There’s this guy named Nick Kew whom I’d never heard of till last year, when I started working on mod-atom. He’s one of the core httpd gurus, and wrote the book on Apache Modules, which is what mod-atom is. So he politely tolerated a flurry of clueless-newbie questions from me, and I feel guilty that I didn’t buy the book. Anyhow, he’s just come to work for Sun. I’ve already told him gleefully that I shall now feel guilt-free about the questions. But seriously, it makes me happy to be bringing some more httpd expertise on board, given that it’s perhaps the single most important software component of the whole World Wide Web. Welcome aboard, Nick!


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From: Matthew Laird (Feb 22 2008, at 10:28)

I did buy the book, since it seems to be the only good resource about Apache 2.x module creation. However if you're talking to him - more of his code examples from the book on the website would be nice, I dislike having to retype pages of text from a book. :)


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