[This is part of the Wide Finder 2 series.] I’m happy to report that I’ve given out a bunch of accounts on the Wide Finder 2 machine. I’ll aggregate links to others’ work in this entry.

2008/06/02 · Ray Waldin has a bunch of posts: WideFinder in Scala, WiderFinder, WideFinder 2 Strawman implemented in Scala, Multicore WideFinding, and Multicore Sorter.

Alex Morega has Wide Finder, Wide Finder: Going Parallel, and Wide Finder: Many Cores.

Did I Miss You? · If you’re working on this let me know and I’ll keep adding links.


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From: Alex Morega (Jun 03 2008, at 03:06)

One more article: http://grep.ro/blog/2008/05/wide_finder_many_cores


From: MenTaLguY (Jun 03 2008, at 19:15)

I'd just like to caution folks about taking shortcuts in the reduce phase, for example collecting only the top N entries from each worker when you want to find the overall top N entries.

Let's say that we're using two workers to determine the top two entries. Here are the full results from our workers:

Worker 0:

{ bob: 9, dana: 8, laura: 4 }

Worker 1:

{ betty: 10, steve: 9, laura: 7 }

The overall ranking (with lexical ordering of names breaking ties) is:

{ laura: 11, betty: 10, bob: 9, steve: 9, dana: 8 }

And the top two entries are:

{ laura: 11, betty: 10 }

However, if you had only taken the top two entries from each worker, you will instead have gotten:

{ betty: 10, bob: 9 }

"laura" wasn't in the top two in either worker's list individually, but was actually top overall.


From: Erik Engbrecht (Jun 04 2008, at 05:42)

I'm working it but unfortunately haven't had time to blog about it...I decided with limited time coding was more useful than blogging.

I should have something by the end of the week.


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