Week ending Sunday 2008/11/16

Monday 0:52 · Will leave laptop on all night in the faint hope that Time Machine will stop Preparing Backup and just do the fucking backup already. [Original.]

Monday 8:13 · Storage 7000: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/09/Storage-7000 [Original.]

Monday 9:32 · Ah, I love the smell of a new-product blog storm in the morning. [Original.]

Monday 15:57 · Why on earth do people think new Sun storage stuff isn't for big biz? Not expensive enough? Check the features... [Original.]

Monday 17:18 · On Regulation: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/10/On-Regulation [Original.]

Monday 19:26 · @danielpunkass We Want ETags! We Want ETags! [Original, responding to @danielpunkass.]

Monday 19:32 · Running Disk Verify on my Time Capsule per commenters' wisdom. Which turns to be "fsck_hfs" under the covers. Hmm [Original.]

Monday 22:44 · Twitter Grader needs a little more precision in the floating point. Amusing though. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:41 · Just lost a half-hour out of my day to Michael Lewis' mesmerising "The End". Jesus H. Christ on a barbecue. Gotta read: www.portfolio.com/news-markets/national-news/portfolio/2008/11/11/The-End-of-Wall-Streets-Boom [Original.]

Tuesday 14:21 · It's dark and raining hard and we have a depressing mayoral/council election and business is lousy. This calls for some rock and roll. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:26 · Heh, just introduced two Spanish people with a common interest (both Twitterers, btw) to each other. Yay Internet. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:46 · I don't think the political class has figured out the depth of anger in the population over what happened in the finance industry. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:13 · Found Guy Kawasaki's twitwhoring advice repellant to a degree that surprised me. It made this whole thing feel vaguely dirty. [Original.]

Tuesday 16:31 · Remembrance: www.forces.gc.ca/site/focus/fallen/index_e.asp [Original.]

Tuesday 17:02 · RT @headius ruby rock & roll: twitter.com/headius/status/1001294788 [Original.]

Tuesday 19:43 · It's less work to download a multiMB printer driver from canon.com than step across the room to turn on the computer that has a copy. hmmmmm [Original.]

Tuesday 21:42 · My first battle with LightRoom's Print module drove me back to Photoshop Elements. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:48 · @jimParkinson Yeah, but is propping them in their current dysfunctional condition the right thing to do? Tough call. [Original, responding to @jimParkinson.]

Tuesday 22:41 · Anger Management: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/11/Angry [Original.]

Wednesday 9:13 · Hmm, SpringSource bought G2One, the Groovy guys' company. A little worried, Groovy seems way more important than Spring to me. [Original.]

Wednesday 9:24 · @judell Sounds like graceful handling of a sad time. Been there. Look forward to your writing an obituary. [Original, responding to @judell.]

Wednesday 10:08 · Look at the share price. SpringSource can buy Sun next. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:09 · @fredwilson Are you saying that deleveraging is mostly done? [Original, responding to @fredwilson.]

Wednesday 11:35 · Vaguely reassured that the population is responding to financial stress by cutting back on purchases of big-screen TVs. Sorry, Circuit City. [Original.]

Wednesday 13:07 · my twitterank is irrelevant. [Original.]

Wednesday 13:16 · @pmuellr I gave up and took it just to make the irritating little goober go away. L'Orthographe française FTW. [Original, responding to @pmuellr.]

Wednesday 13:20 · Suppose, hypothetically, one grants that GM should be saved. Problem is, It's not clear that it's possible to do so at any price. [Original.]

Wednesday 13:27 · RT @tmolini - Neil Young's nifty green car: blogs.sun.com/ontherecord/entry/neil_young_brings_linc_volt [Original.]

Wednesday 15:03 · @peat en.leica-camera.com/photography/m_system/lenses/5915.html [Original, responding to @peat.]

Wednesday 21:46 · @Scobleizer Corruption very quickly disappearing? I really really don't think so. Just possibly not everything you hear is true. [Original, responding to @Scobleizer.]

Wednesday 22:04 · @duncan Those pix look less dramatic/electric than yours usually do. Less on-stage, more in-living-room. Not sure what I think. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Wednesday 22:23 · Discipline: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/12/Discipline [Original.]

Wednesday 22:27 · @duncan Your pix at e.g. Railsconf captured the intensity of what it felt like on stage. Perhaps not true to the audience experience,granted [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Wednesday 22:34 · @twleung Ssssssssssssh! Heresy! Nobody expects th☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠ [Original, responding to @twleung.]

Thursday 0:29 · @hildjj Fingers crossed here. [Original, responding to @hildjj.]

Thursday 9:44 · Python 20-30% faster. Compiler tech FTW: wikis.sun.com/display/AppPerfTuning/Python [Original.]

Thursday 19:11 · How I Use My Mac: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/12/How-I-Use-OS-X [Original.]

Thursday 23:12 · Headlines you gotta love: "Iranian comedian Randy Muscle rescues man from burning building": www.japanprobe.com/?p=7257 [Original.]

Thursday 23:23 · Round Yellow Tree: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/13/Round-Yellow-Tree [Original.]

Thursday 23:24 · @Scobleizer No, they block WP.com because it has Free Tibet and other flavors of dissident bloggers. Please be more cynical. [Original, responding to @Scobleizer.]

Friday 10:03 · Financial meltdown doesn't seem to have impacted Manhattan hotel prices. Silly silly prices. [Original.]

Friday 10:13 · I dropped my son's violin on the floor and broke it. Only $100 to sort it out turns out, but really quite traumatic. [Original.]

Friday 10:21 · Via @edwardog, a nice fresh electric blast of energy for a crappy morning: radio3.cbc.ca/ [Original.]

Friday 10:27 · @pmuellr I had the impression that REST was developing some pretty powerful positive buzz out there in the boring mainstream market. [Original, responding to @pmuellr.]

Friday 10:51 · @pmuellr Yeah, well, if you paste a REST slogan on the side of yet another XML-RPC pig, you deserve what you're gonna get from Roy. [Original, responding to @pmuellr.]

Friday 11:19 · @pmuellr Right, and you're also right that there's too much anger in the ecosystem left over from the WS-* catastrophe. [Original, responding to @pmuellr.]

Friday 12:22 · Comparative Web (about Olio): www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/14/Olio [Original.]

Friday 12:43 · @sogrady open a Terminal.app window and type rsync. Working out the correct incantation is left an exercise for the student. [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Friday 13:12 · You *can* repair a Keynote problem by editing the multi-meg no-linefeed XML file in Emacs. It *hurts* Emacs. But it can be done. Bwahaha! [Original.]

Friday 13:34 · Missing-font messages in Keynote: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/14/You-Can-Fix-Keynote [Original.]

Friday 16:16 · Wonder why Twitter was https: yesterday but plain ol' http: today. [Original.]

Friday 16:18 · @kwerb Wow, that is ultra-super news. Input from someone who actually *likes* the Internet, what a concept... [Original, responding to @kwerb.]

Friday 16:19 · @willsnow As soon as I bloody well get home, you betcha, and lots of it. [Original, responding to @willsnow.]

Friday 16:38 · Wow... 2010 Vancouver winter Olympic finance shenanigans in the NY Times: www.nytimes.com/2008/11/15/sports/olympics/15olympics.html?_r=1&partner=rss&pagewanted=all [Original.]

Friday 21:22 · Unfollowing ruthlessly. Gotta reduce the input bandwidth. [Original.]

Friday 22:09 · Bye-bye A&B: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/14/Bye-Bye-A-and-B [Original.]

Friday 22:11 · @duncan No! Shouldn't have admitted where you were. The Apple secrecy ninjas are creeping up your outside wall as I type... [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Friday 22:15 · @stevej That SSD or spinning rust? I'd be super interested in comparable Bonnie numbers for the two. [Original, responding to @stevej.]

Friday 22:23 · @stevej shoulda run with 8G. Bet you didn't want to hear that. It ain't really doing 186 seeks/sec. Damn, that code dates from 1989. [Original, responding to @stevej.]

Friday 23:16 · @stevej I believe 148, actually. Upon rechecking, I might have even believed the higher number. These things actually do get better, slowly. [Original, responding to @stevej.]

Friday 23:16 · @stevej Sure, patch away. Surprised there are any tabs in there. [Original, responding to @stevej.]

Saturday 11:57 · @gruber: In English: Iron butt. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Saturday 13:08 · @DominicJones Why is hair-pulling required? Not rocket science. [Original, responding to @DominicJones.]

Saturday 13:44 · That DHH is a lean, mean, evangelizin' machine. [Original.]

Saturday 14:08 · Interesting reglib-vs-JQuery advocacy: blogs.sun.com/greimer/entry/reglib_versus_jquery [Original.]

Saturday 19:20 · @danielpunkass Natty Dread FTW: /ongoing/When/200x/2007/03/10/Baby-Dread [Original, responding to @danielpunkass.]

Saturday 21:07 · @sogrady Yeah too cheap. Sigma's all over the map. I have a $450 f1.4 30mm prime that's like a rock. [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Saturday 21:49 · At the end of the day, the Beethoven violin concerto is just not that great. [Original.]

Saturday 22:03 · @Yasumoto For violin concerti, Sibelius is hard to beat. [Original, responding to @Yasumoto.]

Saturday 22:17 · @JulieLeung WIlliam Burroughs influence? [Original, responding to @JulieLeung.]

Saturday 22:41 · Wonder if Gregor woulda slaughtered Mayor Sam the way he did Peter Ladner? (re: Vancouver election) [Original.]

Saturday 22:48 · Well, I'm doubtful that the new city govt can crack the homelessness nut, but I'm glad that our voters seem to take the issue seriously. [Original.]

Saturday 23:55 · RT @mezzoblue holy crap does this map ever tell a story: vancouver.ca/electionresults2008/connect/mayorrace2008.png (I'm in green). [Original.]

Sunday 0:03 · I live in #51 btw: vancouver.ca/electionresults2008/connect/mayorrace2008.png [Original.]

Sunday 12:55 · @headius Me too. Dear world: It takes big companies *months* to execute this kind of surgery. At this point nobody knows who's staying. [Original, responding to @headius.]

Sunday 14:09 · Scalaris looks a lot like CouchDB at first glance? [Original.]

Sunday 18:11 · Sam sees the wealth of the world in 1655: www.pepysdiary.com/archive/1665/11/16/ [Original.]

Sunday 18:14 · @ritam kd is beyond wonderful in concert but doesn't seem to tour much any more. [Original, responding to @ritam.]

Sunday 18:18 · @blaine You & I live in the *Web* universe. This is the Internet universe, which underlies it. They think about things outside of HTTP/XMPP. [Original, responding to @blaine.]

Sunday 19:02 · Tim Bray, Strategic Policy Manager, Western Power, is addressing an Aussie Senate Public Hearing at 10:45 Monday morning in Perth. Go Tim. [Original.]

Sunday 20:22 · "the lightweight precision of a command line interface..." blogs.sun.com/bmc/entry/on_modalities_and_misadventures [Original.]

Sunday 20:51 · Fix NFL Overtime: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/16/CFL-Overtime-Rules [Original.]

Sunday 22:03 · My Tinfoil Hat: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/16/My-Tinfoil-Hat [Original.]

Sunday 22:11 · J'Accuse: torturingdemocracy.org/ [Original.]

Sunday 22:36 · @DaveO Use "Digital Capture" in the Apps folder to import off the camera, then iPhoto import. My camera focus was mis-set, almost no pix :( [Original, responding to @DaveO.]

Sunday 23:13 · The Art of Manliness: artofmanliness.com/ [Original.]

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