Week ending Sunday 2009/05/31

Monday 14:41 · The Web vs. the Fallacies: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/05/25/HTTP-and-the-Fallacies-of-Distributed-Computing [Original.]

Monday 18:51 · Battery on the bottom of my new MacBook is bulging slightly. Is it about to explode with fatal consequences? [Original.]

Monday 22:46 · The Wrath of Heaven: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/05/25/The-Wrath-of-Heaven [Original.]

Tuesday 13:26 · My new 13" MacBook is much less accomplished at switching between display configs than any previous Mac. Known issue or have I a lemon? [Original.]

Tuesday 16:19 · I do believe William Gibson just unveiled the title of his next book over on his blog: www.williamgibsonbooks.com/blog/2009_05_01_archive.asp#7724117628662385582 [Original.]

Tuesday 16:32 · @timbray Actually, I think he did it on the twitter:twitter.com/GreatDismal/statuses/1928797761 (via @kebernet) [Original, responding to @timbray.]

Wednesday 10:44 · Homo Sapiens' nearly-infinite capacity for silliness; magnificent! www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/05/coopers_hill_cheeserolling.html [Original.]

Wednesday 13:24 · Hey Vancouver: The Canada Line neighborhood-wreckers get their ass handed to them in court. Yee-hah! www.francesbula.com/?p=1659 [Original.]

Wednesday 23:33 · Justice: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/05/27/Justice [Original.]

Wednesday 23:57 · Suspects @twleung of cranking the saturation just a little on his beach-walk Flickr photoset. [Original.]

Thursday 8:54 · "White Light White Heat" - Nice piece from Alex W-H: alexwaterhousehayward.com/blog/2009/05/white-light-white-heat.html [Original.]

Thursday 8:58 · I'd sign up for Typekit in a flash, assuming a reasonable price: blog.typekit.com/2009/05/27/introducing-typekit/ [Original.]

Thursday 11:01 · @bing Just an old search guy wanting to savor the new flavor. [Original, responding to @bing.]

Thursday 22:32 · @GreatDismal Wear a vest at all times. Problem solved. Also camera problem, phone problem, etc. Also stylish. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Thursday 22:44 · Professional situation is stressful but hey, day after day of sunshine in Vancouver can make up for really a whole lot. [Original.]

Friday 11:25 · Comparing AWS pricing to cheap&cheerful hosting services. Apples to oranges, but still startling. [Original.]

Friday 12:43 · How Much Does One Terabyte Of Bandwidth Cost? (via @lloydbudd): josephscott.org/archives/2009/01/how-much-does-one-terabyte-of-bandwidth-cost/ - data is from January which is a long time, these days. [Original.]

Friday 13:48 · Meanwhile, in the cheap&cheerful hosting space (no affiliation, wife's a customer): canadianwebhosting.com/ - Is this the future? [Original.]

Friday 13:55 · Follower count past another milestone. Thanks, everyone. Don't autofollow back but almost always see stuff with @timbray in it. [Original.]

Friday 16:53 · @dewitt Maybe just slapping CC-BY on it hits an 80/20 point? I'm skeptical of patent-dodging efforts, it's the submariners who'll getcha. [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Friday 16:59 · Heading into the weekend in the lead on a cool vintage-telephoto EBay auction... adds a little spice. [Original.]

Saturday 9:20 · Trudeau wimps out, won't cook up an icon for Barack. www.doonesbury.com/strip/dailydose/index.html?uc_full_date=20090530
Grmf [Original.]

Saturday 23:42 · Won a tight last-second ebay war for an old 400mm telephoto by £1 with my android between playing catch with 9yr-old at the park. SoPoMoDad. [Original.]

Saturday 23:43 · @SparklingAmber OMG that's awful. [Original, responding to @SparklingAmber.]

Sunday 13:31 · Deeper dive than I've seen so far on Google Wave: intertwingly.net/blog/2009/05/31/Google-Wave [Original.]

Sunday 16:50 · @playspymaster Huh? [Original, responding to @playspymaster.]

Sunday 17:02 · Seems browser devs are adopting groovy new HTML5 tags without necessarily buying into all its parsing micromanagement? [Original.]

Sunday 20:03 · @brentsimmons What are you using instead? [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Sunday 22:37 · Having an attitude problem. [Original.]

Sunday 22:41 · @playspymaster I want an invite! [Original, responding to @playspymaster.]

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