Hey, they’re finally shipping. I’ve been hearing this Sun SPOT buzz out of the labs for years, and now they’re selling them; and someone wrote the bloggers’ list to say that people are buying them. Small. Embeddable. Wireless. Java on the metal. Cool.


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From: jurko (Apr 06 2007, at 14:14)

you may also want to check http://www.arduino.cc/


From: Ken Hirsch (Apr 06 2007, at 18:50)

But will the Boston PD blow them up?


From: E (Apr 07 2007, at 05:25)

I wonder if it'll be possible to run JRuby on that JVM!

btw, wonderful anti-spam question! :D


From: Paul Morriss (Apr 11 2007, at 04:43)

Reminds me of my PC104 days, but with a cooler case.


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