I thought I’d shot my Flower-of-the-Day wad last month, but I have two problems: First, there are a lot of pleasing photos of roses on my computer, and second, I’m a bit bored. Thus, a Rose-of-the-Day series.

Bored!?!?!? · Well, there’s a little problem and a big problem. The little problem is an aggregate: things are kind of slow in summer, and I’m buckling down to serious work on mod_atom which I persist in thinking will be real useful but is deadly dull inside, and we’ve had some re-orgs that are delaying biting down on what I think is important to do next.

In the bigger picture, I’m feeling irritatingly un-itchy. I came into Sun four years ago ranting that blogs were hot and the SOAP stack was bad and REST was good and the Java language was boring and dynamic languages were interesting and syndication was underestimated. Well, all those arguments are verging on over.

I need a windmill to tilt at. I’m sure I’ll find one. In the interim, consider this:

Red rose (Parkdirektor Riggers) petal on violet ground-cover

That petal has fallen off an an instance of “Parkdirektor Riggers”, which is a climbing rose (and an excellent one), and the little violet blossoms are our new front-garden ground-cover, recommended by a professional gardener, forsooth, but whose name I forget.


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From: Dave Pawson (Jun 26 2008, at 05:59)

Best yet Tim.

Deeply impressive colour.


From: Clint Combs (Jun 26 2008, at 06:35)

Looking at the mod_atom page on Google code it says, "Not suitable for production use as there is no content sanitization." What are your current thoughts and plans on sanitizing (or not sanitizing) input? Have they changed since you wrote this? Maybe this small ;-) task would ease your boredom...


From: Tim (Jun 26 2008, at 07:23)

Clint: Oops. mod_atom now does content sanitization, so I updated the status.


From: Ant Bryan (Jun 26 2008, at 14:10)

Metalink, a format for describing downloads, could use a man of la mancha. :)

Lovely shot...


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