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Royal Sunset · Yes, we’ve been here be­fore and we’ll be here again. With notes on Salieri and Emp­ty Room­s ...
Sunset Edit · I post­ed that apricot-rose pic­ture last night, late, and when I looked at it on the big screen at work this morn­ing, I thought “Ouch, that’s borked”. It turns out that I’d cranked Lightroom’s “Fill Light” con­trol all the way over to the right, lik­ing the ef­fect on the cen­tre of the blos­som, miss­ing the dam­age else­where ...
TestMaker · I got mail from Frank Co­hen say­ing “We just re­leased TestMak­er 5.0, could you give us a plug?” Hey, why not; I don’t know the first thing about the soft­ware so this is not an en­dorse­men­t, and the phrase “SOA Governance” gives me a mild wave of nau­se­a, but Frank’s a good guy, a long-time pro­po­nent of dy­nam­ic lan­guages on the JVM, and any­how the software’s Open-Source. Hey Frank, does it talk REST?
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Tidying HTML · I’ve de­cid­ed that mod­_atom re­al­ly needs to be a blog-publishing sys­tem, not just an Atom Store. And fur­ther­more, based most­ly on the com­ments to that San­i­ta­tion piece, I’ve made two de­sign de­ci­sion­s. First, the san­i­tiz­ing hap­pens on­ly on the HTML out­put; the Atom-store part will per­sist the da­ta as close as pos­si­ble to the way it was sent up­stream. Se­cond, I’m go­ing to try us­ing the TidyLib pars­er to pick apart type="html" text con­structs so I can clean ’em up ...
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