Either an Iceland poppy or a Welsh poppy. Alex Waterhouse-Hayward favors the latter and he’s a serious flower geek so you can probably take that to the bank.

Welsh poppy

They’re pretty well ideal for the garden; left alone aside from some occasional watering, they neither die off nor crowd out other plants.

By the way, no macros nor zooms were harmed in the making of this picture nor of yesterday’s trillium; these are both off-the-cuff shots with the little 40mm Pentax “Limited” pancake that remains my favorite lens, ever. Pentax has just announced the smaller, lighter, and quite possibly better K-7 (see also here and here); my #1 gripe with the K20 is that it’s too big and my #2 is that it’s too loud. I’m thinking about walking around somewhere interesting with the 40mm screwed onto the front of the K-7; mmmm...


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From: Rob Weir (Jun 01 2009, at 16:47)

I'm lusting after the K7 as well, as current K10D user.

Another nice prime lens is the FA 50mm f/1.4. I've used it with good results to take portraits inside without flash, and in museums where flash is not allowed.


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