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Hey, Nick! · There’s this guy named Nick Kew whom I’d nev­er heard of till last year, when I start­ed work­ing on mod-atom. He’s one of the core httpd gu­rus, and wrote the book on Apache Mo­d­ules, which is what mod-atom is. So he po­lite­ly tol­er­at­ed a flur­ry of clueless-newbie ques­tions from me, and I feel guilty that I didn’t buy the book. Any­how, he’s just come to work for Sun. I’ve al­ready told him glee­ful­ly that I shall now feel guilt-free about the ques­tion­s. But se­ri­ous­ly, it makes me hap­py to be bring­ing some more httpd ex­per­tise on board, giv­en that it’s per­haps the sin­gle most im­por­tant soft­ware com­po­nent of the whole World Wide We­b. Wel­come aboard, Nick!
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