Week ending Sunday 2008/08/17

Monday 0:10 · Watching people swim is boring. I guess I just don't have the Olympic Spirit. [Original.]

Monday 8:52 · Heh... check out @IngenBio - not bad. [Original.]

Monday 10:25 · So, um, is Russia going to overrun all of Georgia? Nasty nasty nasty. [Original.]

Monday 13:59 · Is it OK to go public about interesting head-hunter contacts? I.e. where the recruitment is interesting. "Wow, XXX is looking for a YYY!?" [Original.]

Monday 14:12 · @d2h Why is Basecamp fast? Inquiring minds want to know. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Monday 15:22 · BTW my gmail never even flickered. Maybe due to being in Canada? [Original.]

Monday 15:40 · Interesting perspective on Russia/Georgia situation: www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article4498709.ece [Original.]

Monday 15:59 · @danielpunkass Gonna see if I can get Mars generic AtomPub working with my Apache server impl. Wish us both luck. [Original, responding to @danielpunkass.]

Monday 16:19 · <sob> mod_atom and MarsEdit won't talk to each other. Play nice kids, or I pull over and everyone gets a spanking. [Original.]

Monday 18:54 · Have hardly seen the Olympics. Enjoying Canada/Taiwan women's softball. [Original.]

Monday 20:58 · co-debugging AtomPub impls, mod_atom&MarsEdit. Feel guilty filing bugs for new Dad @danielpunkass, but cheery about shaking 'em out of m_a. [Original.]

Tuesday 1:05 · @codelust The Reg seems to think they need one or more malevolent flamethrowers (cf en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Orlowski) on staff. [Original, responding to @codelust.]

Tuesday 11:25 · spend an afternoon walking around aimlessly with a dslr pointing it at the sky and tripping over emos: blogs.sun.com/timcaynes/entry/clouds_and_computing [Original.]

Tuesday 11:57 · interesting "java.next" examples: blog.thinkrelevance.com/2008/8/12/java-next-2-java-interop [Original.]

Tuesday 12:56 · I have never understood why my physical location is interesting, online. But lots of people seem to care about geo-this-and-that. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:00 · In principle, I think we need tech journalism. In practice, I read things like www.informationweek.com/news/software/soa/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=209904293&pgno=1 and think WTF, why not just read blogs. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:25 · @stilkov The premise is sound, but with weird only-slightly-related counterfactuals making it obvious the writer has no domain expertise. [Original, responding to @stilkov.]

Tuesday 14:36 · Feeling, as a Pentax cultist, alternately smug and left-out among the CaNikon back-and-forth. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:56 · @dims Soon I expect, you could pester him. I think we're about done. [Original, responding to @dims.]

Tuesday 17:35 · I get three channels of hi-def Olympics. Still, most of the time there's no actual sports on, just talking heads or ads. [Original.]

Tuesday 20:31 · Georgia vs. Russia (women's beach volleyball) - high drama indeed, I'm not kidding. Georgia won. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:45 · In love with the Aussie women's beach volleyballers [Original.]

Wednesday 0:05 · I was in awe: takingalongview.blogspot.com/2008/08/i-was-in-awe.html [Original.]

Wednesday 10:08 · Software that makes me smile every day: Emacs, Lightroom, NetBeans. Lots of other stuff is OK. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:52 · Holy crap, the all-inclusive-of-everything NB6.5 is a 500M install. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:14 · Compelling preso of Freebase app, even if the examples are kind of lame: www.vimeo.com/1513562 [Original.]

Wednesday 12:34 · If this works out, it's the biggest news story of the decade, or longer: web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2008/oxygen-0731.html [Original.]

Wednesday 13:23 · Torture-testing NB6.5b with my messy complicated many-thousand-lines-in-one-file C module. 6.1 couldn't hold up under the strain, long-term. [Original.]

Wednesday 13:30 · Retweet @allankh: MIT breakthrough article critique: climateprogress.org/2008/08/02/major-discovery-from-mit-primed-to-unleash-solar-revolution-not/ [Original.]

Wednesday 13:47 · @huikau Heh, had to shift to Ruby to munge the module testing code. Bad: already reported 2 minor bugs. Good: Ruby file runner much smarter. [Original, responding to @huikau.]

Wednesday 14:48 · retweet @BWJones: Oooooh, very cool: www.nervian.com/ [Original.]

Wednesday 20:00 · Hah, this is what Rails has needed since day 1: ryandaigle.com/articles/2008/8/14/what-s-new-in-edge-rails-simpler-conditional-get-support-etags [Original.]

Wednesday 20:56 · Dear America: I hope your cable or satellite or whatever has an alternative to NBC for the Olympics. [Original.]

Wednesday 21:03 · @therealadam Well, I'll have to write at length as to why I think it's important. Because I do. [Original, responding to @therealadam.]

Thursday 0:28 · The aerial walkway at the UBC Botanical garden is open... gotta see it: www.ubcbotanicalgarden.org/potd/2008/08/greenheart_canopy_walkway_at_ubc_botanical_garden.php [Original.]

Thursday 0:40 · Weird when someone I never heard of is following me & has protected updates. I want to request. Potential spam vector? [Original.]

Thursday 9:34 · @chadfowler On the other hand, do occasionally consider entirely eliminating one's database. [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Thursday 13:36 · Tasty Rails ETags: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/08/14/Rails-ETags [Original.]

Thursday 13:43 · Monster wave of Spanish GMail spam. Sigh. [Original.]

Thursday 13:48 · Lovely story, lovely pix: Elephant Bang Bua Thong: www.foto8.com/home/content/view/605/161/ [Original.]

Thursday 16:52 · When there's a little piece of software with many layers of hacks & patches, and blood is still seeping round the edges, that'd be a message [Original.]

Thursday 16:53 · It seems obvious that there are Way Too Many swimming events. [Original.]

Thursday 21:37 · @luckiestmonkey Awww, I loved your old avatar, that smile made me smile. [Original, responding to @luckiestmonkey.]

Friday 8:41 · @nelson Those gymnastics waifs are *not* hot. Creepy, yes. Beach volleyball is teh hotness, for homos & breeders alike I'd think. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Friday 10:11 · XML Backlash? www.ajaxonomy.com/2008/xml/xml-backlash [Original.]

Friday 10:49 · XML was widely adopted for configs in reaction to many badly designed ad-hoc config-file languages. Didn't turn out to be a great fit. [Original.]

Friday 10:55 · @rachelchalmers Unnecessarily heavyweight. A lot of configs are mostly just name/value pairs. [Original, responding to @rachelchalmers.]

Friday 22:48 · The Obama & McCain Olympics ad spots contrast sharply. [Original.]

Sunday 14:15 · Why does one member of the women's volleyball team have a different-coloured jersey? Usually a smaller person. [Original.]

Sunday 23:17 · Dear America: If you're watching the Olympics, try to find a feed of the Poland-Russia volleyball, it's a barnburner. [Original.]

Sunday 23:28 · Go Poland! [Original.]

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