Week ending Sunday 2008/12/21

Monday 0:11 · I'm afraid that I shall go to my grave without ever having thrown a shoe at anyone. [Original.]

Monday 9:27 · Tweeted bitchily last night about printing labels. This AM, a reply from @onlinelabels.com, a vendor, saying "check us out". Seems rational. [Original.]

Monday 9:28 · Holy cow, make that *two* vendors: @Worldlabel [Original.]

Monday 9:42 · @brentsimmons Courier New 12 bold FTW. [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Monday 11:10 · Raw random intelligence on what the Java community uses and thinks: www.devoxx.com/plugins/advanced/gallery-slideshow.action?pageId=655379&decorator=popup&imageNumber=1 (Note that's 1 of 17) [Original.]

Monday 14:48 · Have some Android code sort of running. Hmph... back to Java it seems. [Original.]

Monday 15:50 · Looking for examples of heavily-geotagged feeds, RSS or atom. [Original.]

Monday 16:07 · I can see where I want to go. It'll just take a few thousand lines of Java code to get there. Urgh. [Original.]

Monday 16:33 · Researching how to do TDD in Android [Original.]

Monday 21:11 · Dear Twitter: It is wrong that Twitter links open in the same window, but external links pop up a new one. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Please stop. [Original.]

Monday 21:13 · @webmink Agreed; some BBQ is damned good. [Original, responding to @webmink.]

Monday 21:21 · @al3x Scala has too much syntax for my poor little mind. [Original, responding to @al3x.]

Monday 22:38 · I'm coding getters and setters, I'm being generic, I'm a good little java coder, you betcha. [Original.]

Tuesday 0:25 · "The monster in the mirror". As in, Arundhati Roy blows the roof off. Do please read: www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/dec/12/mumbai-arundhati-roy/print [Original.]

Tuesday 10:09 · In Android, it's far from obvious how to do ordinary unit testing of ordinary POJO code. Got an example? [Original.]

Tuesday 10:39 · Hah. I just sold a picture to a magazine. First ever. $100. If I could sell everything I shot at that rate... I'd starve. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:00 · OH: "There's a pop-up that's worse than Medusa's head." [Original.]

Tuesday 13:33 · Jeepers, godaddy.com is a pain in the butt. But hey, it's cheap and it works. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:14 · Discovering secret APIs in Android! [Original.]

Tuesday 14:22 · Mmmm... android.net.http.RequestQueue widely used but not officially documented. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:51 · @morrildl Hah, thanks. I was 80% of the way to picking HttpClient, you pushed me over the edge. [Original, responding to @morrildl.]

Tuesday 20:39 · Brian is totally having too much fun: krow.livejournal.com/ [Original.]

Wednesday 1:41 · I gotta say, I want to hold one of these Imperial-stormtrooper models in my hand: www.dpreview.com/news/0812/08121603pentaxk2000white.asp [Original.]

Wednesday 1:46 · Headlines you gotta love: "Three people killed by foot massage machines" www.japanprobe.com/?p=7856 [Original.]

Wednesday 1:58 · Wishing creativity could be scheduled. [Original.]

Wednesday 9:51 · Pencil porn: www.linesandcolors.com/2008/12/17/uni-ball-kuru-toga-pencil/ [Original.]

Wednesday 10:06 · @cote Don't know anyone who's not using Ajax to some degree in any reasonably modern Web-facing app. [Original, responding to @cote.]

Wednesday 10:10 · New VirtualBox release. This is really good software: www.virtualbox.org/ [Original.]

Wednesday 10:31 · Filed for later: Arvo Pärt's soon-to-premiere 4th symphony online: issuu.com/universaledition/docs/paert4thsymph [Original.]

Wednesday 10:39 · @gillianshaw Sorry, most of us are poorly educated. [Original, responding to @gillianshaw.]

Wednesday 11:02 · @pragdave your email is bouncing, go check out ruby-core [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Wednesday 11:04 · They said only 5cm snow, but you know, it's not slowing down even a little bit. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:11 · Java is 13 yrs old, XML 10. Why is it still so awkward/irritating to deal with X from J? Gag me with a DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance(). [Original.]

Wednesday 15:24 · @stevej Dunno about Arc but Clojure looks pretty enticing. For a Lisp. [Original, responding to @stevej.]

Wednesday 23:14 · The deletionists are after Rohit Khare over at Wikipedia. A good time for defenders to pitch in. [Original.]

Wednesday 23:21 · Fast sleep: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/12/17/Fast-Sleep [Original.]

Thursday 10:04 · Clonedroid roundup: clonedroidphone.com/post/63923821/clonedroidphone-com-roundup [Original.]

Thursday 10:47 · Wondering why I don't see "Sync with google" like it shows in the screen shot here: googlemac.blogspot.com/2008/05/mac-os-x-1053-sync-google-contacts.html [Original.]

Thursday 13:11 · Wondering what @brentsimmons is doing in Ruby [Original.]

Thursday 13:13 · Retweet @sbfaulkner - www.lifehacker.com.au/tips/2008/05/29/enable_google_contact_sync_without_an_iphone_or_ipod_touch-2.html [Original.]

Thursday 13:17 · My unlocked developer G1 showed up. Do I have to do an unboxing blog piece? [Original.]

Thursday 15:42 · Tweeting from the dev G1 [Original.]

Thursday 15:59 · Best Android Twitter client? [Original.]

Thursday 20:28 · @headius I stage-managed Rush on two occasions. I have stories... [Original, responding to @headius.]

Thursday 20:29 · @timoreilly Write a coupla Ajax bugs and a few perl scripts [Original, responding to @timoreilly.]

Thursday 20:32 · Have transferred my mobile life to the Android G1. Now what happens when the app I'm writing bricks it? [Original.]

Thursday 21:28 · Occasionally concerted civic effort works. Heart-warming: www.francesbula.com/?p=803 [Original.]

Thursday 21:33 · Why I'm working on Android not iPhone: www.macblogz.com/2008/12/17/iphone-dev-spends-500k-on-development-still-not-approved-by-apple/ [Original.]

Thursday 21:48 · Imagine this in the hands of someone with artistic talent: andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/2008/12/mental-health-8.html [Original.]

Thursday 23:25 · Android Diary I: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/12/18/Android-Diary [Original.]

Friday 9:46 · Trying SpanningSync [Original.]

Friday 10:01 · Hmm, SpanningSync has now been "Sending data to Google..." for a looooooooooong time. Not a good start. [Original.]

Friday 10:50 · @spanningsync Yeah, but the SS prefs window won't even show up... I have the great mother of all .ics files. [Original, responding to @spanningsync.]

Friday 21:53 · @dysinger You've got root on the device if you need it without hacking I believe. In my case, the $200 option isn't available in Canada. [Original, responding to @dysinger.]

Saturday 11:21 · W00t - via Connectbot, ssh'ing from my G1 to the world. Next step, ssh into the phone. [Original.]

Saturday 15:07 · On hold with support. [Original.]

Sunday 7:17 · Real-world open-source culture issues: blogs.sun.com/webmink/entry/open_source_maturity [Original.]

Sunday 12:24 · 28 below on the trans-Canada in Saskatchewan [Original.]

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