 1000s from O further up the stack #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:55 · Everyone wearing big garish red "WE'RE HIRING!" buttons #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:56 · Fowler sort of rehashing Philips' points about benefits of full-stack integration. Focus on application perf leadership. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:58 · Fowler on Solaris; importance in getting to high reliability. Pounding security drum. Scalability from small systems to megathreads #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 09:58 · I'm not seeing anyone else's tweets so I suspect mine are mostly black-holing. Oh well. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:00 · Fowler: We will increase hiring & investment in Solaris. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:01 · Fowler: If you are an outstanding OS engineer, we want to hear from you. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:02 · Fowler: People generally run one app/server. So we have to build 'em in every shape/size. Virtualization simplifies this #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:02 · Fowler: Because of Virt'n, we will focus on building servers at most cost-effect config/size rather than every which config/size. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:04 · Fowler: Increase investment in sparc. In x86, focus away from commodity windows or small-biz, for mission-critical #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:04 · Fowler: Bring up Mike Splain, long-time Sun CPU guy, to talk about SPARC. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:05 · Splain: Historically, SPARC = app perf + 100% binary compatiliby. Recently, also focus on energy efficiency. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:06 · Splain: What's new w/ Oracle is accelerated roadmap, plus focus on *app* performance. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:06 · Splain is first guy up without a tie. Not sure he has one. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:07 · Splain: Two lines of SPARC. We do Ultrasparc (CMT T-series) and SPARC64 w/ Fujitsu. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:08 · Splain: SPARC roadmap. Not gonna try to summarize in 140 chars. 4 chips in the roadmap I think. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:09 · Splain: Talking about features in next Sparc "T3" optimized to make things like Siebel & Oracle RAC go faster. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:10 · Splain: We are and will remain fab-less. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:11 · Splain: Sparc64 (Fujitsu) road-map. Talking up compatibility for simplified upgrades. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:12 · Splain: We're Hiring. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:13 · Back to Fowler: Talking up world-record benchmarks, OLTP, Siebel, Hyperion, BI, PeopleSoft, SAP/Oracle, Mail, Web/Network #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:13 · Fowler: Integrated crypto makes things like WebLogic (ex-BEA) run 2* faster. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:14 · Fowler: Siebel CRM runs at fraction of cost of IBM platform. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:14 · Fowler: Switching to storage. Claims #1 position in Unix SAN and tape automation. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:15 · Fowler: Working on telemetry for observability/reliability on the storage side. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:16 · Fowler: The Sun Storage 7000 line, this will become the unified platform for storage offerings. Sssssssssseamless integration #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:17 · Fowler: Investing in StorageTek tape/archiving/library development and integration with Storage 7000. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:18 · Fowler: Integrating flash. Immensely more ops/second than spinning rust. Whole industry has been designed 2 wrk with disks #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:19 · Fowler: Storage 7000 is an example of how to use Flash appropriately to pump up price/perf #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:20 · Fowler: Working on integrating ZFS Storage appliances with Oracle Virtual Machine. Claiming monster perf boosts. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:22 · Fowler: Use flash to accelerate big-ass OLTP app throughput on M series. Working on making that easy #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:23 · Fowler: Bringing up Cindy Reese to talk about supply chain. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:24 · Cindy Reese: Build-to-order vs build-to-stock. Moving from -to-stock to -to-order. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:25 · Reese: Will reduce # of product permutations, build locations, suppliers. Move to 100% direct ship of all products. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:27 · Reese: basing new mfg setup on Oracle R12 infrastructure. Will close distribution centers. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:28 · Back to Fowler: Echoing message about integrating back-office systems based on Oracle R12. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:28 · Fowler brings up guy from Qualcomm. "We're the largest supplier of mobile-phone chips in the world". #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:30 · Qualcomm guy: Same message as earlier customers. Reduce Sun risk, appreciate benefits of integration. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:32 · Fowler: Bringing up Thomas Kurian for software strategy. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:33 · Kurian: "We're hiring" button. Complete, open, integrated stack... #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:34 · Kurian: Huge breadth of Oracle product line including many vertical apps. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:35 · Kurian: Lowest cost of ownership, by automating management tasks and low-effort support. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:35 · Kurian: Java strategy. 1. Enhance & extend for eemerging app dev paradigms #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:36 · Kurian: Java: 2. New deployment patterns 3. More participatory JCP #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:37 · Kurian: Java SE plan. Rapidly deliver SE7. MOdularity, multilanguages, better perf, better multicore support. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:38 · Kurian: HotSpot & JRockit are strategic. Will converge best bits. Native exec on hypervisors. Remove permgen & thread-local GC #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:39 · Kurian: Java EE. Evolve EE6 RI to address modularity "with open standards", server profiles, UI & RIA, dynlangs #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:39 · Kurian: GlassFish remains RI. Used for departmental apps, will continue to invest. WebLogic is strategic at Enterprise level. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:41 · Kurian: Java ME. Unify SE/ME APIs. Proliferation of mobile devices, focus on WORA. Also perf, power, portability. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:41 · Kurian: Java ME, abstract UI interaction to deal with things like multi-touch. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:43 · Kurian: For RIA. We will invest aggressively in accelerating delivery of JavaFX. Complements Oracle ADF. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:44 · Kurian: Remove lines between Java, JavaScript, and JavaFX. Full access to scene graph with cross-dev portability. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:45 · Kurian: Now back to advantages of integrated systems, hardware to apps. Starting with Sun/Oracle "exadata" box #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:47 · Kurian: Talking up hotness of Exadata. Too many numbers to tweet. Not sure which part is new. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:50 · Kurian: Exadata users reporting huge performance gains. KnowledgeBase Marketing, Allegro Auctions, In-house deployment #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:51 · Kurian: Oracle internal email. 125K users, millions of mails. 46K IM users/day, 2M messages. 33T database. Yow. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:52 · Exadata said to Just Work with all supported versions of all Oracle apps, incl Siebel, PeopleSoft, etc #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:53 · Kurian: Highlights storage rebalancing & fault-tolerance features of Exadata. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:54 · Kurian: Now, middleware strategy. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:56 · Kurian: Nothing's really changed in middleware strategy: Integration, cost-of-ownership. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:56 · Kurian: NetBean continues forward as lightweight platform. Little JDev overlap. Focus on dynlang, mobile dev, and EE. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:57 · Kurian: JDev continues as strategic fo Enterprise customers. Especially for Fusion Middleware. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:57 · Kurian: Highlights Hudson (yay!) will integrate with lots of Oracle stuff. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:57 · Kurian: Will continue to be leading members of Eclipse #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:58 · Kurian: GlassFish. Ref implementation, sophisticated non-blocking I/O layer, calls out (I think) Jersey #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 10:59 · Kurian: GF for lightweight deploys. WebLogic remains strategic for enterprise customers who need max perf/scalability. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:00 · Kurian: Oracle SOA suite remains strategic. Will continue to enhance JCaps for existing customers, also ESB. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:00 · Kurian: Sun Master Index (Seebeyond) will be get investment from O health-care vertical. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:01 · Kurian: Content management & portals. Liferay extensions back to OSS. O WebCenter/CM are strategic. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:02 · Kurian: Oracle ID mgmt suite is strategic; will incorp Sun tech into this product. 2 LDAP dirs but will invest in Sun dir server #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:03 · Kurian: Oracle ID mgr remains strategic, will take tech from Sun ID mgr. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:03 · Kurian: Sun role manager becomes strategic for identity analytics. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:04 · Kurian: Lots of bits of ID with no Sun/Oracle overlap. This whole ID thing is gonna be complex, obviously. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:07 · Kurian: Middleware take-aways: 1. We know exactly what we're going to do next 12-14 months. 2. Stuff already works together well. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:09 · Kurian: Now, system mgmt. O Enterprise Mgr and Sun Ops Center are complementary. O from DB up, Sun from OS down. Plan is to unify. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:10 · Sorry, when I said Jersey I was wrong, it was actually Metro (JAX-WS) that Kurian mentioned. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:11 · Kurian: Oracle Ent Mgr & Sun Ops Ctr Phase 1, work on interoperation, phase 2 merge 'em. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:14 · Kurian: Will take integrated sys mgmt offering into MyOracle support, which becomes access portal for both Sun & Oracle customers #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:15 · Kurian: Aggressive schedules on sys mgmt integration and integration into MyOracle; range from 6 to 14 months. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:16 · Kurian: Highlights customers, e.g. Telstra, who are already using both Sys Mgmt offerings #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:17 · Kurian: For Apps customers: protect investment in Sun systems, and app perf benefits of increasing integration. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:18 · Kurian: The guy seems encyclopedic, very impressive. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:20 · Next up: Edw. Screven, Chief Corporate Architect. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:20 · Screven: Previously, you've heard me talk about Linux & OVM, because they're part of our OSS division, which I run. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:21 · Screven: MySQL. Will retain independent sales org and we'll make MySQL better, just as we did with InnoDB. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:21 · Screven: We'll make MySQL support better. We have world's best enterprise support org, which we'll apply to MySQL. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:22 · Screven: Many customers use both Oracle DB and MySQL. So we'll build bridges between MySQL and Oracle infrastructure, e.g. backup. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:22 · Screven: OpenOffice. Will be managed as an independent biz unit. Will retain Sun's dev & support teams. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:23 · Screven: Will also deliver Oracle Cloud Office, been under development for a while. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:23 · Screven: Got into O Enterprise Linux a few years ago. Now will invest in both L and Solaris. Optimize both for full stack from HW up #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:25 · Screven: Sun has decades of experience & huge Solaris install base. Thousands of custs for O linux. Now integrated support of both #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:26 · Screven: Virt'n... O's already in this. With Sun tech, we'll have most comprehensive virt'n offering, + integrated mgmt of all of it #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:28 · Screven: O virt'n based on Xen, Sun via LDOMs. O ent mgr will make this all work exactly the same. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:29 · Screven: Solaris containers; talks up advantages, committed to continued dev & support. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:31 · Screven: Positions Oracle VM Templates as major productivity/agility booster; now will work on SPARC too. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:31 · Screven: Contrast with VMware approach. Focuses on integration and lower performance penalties. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:33 · Screven: VirtualBox. "We're going to use it as a sandbox". Set up on desktop, deploy into O VM pools #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:34 · Screven: Sun Ray. Uses 7 watts, zero administration. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:35 · Screven: Call-center scenario, server-side virt'n, all managed through O VM, ZFS storage, Sun Ray desktops. O can sell it all #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:36 · Screven: Cloud is the evolution of what we've been talking about under the "Grid" label for 20 years #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:38 · Screven: "Full Stack" O cloud platform & mgmt. No further details. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:40 · Juergen Rottler to talk about services. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:41 · Rottler: $15B in service revenue, 29K staff, claims leadership in satisfaction & retention. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:42 · Rottler: Simplification simplification simplification #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:42 · Rottler: We're the only company that offers lifetime support. Will support our technology forever. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:43 · Rottler: Acquisitions have led to higher customer satisfaction in every case. #snorcl [Original.]

Wednesday 11:45 · Rottler: With Sun, 9K more services professionals. Most customers already got support from both, should make life easier #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:47 · Rottler mostly keeping it general: "Integrating the service orgs will be a net plus & we have experience in doing this" #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:49 · Rottler: Service priorities. Increase direct account coverage. Make service more compelling that it has been from Sun support #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:52 · Rottler: "If you're not currently using Sun support for your Sun stuff, come back home." #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:52 · Rottler: We're hiring. If you're a services/support engineer with Sun know-how, we wanna see your resume. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:53 · Rottler: "If you're a multi-vendor support provider, we're coming." #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:55 · Rottler: Talking about plans for cool unified infrastructure behind MyOracle. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:56 · Rottler: Brings up SVP/CIO of SAIC. They're a public-sector-focused solution provider. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:58 · SAIC guy: Historically, O was our Tier 4 support resource. Move that to a different level with pro-active/diagnostic inputs #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 11:59 · SAIC guy: We've been moving to commodity infrastructure. Will have to revisit that as they move toward Fusion middleware #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 12:00 · SAIC guy: Virt'n & getting admin away from our developers is a big deal. Hopeful O/Sun will improve that #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 12:00 · Repeated focus on getting f2f with big customers. This probably affects partner dynamics. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 12:01 · Now Jeff Epstein, Oracle CFO, on operating model. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 12:02 · Epstein: Integration strategy honed over 60 integration in recent years. We're not a holding company, we integrate acquisitions #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 12:02 · Epstein: Safra Catz has been leader in planning for #snorcle integration. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:03 · Epstein: For each function, there's a Global Process Owner who takes on responsibility for that area in acquired company. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 12:03 · Epstein: Because of acquisition delays, unprecedented amounts of planning. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 12:04 · Epstein: Will get economies of scale in the back office: Finance, HR, legal, IT, etc. One tool is running on O's technology #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 12:06 · Epstein: We're an engineering company, that includes business engineering. Acqu integration is opportunity to rationalize processes #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 12:08 · Heh, I'm getting some unfollows over this #snorcle stuff. I'll be back to my usual relative terseness in an hour or so. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:09 · Epstein: We acquire companies with lower margins than O, and manage to drive our margins up as a result. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:03 · OK, we're back from lunch <burp> with Larry Ellison #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:05 · Ellison: Lots of nice things about Sun technology. MySQL is *not* competitive with Oracle, complementary (audience laughs). #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:06 · Ellison, unlike other speakers, not visibly using notes or a prompter. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:07 · Ellison: It's not like this hasn't been done before. It was done very successfully by T.J. Watson in the 60s. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:07 · Ellison: The architectural notion that you can do a better job by having everything designed by a large team of engineers. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:09 · Ellison: Exadata & Storage 7000 as examples of winning via integration. Netapp customers: look at ZFS appliance. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:10 · Ellison: Still in best-of-breed component business, now we're in the integrated-solution business too. We can do better than IBM. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:12 · Ellison: During the 9-month acquisition lag, we already pulled some benchmark-performance triumphs. See what we can do now #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:12 · Ellison: Mad at people who published the O-will-lay-off-half-of-Sun-employees stories. Says it's irresponsible, "made-up". #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:13 · Ellison: We're not cutting Sun to profitability, we're growing to profitability. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:13 · Ellison: Contribution to profitability will start now: February, March, etc. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:14 · Ellison: We'll take the top 4K Sun customers and go direct. Sales, service, make sure they get ROI. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:15 · Ellison: We expect to take share in servers, storage, archival (STEK). MySQL & Java businesses will grow #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:16 · Q&A. First Q "I truly believe this is a turning point... do you see it as a turning point" [Original.]

Wednesday 13:17 · Ellison answer: Yes. Just went live at SoftBank with Exadata, blew away the Teradata it replaced. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:18 · Ellison: Exadata sales pipeline is huge. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:20 · Q: follow up from "large systems integrator"; about America's Cup. Mucho bonhomie. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:21 · Q from French News Agency. Because of more integration, does it make sense for a DB2 or other non-O customer to buy Sun HW? #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:21 · Ellison A: Absolutely, e.g. SAP deployments already choose Sun/Oracle tech for infrastructure. SAP won't go with O apps (laugh) #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:22 · Ellison: SAP biggest reseller, IBM biggest integrator, for O. Not because they like me, it's the database. Now better on Sun HW. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:24 · Q from Zane Aziz: Have you reached the top of the mountain? Ellison: No, want to learn a little every day, keep on making progress. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:25 · Ellison: At some point you can't make the DB faster/better/more secure just with software. Need HW help. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:27 · Q Kimball Brown: What about the other customers, not the 4000 top ones. How does MySQL fit in? #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:27 · Ellison: We will do a better job of developing/improving MySQL than in last 5 years. We have been in OSS biz for a long time. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:29 · Ellison: We sell direct to top 4K. But we have tons of channel partners for the other 31K. We'll work on making them successful. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:30 · Q: John Reimer Forrester: Did Sun's Java revenue correspond to its value? If not, what you going to do about that? #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:31 · Ellison: We made a lot more money than Sun from Java. Exactly where the revenue comes from is less impt, we'll measure overall biz. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:32 · Ellison: Lots of work to merge HotSpot/JRockIt. We have the money. Not essential that we make money from specific Sun components #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:32 · Q (employee): Opinion and strategy on consumer electronics, e.g. iPad? #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:33 · A: People make a lot of money in oil & telcos. We're not good at 100 diff things. Good at small # things, need 2 make money there #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:36 · (missed question drat) A: Not an OS for a single computer, Solaris is OS for a cluster of computers. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:37 · Ellison: We'll still do Linux, I'm a fan. Solaris for cluster/grid/"cloud" #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:37 · Q: Can you sustain your benchmark edge over IBM, they have the same assets. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:38 · Ellison: They do *not* have same assets. Oracle DB scales *out*. How many servers can IBM group? 1 (laughs). Heavy aggro at IBM #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:39 · Ellison: Why didn't IBM do a DB machine? Fascinating. We think we have huge advantages in OLTP and scaling out. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:39 · Ellison: Everything is called a cloud now. There's nothing else. In the data center a "private cloud". #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:40 · Q: You don't see IBM & O passing each other for lead? Ellison: No, they're way behind, a decade behind in DBMS. IBM DB2 on mainframe good. [Original.]

Wednesday 13:41 · Q: "Unbreakable Linux" you were preaching simplicity/cost savings by using commodity clusters. What changed? #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:43 · Ellison: Nothing changed. We still like Linux. We're better than RHAT. We believe in scale-out. Different configs/trade-offs #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:45 · Q (CEO of W.Afr. Computer Warehouse Grp): Our rev from a telco, you've made it clear you want direct relationship. What about us? #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:46 · Ellison: If you're just a distributor, you're dead. If you add value, you're fine. Those partners that are value-added are fine. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:47 · Q (Ms Bosman from IDC): What about distribution channels & partners, and time-frame for changes? #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:47 · Ellison (Q was about supply chain & distr channels). Changes by end of our fiscal year. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:48 · Q (Oracle User Group guy): What are you worried about with this acquisition? Also, your view of user groups? #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:50 · Ellison: What we need to hear from User Groups are criticisms & where we need to improve. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:50 · Q: SAP said new in-memory DB means they don't need a RDBMS any more. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:51 · Ellison: (sneers). I know a lot about in-mem DBs, we have the best. Claim is nonsense, there's no in-mem DB ready to replace RDB #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:53 · Q: compare Exadata and netezza. A: It's simple/primitive, brute-force a certain class of prob, OK for that. Exadata is gen-purpose. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:54 · Q (IDC guy): With Sun, can participate in the cloud the way few others can. SW license revs change. How does the face of O change? #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:56 · Ellison: The cloud name drives me crazy. Salesforce/iTunes use Oracle DB & middleware. Nothing's different, been doing this 15 yrs #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:58 · Ellison disses "cloud" at length. It's just computers, databases, networks. If I'm missing something, please tell me now. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 13:59 · Q: Thoughts on IBM. A: Remembers before Gerstner; people said it was too big. Disagrees. He thinks big companies can innovate. #snorcle [Original.]

Wednesday 14:01 · Q (from Finland) We supported you in EU process; please make sure we made the right decision. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:01 · ... bypassing sycophancy ... [Original.]

Wednesday 14:02 · That's it for Q&A, the event is over. Tell your friends they can follow me again. #snorcle out. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:58 · No word yet on whether the iPad runs Emacs. Tsk tsk. [Original.]

Wednesday 15:44 · Man there was a *lot* of news in that Sun/Oracle session. A few things nobody's picked up on, too. Watching the media in amusement. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:08 · I think this will turn out to be Apple's high-water mark in terms of the ratio between advance hype and actual product impact. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:25 · Windows 7 + Palm Treo = trouble: www.laurenwood.org/anyway/2010/01/bluetooth-time-sync/ [Original.]

Wednesday 19:15 · @vambenepe Big fuming green acidic drops of cynicism are dripping off your tweets. [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Wednesday 20:45 · @dailyshoot Tricolor www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4310924370/ #ds73 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Wednesday 21:07 · @headius +1 [Original, responding to @headius.]

Wednesday 21:09 · A store that offered DRM-free ebooks in the open epub format would be genuinely revolutionary. Will iBooks offer this? (via @james_clark) [Original.]

Wednesday 22:37 · For creative people, the iPad is a big fat nothing. www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/27/iPad [Original.]

Thursday 10:42 · Strange days indeed... most peculiar, Mama. [Original.]

Thursday 10:44 · Just submitted my OSCON proposal. Submissions close at 11:59PM Feb 1st, so get on it. [Original.]

Thursday 10:50 · Jeepers... the iPad looks cool. They'll sell a ton. I might get one. All I said that is it's a delivery platform not a creator's platform. [Original.]

Thursday 10:57 · @penmachine Marc Emery! [Original, responding to @penmachine.]

Thursday 11:04 · I'm so pleased at Apple's continued blowing-off of Flash. Advice to everyone: Turn on Flash blocking in your browser. You'll love it. [Original.]

Thursday 11:11 · Good news: Unicode moving to dominate the Net: googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/unicode-nearing-50-of-web.html [Original.]

Thursday 11:51 · Good flash-blockers let you click on any piece of Flash you actually want to watch, e.g. videos. Turn yours on today! [Original.]

Thursday 12:24 · Now *there's* a tablet: media3.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/gallery/100105/GAL-10Jan05-3487/media/PHO-10Jan05-196894.jpg [Original.]

Thursday 14:31 · Grats to @DivaDanese on new Wikipedia gig. [Original, responding to @DivaDanese.]

Thursday 15:58 · The Oracle integration gears have started to mesh, with unsurprising but gratifying speed. [Original.]

Thursday 16:14 · @al3x Interesting but rude and, um, deeply wrong. Note: being deeply wrong is OK. [Original, responding to @al3x.]

Thursday 16:21 · Fumbling through a maze of twisty little passages, all different... oh, it's the Flickr API. [Original.]

Thursday 19:35 · Dunno if the iPad is a masterstroke or a crock of shit, but it sure has provoked some thoughtful writing. [Original.]

Thursday 23:02 · @dailyshoot Meth, crack, smack, bud, whatever. www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4312673069/ #ds74 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Friday 08:47 · There's a lot of good Sun talent hitting the streets today. [Original.]

Friday 09:04 · That is *it*. I refuse to write, read, or think about That Apple Thing until it's been on the street for a while. [Original.]

Friday 09:16 · Says @emiliosuarez: re Sun talent hitting the streets today: I have a few leads for strong senior developers [Original.]

Friday 10:18 · Grizzled old dude bicycles past slowly, large brilliant red/blue parrot on his shoulder. [Original.]

Friday 10:21 · Also says he's hiring: @xamat (& he's in Barcelona!) [Original, responding to @xamat.]

Friday 10:22 · @charlesarthur So, now would be a good time for Oracle to ask you for money? [Original, responding to @charlesarthur.]

Friday 10:27 · Old-fashioned hard journalism from @mezzoblue on a vital subject: foodists.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/BeerGuide2010.png [Original.]

Friday 11:07 · Eek, NetBeans IRB REPL doesn't have command history? Didn't it use to? [Original.]

Friday 13:53 · Powering through some entertaining Ruby code, really appreciating me some NetBeans. [Original.]

Friday 15:01 · Sensitive new-age college culture via @aaronofmontreal & @blaine: www.vimeo.com/7577554 [Original.]

Friday 16:55 · @dailyshoot Confections www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4314336567/ #ds75 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Friday 20:31 · Heh... first ever Twitter "Rate limit exceeded." [Original.]

Friday 21:24 · @stevej Er, well, debugging a little mashup that scans back through several days of my timeline, and what with my #snorcle binge... [Original, responding to @stevej.]

Friday 21:24 · @stevej I exceeded 150/hour all right, no doubt about that. [Original, responding to @stevej.]

Friday 21:32 · @br3nda No, some snort. Others moan. Others are frighteningly silent and motionless. [Original, responding to @br3nda.]

Friday 22:54 · Am 3-way mashing-up @dailyshoot into my blog. Sorry to subscribers for backlog. Flickr+Twitter+Dailyshoot+REST ftw. [Original.]

Saturday 09:21 · Says @jitterted : Guidewire Software (www.guidewire.com) is looking for senior Java talent [Original, responding to @jitterted.]

Saturday 09:34 · Mashed up @dailyshoot + blog, see www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/29/Dailyshoot-Mashup [Original.]

Saturday 09:43 · Amazon's playing a dangerous game... Kindle increasingly looks like a bad bargain: whatever.scalzi.com/2010/01/30/a-quick-note-on-ebook-pricing/ [Original.]

Saturday 09:52 · It's simple: Every time DRM has ever touched anything, it has screwed things up. I know of no exceptions. [Original.]

Saturday 10:02 · @jzawodn 4sq spam is a good way to get massively unfollowed, btw. [Original, responding to @jzawodn.]

Saturday 11:40 · @gruber I'd say it's pretty probable, unfortunately. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Saturday 12:08 · I look at www.thesixtyone.com/ and wonder why you need anything but browser tech to produce a "Rich" Internet App. [Original.]

Saturday 12:09 · Tonight in Vancouver: Kronos Quartet with Tanya Tagaq: www.chancentre.com/whats-on/tundra-songs-kronos-quartet-tanya-tagaq [Original.]

Saturday 12:52 · Hah, the song player on the61 *is* Flash, sigh. But the rest of the rather-rich UI ain't. Better codecs all round and Flash is history. [Original.]

Saturday 17:36 · @dailyshoot Wet stairposts www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4317686042/ #ds76 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Saturday 23:41 · @green_david Don't use XML Schema. Your life will be easier. [Original, responding to @green_david.]

Sunday 08:15 · @green_david It's just that XML Schema is badly designed, awkward and unnecessarily complex. Surely there's a better option? [Original, responding to @green_david.]

Sunday 08:42 · Decided to find out what EPUB actually is. Apparently it's XHTML 1.1 + some packaging fluff. How charming. [Original.]

Sunday 09:35 · @maboa Why? XHTML + CSS + packaging seems like a good choice. What does HTML5 buy, aside from <video>? [Original, responding to @maboa.]

Sunday 09:39 · Reading @webmink on H.264. blogs.sun.com/webmink/entry/links_for_2010_01_30 Idea: Just ignore video for a decade till the patents expire. [Original.]

Sunday 10:18 · Thinking that Epub is A Good Thing. Thinking that all other choices smell of monopolist land-grab. [Original.]

Sunday 11:40 · Toddler drop-in is packed. So much concentrated cuteness and ambient love. [Original.]

Sunday 11:44 · Parents' faces, full of tenderness and tiredness. [Original.]

Sunday 11:45 · @migueldeicaza DELETE ftw [Original, responding to @migueldeicaza.]

Sunday 15:10 · Holy crap, Amazon backs down. The 21st-century marketplace is being reinvented in real time right now: www.amazon.com/tag/kindle/forum/ref=cm_cd_tfp_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx1D7SY3BVSESG&cdThread=Tx2MEGQWTNGIMHV&displayType=tagsDetail [Original.]

Sunday 15:12 · @mathewi Rewrite! Rewrite! (sorry) [Original, responding to @mathewi.]

Sunday 17:03 · The actual price isn't important. What matters is how it's set. $14.99 seems high, but pricing being an Amazon fiat is WRONG. [Original.]

Sunday 17:53 · @dailyshoot Edges of the sky www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4320269557/ #ds77 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Sunday 22:59 · Pricing Drama: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/31/Pricing-Drama [Original.]

Sunday 23:00 · @kk Clearly you need a bigger computer. [Original, responding to @kk.]

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