Week ending Sunday 2008/04/27

Monday 0:23 · Just back from the the Raconteurs show. Impressive. Ugly in places but that's the way they want it apparently. [Original.]

Monday 8:12 · Oh Gawd, the Register *butchered* an interview with me. Guess I should learn. [Original.]

Monday 10:14 · @kk - Come join the Pentax world. We have what you need. [Original, responding to @kk.]

Monday 10:47 · @kk - partly kidding. But Pentaxland is the place for serious lens otaku. Lovely little ultralight pancake primes, etc... www.cafepress.com/robertstech [Original, responding to @kk.]

Monday 10:48 · @chucker: the ISO enhancements to OXML are irrelevant: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/04/15/OOXML [Original, responding to @chucker.]

Monday 11:40 · gmail spam storm today, wonder why? [Original.]

Monday 12:00 · Amusing... in the Community One blub, @twleung's affiliation is listed as "Python". developers.sun.com/events/communityone/ [Original.]

Monday 12:12 · Hmm... just booked a Vancouver-San Fran trip in May on Alaska for about about half the usual fare. Airline pricing is a mystery. [Original.]

Monday 19:42 · Detecting an intermittent smell of Erlang in the ruby-core IRC [Original.]

Tuesday 15:11 · Nice new Portishead vide: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iWj0tO7qjg [Original.]

Tuesday 20:42 · Just called @webmink's cell in the UK by dialing his Grand Central # in San Fran & through to some SIP thing. Excellent audio. Hmmm. [Original.]

Tuesday 20:46 · WS-* defender: "The irony here is that MEST is a lot closer to an IAOAP2P than a COSC/S, but Jim does not see it." www.ebpml.org/blog/77.htm [Original.]

Tuesday 21:28 · Time Machine w/ Time Capsule has started reporting "Backup Failed" with no useful information about why. Disturbing. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:40 · Downside of being an official JavaOne blogger: now at the end of the PR firehose. Press-release language in 2008 seems entirely intolerable. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:00 · Cool Phil Glass movie trailer: www.apple.com/trailers/independent/glassaportraitofphilipin12parts/trailer/ - Good joke at the end. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:48 · @gstein - theme doesn't work for those of us who already lost our marbles. [Original, responding to @gstein.]

Wednesday 13:28 · Best explanation I've read of the roots of the sub-prime mess: www.nytimes.com/2008/04/27/magazine/27Credit-t.html?_r=2&hp=&oref=slogin&pagewanted=all&pagewanted=all [Original.]

Wednesday 13:29 · @monkchips - Pimp away, but C1 is getting big & hot, you'll need to provide reasons to come to your track vs the five other interesting ones [Original, responding to @monkchips.]

Wednesday 14:00 · @sogrady - that's a badge of honour. [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Wednesday 14:28 · twittearth.com, not bad twittearth.com?lat=48.49139&lon=-99.209643&m=twittearth.com,%20not%20bad&pseudo=timbray&location=Vancouver,%20Canda [Original.]

Wednesday 23:08 · My Power Mac now has 6G RAM. It could crush Chuck Norris and Bruce Schneier put together. [Original.]

Thursday 9:53 · Current web-hosting price snapshot. Damn, it's cheap. Note that Rails is now an option: www.canadianwebhosting.com/standard_hosting.asp [Original.]

Thursday 10:02 · Ruby Implementers Design Meeting #1, a Good Thing: headius.blogspot.com/2008/04/ruby-implementers-design-meeting-1.html [Original.]

Friday 9:37 · @estherschindler - Software test automation is the future. Trust me on this. [Original, responding to @estherschindler.]

Friday 10:07 · On the "Bulldog PR Management Roundtable" where everyone is shiny and happy and wears a suit: www.bulldogreporter.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=WebTitle&mod=WebTitles&mid=DD35BDEB326347298C16B515B4CB888F&tier=3&id=0737369A8E964CAFBA7C571FC975BB62 [Original.]

Friday 10:16 · @gruber - the laptop/desktop ratio is up because more people are going laptop-only, not just students. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Friday 12:15 · Aaaaaah... www.dilbert.com/fast [Original.]

Friday 16:16 · Sometimes a flame can be a positive contribution: randomfoo.net/blog/id/4171 [Original.]

Friday 16:25 · Good comment on @laurendw's blog: www.laurenwood.org/anyway/2008/04/18/bpa-whos-prepared/ [Original.]

Friday 16:51 · "I'm going to scale my foot up your ass": teddziuba.com/2008/04/im-going-to-scale-my-foot-up-y.html [Original.]

Saturday 16:46 · I have scrubbed the back deck. I glow with virtue. [Original.]

Sunday 7:28 · @BWJones - I frequently have trouble figuring out what I'll need to be working on in 3 months. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Sunday 7:48 · With an f.14 lens on a camera that has decent anti-shake and negligible grain at 1600, dinner parties are major photo ops. [Original.]

Sunday 7:52 · Hah, hadn't seen twitterfeed before. Works great for @SunBlogs: What's everybody here saying? [Original.]

Sunday 9:16 · Rob Sayre on life online, worth reading: blog.mozilla.com/rob-sayre/2008/04/26/here-comes-everybody/ [Original.]

Sunday 15:01 · WIshing Doonesbury would restart live strips. [Original.]

Sunday 19:38 · Wow, all this time I thought I was willfully obscurantist in liking Portishead, suddenly ("nobody loves me") everybody loves them. [Original.]

Sunday 21:30 · Rubinius MVM message interchange smells a bit like Erlang to me. This makes my heart go pitter-pat. [Original.]

Sunday 21:41 · @mpesce - You ain't missing much (and since I still have my VRML '95 T-shirt, I probably *want* to believe). [Original, responding to @mpesce.]

Sunday 22:37 · @gnat - in fact, avoiding everyone in the "top 100 most followed" results in no information loss. Anything interesting gets through. [Original, responding to @gnat.]

Sunday 22:44 · One reason pix look better in Lightroom is that they're surrounded by deep dark black. There's a lesson in that. [Original.]

Sunday 22:56 · If you want to spend a couple hours totally without benefit to yourself or humanity, you can do a lot worse thatn Bioshock. Just saying. [Original.]

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