Week ending Sunday 2009/05/10

Monday 11:41 · RT @rubyconf RubyConf 2009: Nov 19-21 in San Francisco! rubyconf.org/ (via @chadfowler) [Original.]

Monday 12:33 · @MichaelSinger Why is your mag "still very strong" when the rest of the trade press seems moribund? I want you to succeed but I'm gloomy. [Original, responding to @MichaelSinger.]

Monday 13:16 · Which menu item was that, Tweetie? [Original.]

Monday 13:33 · Grmf. Tweetie used to have an option to only light up the menubar goober for unread replies & DMs. Gone in 1.1?!? FAIL. [Original.]

Monday 13:43 · Thanks all for Tweetie help. LazyWeb FTW. [Original.]

Monday 15:12 · Severe cognitive dissidence between #ibmimpact & #railsconf tweets, both coming from Vegas. [Original.]

Monday 21:48 · It's OK for a TDD religioso sometimes to hate the laborious construction of corner-case unit tests. Hate hate hate. [Original.]

Monday 23:42 · "Wolfram|Alpha" is typographically awkward. Not a good sign. [Original.]

Monday 23:51 · @avibryant Hong Kong is unfortunately choking on itself. They're paving over the sea and the air stinks and they're unhappy. Try Melbourne. [Original, responding to @avibryant.]

Tuesday 8:12 · Suicide bombers are a logical consequence of the Gladwell David/Goliath analysis. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:04 · Have never understood why you'd want tweets to come in via SMS. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:33 · Glanced at my spam folder. Unbelievable volume from one source: "Star Position". Those scum must be costing the Net millions. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:59 · "The whole IT industry is living in cloud cuckoo land right now" havemacwillblog.com/2009/05/05/ibm-impact-the-cloud-and-the-cloudburst/ [Original.]

Tuesday 20:14 · Why all these FriendFeed subscribers? I never go there. [Original.]

Tuesday 23:30 · Pale early summer / wind full of apple blossoms / gutters brim with pink. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:50 · Amazed, once again, at the skill with which Amazon's PR plays the media. Each Kindle release receives 2nd-coming-of-Jesus-level coverage. [Original.]

Wednesday 15:02 · First attempt at a voice google search on android 1.5. Ego of course. I tried "Tim Bray", it searched for "temporary". Heh. [Original.]

Wednesday 22:15 · Dear LazyWeb: Can you shoot video on an iPhone and insta-upload it to YouTube? Signed, ignorant Android user. [Original.]

Wednesday 22:45 · Cupcake videography Stephenson gigalapse OMG www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/05/06/Cupcake [Original.]

Thursday 0:19 · Finished initial music ripping pass. iTunes says: 909 albums, 30.2 days, 218.39 GB. Problem: I'm starting to hate iTunes. [Original.]

Thursday 11:31 · Regretting that I just do *not* have time to check out what's up over on FriendFeed now that I'm getting all these follow messages. [Original.]

Thursday 13:41 · Thinking @chadfowler should grow the beard back [Original.]

Thursday 15:00 · Ellison on Sun's hardware biz (PDF): www.oracle.com/sun/lje-oracle-sun-faq.pdf [Original.]

Friday 9:21 · Good Lord, is telecom the next melt-down? bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/05/08/will-the-phone-industry-need-a-bailout-too/ I retreated from VOIP last year with glee: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/03/10/Teleregression [Original.]

Friday 16:03 · It's Friday afternoon. Cogitation is slowing down. Go read a funny Star Trek review. www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/cinema/2009/05/18/090518crci_cinema_lane [Original.]

Friday 16:05 · @unclebobmartin Well, there is /usr/lib/* and the whole unix/linux userland. Hey, I'm a TDD fan too, but really. [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

Saturday 9:42 · Massively weird news from the math world (enlarge the graph at the end): pyevolve.sourceforge.net/wordpress/?p=527 [Original.]

Saturday 10:09 · @MarkusQ I bet you can't explain why in 140 characters. [Original, responding to @MarkusQ.]

Saturday 12:37 · @MarkusQ Elegantly and tersely put. A tip o' the hat. [Original, responding to @MarkusQ.]

Saturday 16:16 · @willsnow Glad to hear that, Will. Good luck with recovery mode. [Original, responding to @willsnow.]

Saturday 16:27 · @dsearls Ads on Tweetie are just fine, sometimes verge on intelligent. Twitter should get a cut of revenue from API users. [Original, responding to @dsearls.]

Saturday 16:31 · @penmachine How about Canucks audience overlap with Richard Strauss' "Salome" at the Opera tonight? Well, me. [Original, responding to @penmachine.]

Sunday 9:29 · Saw Salome at the Vancouver Opera last night. Amazing orchestration, staging, singing, but the music is empty puffery. [Original.]

Sunday 10:11 · @bobdc I like lots of 20th-century music, but Richard Strauss' is empty at the core. [Original, responding to @bobdc.]

Sunday 23:54 · Voting Green: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/05/10/BC-Election [Original.]

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