It turns out that sometime in recent months, I made a little adjustment to the comments system that locked some but not all users of Microsoft Internet Explorer out. It was a major pain in the butt to track down, but I think I have. I don’t have that many Windows configurations in the house to test with, so I’d sure appreciate it if a few of you out there looking at ongoing through IE would, first of all, go here (just the standalone version of this entry, please go there now); and once you’ve gone there, cast your eyes at the bottom of the page and see if there’s an invitation to contribute a comment. If there is, I’d then appreciate it if you could you click on it and submit a couple of witty words to see if they show up. If there’s no invitation or the comment won’t submit or something else weird happens, do please drop me an email (remember, and let me know the symptoms and what versions of IE and Windows are in play. [Update: OK, thanks. I watched the logfiles as dozens of people popped up the comment form and a handful or two actually submitted comments; I stopped approving the ones of the form “Yep, it works” after a while. I have no complaining emails. Thanks all!]

You may think the comment form looks lousy in IE. That’s because it looks lousy in most browsers; beautification is on the to-do list.


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From: Tim (Jun 18 2007, at 22:41)

This is Tim, nervously testing the new setup. Some days I hate JavaScript.


From: Peter (Jun 18 2007, at 22:56)

IE 6.0.29...., Windows XP. Seems to work fine.


From: Loryn (Jun 18 2007, at 23:20)

Posted through FeedDemon, IE 7.0.5730.11.


From: Leif (Jun 18 2007, at 23:21)


Though the comment entry page formatting looks broken. The entry box for the 'contribution' is overlayed by the 'Thanks...' column by about 1 inch. Almost the entire "Contribute!" button is covered by ghostly green text ;-(

Still funtional.


From: Christian (Jun 18 2007, at 23:22)

im in ur blog commentin ur postz


From: foo (Jun 18 2007, at 23:44)



From: George Phillips (Jun 19 2007, at 00:03)

IE7 under Windows Vista Premimum. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere.

I get the green instructional text sidebar overlapping the input form.


From: Joe Cheng (Jun 19 2007, at 00:56)

I noticed comments were broken under IE but never mentioned it to you because I assumed you were doing it on purpose!


From: paulb (Jun 19 2007, at 08:04)

Not IE related, but in the latest Opera under FreeBSD the green instructions overlay the actual comment form. Just a data-point. BTW, appreciate Ongoing, with or without comments.


From: John Cowan (Jun 19 2007, at 08:05)

The overwide form is something I regularly see on Firefox/Win32 as well; it becomes impossible to push the "Contribute!" button, so I click on "Your name" and push Enter there, which seems to work.

But that doesn't mean it isn't ugly and annoying.


From: Rob (Jun 19 2007, at 22:52)

Sending screenshot. Not good, got the overlaps and everything. Never bothered to look at thru IE before. And yeah if you fool with the settings, it turns out your text can get subtly green and ghosty. Weird.


From: Andy K (Jun 20 2007, at 17:09)

How about Firefox?

Maybe it is fixed now too.

"Contribute" and see.


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