This is just a bug report posted here to make it findable for anyone who has the same problem; guaranteed not of general interest.

Symptom · After a from-scratch Time Machine restore, the local Web server on your Mac won’t start, you get connection rejected if you go to http://localhost/. Starting it with “Web Sharing” under the “Sharing” preference pane doesn’t help.

How To Fix · The Time Machine restore for some reason doesn’t create the directory /private/var/log/apache2, so httpd can’t log, so it refuses to start.

sudo mkdir /private/var/log/apache2 and you’re good to go.


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From: Shane Sweeney (Jul 27 2008, at 17:32)

I get a little tension in the back of my neck any time a miss like this is discovered.


From: Patrick Quinn-Graham (Jul 28 2008, at 02:53)

I encountered this myself recently (rdar://6060124).

TimeMachine sensibly (to me at least) ignores /var/log, so I guess the fix will either be recreating the directory structure or fixing apache so it re-creates its directories if needed...


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