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Green Biz · Wow, was my em­ploy­er ev­er busy while I was hid­ing in Saskatchewan. I think this whole Eco In­no­va­tion launch is maybe the most im­por­tant thing we’ve done since I joined in 2004. There are a whole lot of ar­rows point­ing the same di­rec­tion: The ris­ing, and gen­er­al­ly un­con­trol­lable, cost of en­er­gy. The space and HVAC con­straints in mod­ern da­ta cen­ter­s. The fu­ture of the plan­et. It’s not (quite) an emer­gen­cy yet, but there are plen­ty of en­vi­ron­men­tal, eco­nomic, and po­lit­i­cal sce­nar­ios that could land us in (not en­tire­ly fig­u­ra­tive) hot wa­ter pret­ty damn quick, alone or in com­bi­na­tion. I sus­pect the whole industry’s go­ing to be climb­ing in this band­wag­on; it would be ir­re­spon­si­ble not to.
Status Report · The pic­tures here, in their in­line for­m, are now all 400 pix­els wide, not 300; I think that looks a lot bet­ter. Did re­siz­ing them all ev­er burn a lot of CPU. Al­so, the side­bar has been cleaned up, there’s a soft­ware link there that con­sol­i­dates some bits of code I’ve emit­ted over the years; with a lit­tle homi­ly in the first para­graph, even ...
5★♫: Kremer Plays Bach · I’ve been fish­ing in Twentieth-century five-★ wa­ters of late, so let’s cast our eyes back on mu­sic writ­ten by dead guys. There have been a few clas­si­cal works that I’ve heard one artist play, then nev­er both­ered to take the time to lis­ten to any­one else’s take. For ex­am­ple, Gi­don Kremer’s 1980 record­ing of the Vi­olin Sonatas and Par­ti­tas by J.S. Bach. This might be a tough sel­l: two hours of mu­sic con­tain­ing no notes much be­low mid­dle C, and no more than two notes ev­er played at the same time. And Kre­mer is all about Truth not Beau­ty, which is to say he doesn’t sugar-coat Bach’s rough edges. But I think that truth is beau­ty, and I think that this mu­sic has so much of both that you re­al­ly ought to sit down some­time and lis­ten to all of it. Wel­l, and it sounds good. (“5★♫” se­ries in­tro­duc­tion here; with an ex­pla­na­tion of why the ti­tle may look bro­ken.) ...
Mahalo Funnies · Some­one named “C.K. Sam­ple III” emailed me with an in­vite to try some­thing called Ma­halo, which I gath­er is a hot sub­ject among the A-listers. I was on a bor­ing tele­con, so I fired up Fire­fox and gave it a try. Hey, it said “Mahalo's search re­sults on­ly in­clude great links.” The re­sults are hi­lar­i­ous ...
Mortgages · I’m hard­ly alone in be­ing fas­ci­nat­ed by the cur­rent fi­nan­cial tu­mult; all these mortgage-backed fi­nan­cial in­stru­ments, and no­body re­al­ly knows how much they’re worth. If there’s good news, it’s that the im­me­di­ate short-term blood­let­ting will most­ly in­volve high-roller in­vestors, hedge-fund cus­tomer­s, those best able to af­ford it. Will it spill over in­to the broad­er econ­o­my? My per­son­al bet is prob­a­bly not. But any­how, I don’t have any­thing new to say on the sub­jec­t. I think Bram Co­hen does, though.
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