This rose-of-the-day grows in our front yard, but we inherited it and I don’t know what it is. Plus, Nikon is making waves in the camera world.

Extremely pink rose

You might want to check out Alex Waterhouse-Hayward’s wise remarks on the difficulty of photographing this colour range; my experience would suggest he understates it. But in this particular case, I walk by this particular plant several times every day and I think the rose→camera→Lightroom→browser bucket brigade does a surprisingly good job of showing you what I think I saw.

Cameras · Nikon launched the D700. This is the camera that might have pulled me off the Pentax bandwagon, but it arrives too late. Still, I don’t know. Most of these rose pictures are Pentax’s “Limited” 40mm prime pancake, except for the last one which I’m saving up to end with a bang, shot with the Limited 21mm prime. I’m pretty sure that those two lenses don’t have any serious competition smaller than any camera body you might want to attach them to. I’m happy for now.


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From: jasmin (Jul 01 2008, at 06:48)

quite a pretty flower indeed :)


From: Scott Johnson (Jul 01 2008, at 08:24)

I've searched for anything close to those lenses in the Canon world, and I'm just not seeing it. I'm so jealous of those pancakes!


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