A domestic wintry day (high of 3°C with gusts of very unpleasant wind) recalled and illustrated.

  1. Made pancakes, a double recipe and we ate ’em all. I use a mix from Anita’s Organic, it’s tasty and easy.

  2. Dotted & crossed some Clojure i’s & t’s over coffee.

  3. Took the 3-year-old off to the Sunday morning toddler drop-in at Riley Park; a couple of bucks gets the kid decent snacks and two big rooms full of every which toy; you can scan the Net on your mobile, chat with the other parents, and intervene when the toddlers go a little too feral on each other.

  4. Watched the last third of the remarkable Saints-Redskins game, and the first third of the promising Giants-Cowboys game. Cold pizza for lunch.

  5. Put up Christmas lights on the front of the house. It’s tall and narrow and I like to run the lights right up to the peak, so this requires slinging a 36’ ladder around. Its brand name is Lite; hah, I ache, I ache.

    Still, it was sunny albeit icy, and the ten-year-old is now capable of really helping, and all the neighbors and passers-by smile and wave when you’re putting up lights.

  6. Cooked a beef roast and baked potatoes; an anomaly in our generally light and Asian-flavored diet. There are very few foods indeed that compare with a high-quality Russet potato, properly baked.

  7. Washed it down with an excellent 2006 Township 7 Merlot; mmm.

  8. Put the fireplace to work for the first time this year.

  9. More Clojure i’s & t’s; when you think you have good results to present, you’d like them to be airtight.

First fire of the year

Hmm, that flare at the back right looks almost like a living thing. Let’s have a look through the other shots... hey! There’s Gormley the Fire Sprite, entertaining us as we digest.

Fire sprite

2009 hasn’t been a great year, but there are still some OK days.


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From: John Cowan (Dec 07 2009, at 06:57)

And what do you call "properly baked"? For reference, I scrub the potato, remove any eyes, lightly oil it with canola oil (or whatever edible oil you have, though I've never tried olive oil), wrap it in aluminum foil, and roast in a 350 F / 180 C oven for 1 hour or until soft. I find it's less messy if I oil my hands rather than the potatoes and then rub them. The oil/foil combination prevents the potato skin from becoming papery, and the foil can be reused (or, if necessary, recycled).


From: Michael Kozakewich (Dec 15 2009, at 10:21)

When working with Clojure, wouldn't it be j's & t's?


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