Week ending Sunday 2010/01/03

Monday 09:44 · The simplest explanation is paralyzing stupidity, plus cowardice. calacanis.com/2009/12/28/tsa-directive-post-nwa-253-no-more-wifi-or-live-tv/ Anyone got another? [Original.]

Monday 09:58 · Some travel-biz group should start organizing civil disobedience. Polite firm en-masse refusal to go along with security theatre. [Original.]

Monday 11:45 · Touching the moon. There's a touchable moon rock at the Vancouver planetarium. [Original.]

Monday 12:43 · Got bored kids? Vancouver planetarium shows are just fine; static exhibits outdated & tired but shows good. #vancouver [Original.]

Monday 14:26 · "Can we please start pushing the art and science of software development toward the austere?" zedshaw.com/essays/master_and_expert.html [Original.]

Monday 21:01 · OMG Erlang heresy. prog21.dadgum.com/53.html My little heart's going pitter-pat. [Original.]

Monday 21:35 · When I'm rewriting something I care about, 80% of the work is figuring out how to use fewer words. I suspect that I'm not alone. [Original.]

Monday 21:56 · Reia: Immutability means what I say it means. www.unlimitednovelty.com/2009/12/reia-now-with-magic-rebinding.html Thought-provoking. [Original.]

Monday 22:18 · An interesting joint that's new to me: SpinProfiles, www.spinprofiles.org/index.php/Main_Page [Original.]

Monday 22:30 · I smell evil www.tfic.org.uk/ - Just look at those teeth on the front page. [Original.]

Monday 22:58 · My goodness, a lively debate on my Facebook page. I don't think has happened before: www.facebook.com/timbray?v=feed&story_fbid=245090881053 [Original.]

Monday 23:17 · Government of Canada takes bold steps to address environmental concerns: theyesmen.org/canadareacts [Original.]

Tuesday 09:07 · I recommend @bobraeMP whose tweet-stream, uniquely for a Canadian politician, is not just partisan rah-rah. [Original, responding to @bobraeMP.]

Tuesday 10:56 · @Carnage4Life Totally! <snicker> [Original, responding to @Carnage4Life.]

Tuesday 11:04 · Fire the TSA: gizmodo.com/5435675/president-obama-its-time-to-fire-the-tsa [Original.]

Tuesday 16:12 · Sometimes I capitalize the first word after a semicolon, and sometimes I don't. #TrueConfessions [Original.]

Tuesday 19:57 · Haven't been torrent-ing for a while. Recommended Mac client these days? [Original.]

Tuesday 20:17 · Tons of votes for Transmission. 2 for utorrent. One for Xtorrent, but that was from @siracusa so counts extra. [Original.]

Tuesday 20:22 · Investigating practical TV piracy. Wow, it's a huge subculture out there, had no idea. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:48 · Summary: uTorrent worked. Transmission didn't (known problem). Getting 100k down, which seems not bad on ordinary residential DSL. [Original.]

Wednesday 00:25 · @goodbyebuddy Oops! Uncaught exception 'Zend_Db_Adapter_Exception' with message 'SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can't connect to MySQL server... [Original, responding to @goodbyebuddy.]

Wednesday 08:39 · "You are whatever the Net says you are. Deal with it." www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/12/28/Your-Life-Online [Original.]

Wednesday 08:49 · @pjb3 There are quite a few people who would find the NSMutableArray/Array behavior bizarre. Like me. [Original, responding to @pjb3.]

Wednesday 16:19 · Making yakisoba for dinner guests with exotic black soba I bought near the Izumo shrine in Shimane. Living dangerously. [Original.]

Wednesday 21:24 · @bramcohen Proof you can look ridiculous while sounding good. [Original, responding to @bramcohen.]

Thursday 10:03 · Baffled and irritated by Harper's shutting down parliament. Astonished that this is constitutional. www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/proroguing-parliament-a-travesty-yet-clever/article1415391/ #CanadianPolitics [Original.]

Thursday 11:36 · To: @almightygod Subject: 2009 Message: You can do better. Let's see you raise your game for 2010. Kthksbye [Original.]

Thursday 12:01 · Hey @gruber, the font size on daringfireball.net is maybe a little small, I always end up hitting CMD-+ on your long pieces. [Original.]

Thursday 15:25 · The revolution *will* be televised: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ2urTPUGf0 [Original.]

Thursday 15:27 · #10yearsago I was working on a bubble-era startup and hosting my brother's family for turn-o-the-millennium. Good times. [Original.]

Friday 16:38 · Photowalking in the rain. They say Pentaxes have good water-resistance. Hope so, cause it's drippin'. [Original.]

Friday 16:41 · Anyone who's studied economic history has to be a little scared over Krugman's sabre-rattling at China. [Original.]

Friday 23:45 · @ericgbrown Try some prime lenses. 50-135 is great but too many choices & too heavy, slows you down. [Original, responding to @ericgbrown.]

Friday 23:49 · twitpic.com/wbycl - My 3½-year-old daughter and I built this. [Original.]

Friday 23:53 · There are 7 minutes left in New Year's Day as I write this, so I should mention Edge's brief but titanic solo in the U2 song of that name. [Original.]

Saturday 00:00 · Copyright is a good thing insofar as there is a crisp clear story connecting it to rewarding/incenting the creators. #copyright [Original.]

Saturday 09:26 · Getting Lost, Outside America: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/01/01/Getting-Lost [Original.]

Saturday 10:49 · Since that TV piece, got invites to a few torrent hubs. You should see the legals you have to agree to. Makes Msft look wimpy. [Original.]

Saturday 22:00 · @duncan Hey thanks, never could get the hang of that, now motivated to invest more work. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Saturday 23:08 · 1st weekend of 2010: Mild Wpedia edit war and thinking about www.objectwatch.com/whitepapers/ITComplexityWhitePaper.pdf which sez we waste $500B/month on bad IT. Ah, life online. [Original.]

Saturday 23:09 · I suppose it wouldn't be good to wake your sleeping wife to get her library card number to help you out in a Wikipedia edit war. [Original.]

Saturday 23:14 · @GreatDismal Yeah, well both the Doobies and the "Missile Defense" boondoggle sucked. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Sunday 14:35 · There are a few times when it's still possible to love Rock & Roll with a pure love: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzgJ6Mkkd-w [Original.]

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