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Trains and People and Restaurants · I’ll close up this miniature series on Germany’s capital with observations on getting around, the people who live there, and going out to eat ...
Going for Beers in East Berlin · Since I wasn’t personally close to any of the wedding party, the big day for me in our Berlin trip was the Sunday after; our one day of interrupted sunshine, and we spent it all in beer gardens with attached playgrounds. In the morning, we had breakfast (no beer involved) with some of Lauren’s old school buddies, and in the afternoon we had dinner and beers with some geeky ongoing readers ...
Schloss and Dom · In German, the first means castle, the second “dome” and often, by attribution, cathedral. In the center of Berlin, one’s right beside what used to be the other ...
The Boy’s View of Berlin · When we’re out and about and I have both cameras, I’ve started offering the little Canon to our son, just turned eight, asking him if he wants to shoot a few. He almost always says “Yes” and if you will indulge the fancies of an indulgent Dad, I think he’s good. Here’s his take on Berlin ...
07/07/07 · On the seventh of July this year, we participated in the global lucky-number wedding boom by attending Gerhild and Reinhard’s wedding in Berlin. Here are some photos, which are only of interest if you like weddings or modern Lutheran ecclesiastical architecture ...
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Hamburger Art · I like art galleries and museums, in particular modern art, something that strains the brain a bit. Berlin is a pretty big deal in the modern-art world so when Lauren asked what I wanted to do one day, we went to the Hamburger Bahnhof, at one time the station where you got the train to Hamburg, now an Art museum, and old railway stations make good ones ...
Pfifferlinge in Schmargendorf · What happened was, Geri who’s Lauren’s friend of many years, was getting married in Berlin, so we spent a week there. We stayed in the southwest, in Schmargendorf, once an independent town, one of many swallowed up by Berlin in 1922. Child-minding and wedding festivities and touristing and some mailing-list work and fiddling with mod_atom and the Ape didn’t leave much time for this space ...
Berlin Next Week? · Lauren and I and the two kids will be vacationing in Berlin between the 3rd and 9th of July, mostly to attend a wedding. Anyone want to get together for a (child-friendly) beer? [Update: Looks like there’s momentum for a small-scale geeks (& kids, remember) get-together, say early-evening Wed. July 4th. Change of plan due to Berlin folk having busy Wednesdays; we’ll do an afternoon and early dinner thing, with kids, on Sunday July 8th, starting at 3PM. Let’s let Tomster organize the details.] [Final sync-up: We’re meeting at Alois S at 3PM Sunday.]
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