Week ending Sunday 2009/11/22

Monday 18:35 · @chadfowler Uke is kinda quiet and I think there's one other already coming. [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Tuesday 17:08 · Reason #632 to hate Toronto airport: Unspeakable tangle of on-airport roads designed by Escher to inflict max pain. [Original.]

Tuesday 17:11 · Ontario in November: flat and brown and chilly. But it's not raining. [Original.]

Wednesday 06:10 · @swardley One word: Consultants [Original, responding to @swardley.]

Wednesday 06:15 · Pretty sure I'm closing in on a small memory leak in Clojure that becomes big fast given 10**9 or so objects. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:02 · @richhickey yes, thanks, but first some work on making it tractably reproducible [Original, responding to @richhickey.]

Wednesday 12:36 · At SFO sunny chilly bayside #rubyconf location. Weird to be in the Valley with no car. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:20 · Have found & killed my Clojure gc bug. Yes, I had my own (extremely non-obvious) leak. The Niagara is hummin' [Original.]

Wednesday 17:44 · Free beverages & popcorn in the lobby. #rubyconf [Original.]

Wednesday 21:32 · Camino 2.0, my everyday browser and a damn good choice for Mac users, is released: caminobrowser.org/ [Original.]

Thursday 08:06 · . @ghaff @imurdock I've been to the mat with the Android API, and think it'll tolerate a lot of device variance with good app portability. [Original, responding to @imurdock.]

Thursday 10:38 · Cheap shots at the Javaverse, which contains 5 million potential friends/converts, are fucking stupid. #rubyconf [Original.]

Thursday 13:19 · My grumble about dissing the javaverse wasn't over Matz's "XML is a DSL" joke, which I thought was funny. [Original.]

Thursday 16:47 · I want Sarah Mei to teach programming to my kids. Great talk at #rubyconf on using Shoes to do that. [Original.]

Thursday 16:52 · "That which does not kill us makes us stronger?" blogs.sun.com/ambreesh/entry/that_which_does_not_kill [Original.]

Thursday 16:57 · Trendly launches: www.readwriteweb.com/readwritestart/2009/11/dabble-db-launches-trendly-ana.php [Original.]

Thursday 17:07 · Check it out: github.com/sarahmei/rubyconf09 - Teaching kids to program with Ruby & Shoes [Original.]

Thursday 17:52 · Concur.next — Parallel I/O www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/11/18/Clojure-Parallel-I-O [Original.]

Friday 11:53 · #rubyconf 5K run on Flickr www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/sets/72157622843094526/ - most of the finish-line shots suck, but some others are OK. [Original.]

Friday 15:03 · @perinandy Nice shot! [Original, responding to @perinandy.]

Saturday 12:07 · Missed last day of #rubyconf to be with my family. Regret not hanging with the Clojure peeps but it was the right choice. [Original.]

Saturday 17:03 · Will books survive? www.hyperorg.com/blogger/2009/11/21/will-books-survive-a-scorecard/ [Original.]

Saturday 23:25 · Writing a #rubyconf piece, hoping that URLs like rubyconf.org/talks/\d\d\d(-\S+)+ are gonna be stable in future years. [Original.]

Sunday 08:29 · #rubyconf writeup, with pix: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/11/21/RubyConf-2009 [Original.]

Sunday 09:32 · @nearwalden I noticed that too; SD-DEN is about it. [Original, responding to @nearwalden.]

Sunday 13:30 · I've been saying for a decade that Tokyo has the highest standard of cuisine in the world: ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/091119/utravel/as_japan_france_michelin_guide [Original.]

Sunday 17:10 · URGENT: Anyone reading this in Tokyo, please check apachenews.org/ Suicide-prevention in order? [Original.]

Sunday 19:39 · Yow, European professional soccer may be rotten to the core. High-rolling Asian gamblers implicated. Big news brewing: www.nytimes.com/2009/11/23/sports/soccer/23iht-SOCCER.html [Original.]

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