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Pronounced “Keen-Eye” · We launched Pro­ject Ke­nai very qui­et­ly last Fri­day. It’s a de­vel­op­er hub with SCM and is­sue track­ing and fo­rums and all the oth­er stuff you’d ex­pec­t. We built it be­cause we need­ed it, but it’s open for use by the world for free. For a new­born in­fan­t, it looks pret­ty good. Any­one can vis­it, but to cre­ate a project re­quires an in­vi­ta­tion, which I have some of; con­tact me if you want one. There are lots of in­ter­est­ing things about Ke­nai; among oth­er things, it’s a Rails ap­p. Here­with the de­tail­s.
[Up­date: Nick Sieger re­sponds to heat over “control”.]
Vertical Vegetables · Be­ing a pho­to of a sun­lit sal­ad at the restau­rant in the Tea­house in Vancouver’s Stan­ley Park ...
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