Preparing for that July trip to Berlin, I was worried about getting online; Lauren poked around a bit and suggested Boingo. It was a huge success; I got an hour or two in at Heathrow going and coming, and the little German hotel was also on Boingo. I’d sort of thought, when we got back, that I’d cancel, since it seems to be more a European than US thing. But it keeps showing up here and there, probably enough to be cost-effective. In particular, O’Hare airport, which has ong been T-Mobile (expensive and slow) or nothing, now has a network that named “Concourse” which uses Boingo and is damn fast, I think maybe the fastest WiFi throughput uploading pictures to ongoing I’ve ever seen. So if you’re traveling a lot, you might want to check it out.


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From: binky (Oct 20 2007, at 23:13)

I hadn't heard of it, thanks.

It's still a little disappointing that internet access isn't ubiquitous and reasonably priced where not free. There's still way to much gouging-level pricing.

The name couldn't help but remind me of a band from the early 1980s, particularly in combination with the name of your blog. Oingo Boingo. If you don't know them -- and even if you think you don't you'd probably recognize a couple of their songs -- you probably know their leader, Danny Elfman, or at least his movie and tv work.


From: jordan (Oct 21 2007, at 20:21)

I used Boingo last year when I was delayed at O’Hare, and was also quite impressed by the speed.


From: jeremy hunsinger (Oct 23 2007, at 18:19)

i use boingo most of the time, it is great in ny regional airports, chicago, and almost all east coast airport.


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