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On Baked Potatoes · I recently remarked “There are very few foods indeed that compare with a high-quality Russet potato, properly baked.” A voice in the comments wondered “And what do you call ‘properly baked’?” A harmless enough question, but then aluminium foil was mentioned; shudder. Please don’t do that. Here’s how to bake potatoes correctly ...
Concur.next & WF2 — Tuning Concurrent Clojure · I’ve been working on, and writing about, running Clojure Wide Finder code. But I was never satisfied with the absolute performance numbers. This is a write-up in some detail as to how I made the code faster and also slower, including lessons that might be useful to those working on Clojure specifically, concurrency more generally, and with some interesting data on Java garbage collection and JDK7 ...
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