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Virtual Indiana · I got the net­work­ing work­ing on yesterday’s In­di­ana + Vir­tu­alBox + Mac in­stal­l, but not well. I think that driv­er needs some work, it seems to lock up on big da­ta trans­fer­s. Any­how, just for fun, I brought over a 22-meg 5782×3946 JPG (a slide scan, the first pic­ture here), and opened it up with the Gimp un­der In­di­ana un­der Vir­tu­alBox un­der OS X. And it worked. It sure ain’t as fast as Light­room, but then noth­ing is as fast as Light­room. I pulled out the Levels tool and and black­ened the shad­ows a bit and twid­dled the white bal­ance. You could live with it if you had to. That Vir­tu­alBox is more than a lit­tle OK ...
The Big Switch · Clear­ly, Ni­cholas Carr dis­ap­proves of much of the cul­ture in which I’ve im­mersed my­self and which I nearly-wholly em­brace, to which I would ap­ply la­bels such as “online” or “Web” or “Internet” or “Twenty-first century”. (Carr and I have writ­ten back and forth al­ready on the gen­er­al­i­ties.) So it would be rea­son­able to sus­pect me of bias in writ­ing about his re­cent The Big Switch—Rewiring the world, from Edi­son to Google. And in­deed, I do think that sev­er­al of its key ar­gu­ments are, well, wrong. But it’s a good book any­how; well writ­ten and ex­treme­ly ap­po­site ...
VirtualBox and Solaris · Wow, we must have some pret­ty sharp M&A peo­ple. I’m no vir­tu­al­iza­tion gu­ru, but I thought that at least I knew about the se­ri­ous play­er­s. But now we’re buy­ing in­notek, who make Vir­tu­alBox; I’d nev­er heard of ’em but the re­views look good. I tried it out and learned a cou­ple things ...
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