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Good Morning · I like morn­ings. Espe­cial­ly bright ones on foot in the city. Peo­ple are up and about for a rea­son; it’s easy to be­lieve the world is on the whole is a well-organized pur­pose­ful kind of place ...
RotD: Morning Mist · We plant­ed today’s rose in an awk­ward cor­ner of the gar­den and thus had to move it; this sum­mer it’s re­cov­er­ing and on­ly pro­duced one blos­som. Pret­ty pic­tures are a re­lief, I hope, in a week that feels like summer’s Horse lat­i­tudes ...
The Shambling WS-Undead · I’ll try to play this straight. It seems that a posse of in­dus­try ti­tans (IBM, Or­a­cle, CA, and EMC) want a W3C work­ing group to stan­dard­ize WS-Transfer, WS-ResourceTransfer, WS-Enumeration and WS-MetadataExchange. Be­cause, as they say, “There is still some work to be done”, and “Accessing da­ta about a re­source through Web ser­vices is an area of the Web ser­vices ar­chi­tec­ture that has yet to be ful­ly realized.” I guess that if you re­al­ly do want to im­ple­ment HTTP on top of the SOAP stack on top of HTTP, these are clear­ly the Right Ven­dors For The Job. There is, how­ev­er, re­al dan­ger in this move, as out­lined by Mark Not­ting­ham in The WS-Empire Strikes Back­... fee­bly.
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